Drystan "Talon" Kelly (ドリスタン ケリー Dorisutan Kerii) is a leader of the Grandall Army.
Biographical Information
Real Name Drystan Marx Kelly
Gender Male
Status Alive
Height 6'
Weight 220 lbs
Blood Type A+
Weapon Information
Weapon Dual-sided Blade
Weapon Name Talon
Fighting Style He doesn't like to talk about it
Family Don't ask
Series Information
First Game Soulcalibur VI
Appears In Soulcalibur VI
Other Information


Talon was born into nobility, borderline royalty, in Scotland. Despite the wealth in abundance he was born into, Talon's life was anything but kind. There was immediate contreversy at his birth, as both of his parents were blonde, yet he came out with vibrant red hair. The red never faded,and stayed its brilliant firey colour. This caused him to have constant disdain from his father, who suspected his mother of infedility. When his mother died, his father began to mistreat him in anyway possible. It started with physical abuse, and then led up to neglect.

He'd lock Talon in his room for years, never letting him set one foot from the room, let alone the castle they lived in. The only person who ever showed him kindness was a maid that would give him food and water; she'd also occasionally cut his hair. All of this changed in a couple of years, however. His father's castle was raided by a rival, the staff killed, as well as his father. When his father's rival managed to break down the door, he was shocked to find Talon there. He took Talon in, and in return for sparring him, forced Talon to become his right hand man. He groomed Talon to be the perfect killer, taking out rivals and protecting him from harm




Dual-sided blade named Talon- his weapon is his "namesake." He was told the weapon was forged by using dragon fangs from another dimension. This dimension would later be revealed to be Astral Chaos.