Original Timeline
"I think, therefore, I AM!"
— Valentine Ra's Al Ghul
Biographical Information
Real Name Valentine Ra's Al Ghul
Birthplace Unknown, was found in Transylvania (Modern Day Romania)
Birth Date 1593
Age 18
Gender Male
Status Alive
Height 5'10"
Weight 155 lbs
Blood Type O
Alignment Chaotic Good mixed with Lawful Evil
Weapon Information
Weapon Sword and Shield
Weapon Name Righteous Auhtority

Soul Calibur

Fighting Style Modified Athenian
Family Rhiannon (Mother)

Algol (father)

Series Information
First Game Soulcalibur: Crystal Embrace
Appears In Soulcalibur: Crystal Embrace
Other Information

Valentine "Val" Ra's Al Ghul is a young man who appears first in Soulcalibur: Crystal Embrace. He was found as a baby, surrounded by dead, in a cathedral.



Val was found by Siegfried and Hilde as Schwarzwind removed remainig Malfested from nearby countries. However, when they made it to a small town in Transylvania, everyone was dead. Everyone, except for Val. His mother was easily identified, as he'd been in the dead woman's arms, their scarlet hair and amber eyes matching in colour. She'd been a noble in the town; the Ra's Al Ghul family.


There are few words that can be accurately put together to fully comprehend Val's complicated mind. He's hot-headed, he's levelheaded, he's brash, he's thoughtful, he's confident, he's loud, he's contemplative. Val isn't even sure of his personality, but he is definitely unbalanced and a bit insecure. He'd never admit that though.


Val uses a Sword and Shield, because that is the style he was taught to fight with. He soon mastered using the weapons, having various versions made of them. He preferred a shorter blade and smaller shield, as his style soon grew to be more on the offensive side. Like many people, he soon grew to admire the hero, Sophitia.

Fighting StyleEdit

Val is aggressive, focusing on hitting the opponent over and over and never letting them get in an attack. Even his guarding stance indicates he is on the offensive. He utilizes his shield as well as his sword, combined with kicks and pommel hits. Val fights with a ruthlessness and vicious authourity that no one is sure from where it comes.

Critical Edge and FinishEdit

Critical FinishEdit

Val slams his shield into his opponent's abdomen before sweeping their feet out from under them. As they hit the ground, he stomps on their chest before dropping his sword into their head saying, "Pathetic."




Alaina is his best friend

Is very close with Talon

Does not like Patroklos

Is the reincarnation of Algol's son, as well as actually being Algol's son.


Val's full name hinted at his mysterious origins. Algol and Ra's Al Ghul are different forms of each other.