Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny

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Developer(s) ColColton
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Entertainment
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Released PS3/Xbox 360
WW October 12th, 2016
(Bundled with Soulcalibur: Crystal Embrace)

Downloadable - PS3/Xbox 360
WW October 19th, 2016

Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: D
PEGI: 16
Input methods Gamepad
Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light
Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage (Chronologically)
Soulcalibur: Crystal Embrace
Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage II (Chronologically)
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Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny (ソウルキャリバーアストラルソード - ダークデスティニー, Sourukyaribāasutorarusōdo - dākudesutinī) is the sequel to Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light and the fourth overall game in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. It is the final game in the Astral Swords Trilogy, and is set to bring closure to the Cassaventes family main story-line. The game takes place two months after the events of Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage and focuses on the Cassaventes family trying to save Kilina from Astral Chaos. It was released October 12th, 2016 worldwide, bundled with Soulcalibur: Crystal Embrace. The bundle is called: Soulcalibur: Astral Embrace.


Two months have passed since Kilina succumbed to the darkness and transformed into Kilina Ω, before being killed. Klymene has also returned from her two month long journey, helping her good friend Alexader who has now fell comatose due to a broken heart.

With the return of Klymene and a comatose Alex she will need all the help she can get to wake him up.. Or he may die. She turns to her Mother, Kisandra who decides that they should seek out the alchemist Ivy for help. Klymene has other plans though, and tells her Mother that they have to search for Alex's true love instead. Thus they go on a journey of their own.

As for Millicent she has been dreaming about her Mother, Kilina being alive, begging for help. Following her heart she swears she will save her, but at what cost? Will more time-travel be involved to get her Mother back?

The end is nigh, will Klymene and Kisandra be able to save Alex? Can Millicent truly save her Mother? The family comes across a revelation that changes everything.. With many new faces, new evils, and having to face their greatest threat yet, will the Cassaventes family be able to pull through this time? Or will death greet them? The final adventure to save Kilina is about to begin, and the world is about to change...


Playable CharactersEdit

Returning CharactersEdit

Kisandra Cassaventes (Kisandraカサヴェテス, Kisandra kasavu~etesu) is the older sister to Kilina, Mother to Klymene and Aunt to Millicent. She has been confirmed to be playable and appear in the story. All that is known is she will discover her sister is alive and will go on a journey to rescue her from the darkness inside of her.

Millicent Cassaventes (ミリセント・カサヴェテス, Mirisento kasavu~etesu) is the daughter to Kilina, niece to Kisandra and cousin to Klymene. She was revealed through the second character reveal poster. She has been confirmed to be a playable character and will appear in the story.

Klymene Cassaventes (クリュメネーカサヴェテス, Kuryumenēkasavu~etesu) is the daughter to Kisandra, niece to Kilina and cousin to Millicent. She was revealed through the third character reveal poster. She has been confirmed to be a playable character and will appear in the story. It is unknown what her role will be at the moment.

Kilina Cassaventes/Kilina Ω (キリナカサヴェテス, Kirinakasavu~etesu), (キリナオメガ, Kirinaomega) is the younger sister to Kisandra, Mother to Millicent and Aunt to Klymene. She is currently malfested and is residing in Astral Chaos as the rightful heir. Her family thinks she is deceased, but a new face unknowingly confirms that she is alive. Kilina Ω is the malfested version of Kilina and will appear in the story.

Alexander Tadeas (アレクサンダーTadeas, Arekusandā Tadeas) is a character created by LightningSakura. He is confirmed to be playable and will appear in the story. After his previous adventure with Klymene he attempts to help the Cassaventes family in rescuing Kilina, just like how he was helped to be rescued by Klymene. However, Alex needs some help of his own first to come out of his comatose state.

Cyril (シリル, Shiriru) is a character created by myself and LightningSakura. He made his debut in Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage. He will appear in the story mode as he is trying to find a way to save Alex. He tries to help the Cassaventes family save Kilina from Astral Chaos, but in the process he uncovers some major revelations about his family ties.

Rosie (ロージー, Rōjī) is a character created by LightningSakura. She made her debut in Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage. She is a playable character and will appear in the story. She is on a mission to take revenge on Alex and kill him as he killed her brother Aaron. She attempts an assassination at the Cassaventes residence but is defeated by Kisandra. She swears she will be back though.

New CharactersEdit

Stellar (ステラー, Suterā) is a new character in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. Not much is known about her origins. She will meet the Cassaventes family and help them find a way into Astral Chaos, as she has a lot of experience within that realm. Not much else is known about her role, or her backstory.

Celestial (天体の, Tentai no) is a new character in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. Not much is known about his origins. He is on a journey to find his long lost sister who went missing in Astral Chaos years ago. He resides in Astral Chaos. Not much else is known about him.

Kristos Bellacheron (クリストス ベラシェブロン, Kurisutosu Berasheburon) is a new character created by myself and LightningSakura. He will appear in the story mode travelling alongside Cyril. He's searching for The Cult that kidnapped his son years ago. He was once a prisoner there and what's to get revenge on them for taking his son away. He has no idea who his son is, but swears he will find him one day.

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

New CharactersEdit

Lil Tira (リルティラ, Rirutira) is a new character in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. She is a shapeshifting Watcher who serves Tira. She was raised alongside Tira within The Birds of Passage and became very close friends with her. She doesn't remember her birth name and was so named "Lil Tira" by Tira herself. She appears in the story mode and is also a boss battle.

Game MechanicsEdit

To be announced.

Game ModesEdit

To be announced.

Story EpisodesEdit


It's a dark and stormy night, lightning strikes through the sky. Klymene is walking through the dark, damp forest with Alexander slumped over her shoulder. A flash of lighting reveals her face, she looks injured. Tears are seen trembling down her cheeks, she looks broken inside... Angry yet sad.

"I will save you Alex, I promise" Klymene whispers to herself as thunder is heard in the background.

The screen fades to black

It's Astral Chaos, Kilina Ω is standing in the former throne room of Astra. She falls to the ground screaming in pain, she looks over and standing there is Millicent.

"You! You did this to me! You left me!" Kilina screams at her!
"I need help! I'm in so much pain" Kilina screams, grabbing her head in pain. Millicent stumbles backwards and falls to the ground.
"N.. No.. I want to help you, please!" Millicent begs. Kilina shoots a nasty stare at her
"Too late" she whispers. Kilina jumps up from the ground and launches towards Millicent and attempts to strike her. The screen goes black.

Act 1Edit

Klymene returned from her two month long journey with Alexander. However, neither of them are in good shape. More-so Alex, who is currently in a coma. Klymene needs to find a way to save her best friend, she needs to find Cyril. However family issues begin to get in the way. Millicent is going crazy, she's determined that her Mother, Kilina is alive. She is also having strange hallucinations. Kisandra tries to protect her but ends up getting caught up in some trouble herself. Will Klymene be able to find Cyril and save Alex? What even happened to Cyril? Only time will tell in Act 1 of A Dark Destiny.

Episode 1 - NightmaresEdit

Millicent wakes up screaming and sweating, she breathes heavily and looks around her room. Kisandra comes running in.
"Millicent are you okay?" Kisandra asks panicked.
"I.. I'm fine.. It was another nightmare.. It.. It felt so real, like a vision. My Mother tried to kill me... Kisandra, my Mother is alive I just know it!" Kisandra walks over to Millicent's bed and sits down, she strokes Millicent's hair.
"Millicent.. I know it's hard to accept but Kilina... is dead. We need to accept that... You need to accept that" Millicent looks away.
"I never will! I know she's alive and I will do anything it takes to save her!" she says determinedly. Kisandra's eyes sadden, she stands up and begins to walk away.
"We'll find her Millicent, but you have to prepare yourself for the fact that she may be..." Millicent interrupts her
"She's not! I know it!". Kisandra walks out.

Kisandra leans against's Millicent's closed door.
"Oh sis.. Where are you?" she says to herself. She looks down towards the floor and hears a panicked knock on the door. Looking confused Kisandra cautiously makes her way towards the door and grabs her sword, lightning fills up the dark hallway. The knock on the door gets more frantic, Kisandra walks over and stretches out her hand to open it. Suddenly it bursts open and Klymene falls through with Alexander on her back. The pair crash hardly on the floor.
"Klymene?!" Kisandra exclaims. Klymene rolls over and is covered in blood.
"Klymene what happened to you?!" Kisandra exclaims and kneels besides her, Millicent comes out of her room.
"What is.. Kisandra behind you!" Millicent shouts. Kisandra turns around and blocks a chained sickle flying towards her with her sword.
"That boy has been nothing but a pain! He killed my Brother, and now I'll kill him!" a battle is initiated.

Rosie picks herself up off the ground.
"Ugh, no! I'll be back!" She exclaims as she rushes out of the home. Kisandra looks down towards Klymene and Alex, she looks at Millicent.
"Come on, let's take these two into there" Kisandra nods towards the bedroom and attempts to pick up Klymene.

Episode 2 - Recovery (Cutscene Only)Edit

Kisandra lays Klymene on the bed and Millicent places Alexander next to her, the pair are unconscious. Kisandra kisses them both on the forehead and cleans up Klymene's wounds, cleaning the blood off her face. She does the same to Alex, who hasn't shown any sign of being awake since Klymene brought him here. Kisandra looks at him with worry in her eyes.
"Don't worry aunt, I'm sure they'll both be fine.. Let's get some rest" Millicent suggests.
"No.. I'm going to stay here with them, they're both covered in blood I need to know what happened to them! I should have went with them..." Kisandra says, looking disappointed in herself.
"It's not your fault that they're injured.. At least... At least they're alive, isn't that good enough?!" Millicent says angered, and storms out.
"I didn't mean..." Kisandra huffs to herself and lays her head on Klymene's stomach.
"Wake up soon dear".

The next day

Klymene stirs and begins to wake up, Kisandra lifts her head up and starts calling out Klymene's name.
"Klymene! Come on, open your eyes! Please!". Klymene opens her eyes and looks at Kisandra who smiles down at her. Klymene's face turns to shock.
"Alex! Where's Alex?!" Klymene asks panicked, she tries to lift herself up and wheezes in pain.
"Slow down dear, you're injured. Alex is right here don't worry!" Kisandra reassures her.
"No.. No, you don't understand! Has he woke up at all?!" Klymene asks worried. Kisandra looks confused.
"N.. No.. He's been unconscious since you arrived here last night. Klymene, what happened when you were gone?!". Klymene looks at her Mother with sadness in her eyes.
"It's Alex he.. He succumbed to Soul Edge, we.. We fought and he was saved from the darkness.. Since then though, he has been unconscious.. Mom, we have to do something! He said he would protect me, but it was him who needed protecting! We have to save him, I can't lose him!!".

Klymene's eyes fill with tears. Kisandra looks shocked, she looks at Alex with worried eyes.
"Oh Klymene, I'm so sorry! Alex is like a son to me. I promise you we will find a way to save him! We should seek out Ivy, I'm sure she'll have some sort of potion!" Kisandra suggests.
"No.. This is different. A potion just won't cut it! We.. We need to find a Man named Cyril, I think he will be able to save Alex".
"Well then, let's go find this Cyril" Kisandra says. Klymene looks away.
"That won't be easy... The last time I saw him he took Soul Edge and opened a rift into Astral Chaos. Finding him will be hard, but we have too! I won't let Alex die!" Klymene is determined. Kisandra looks at her and nods.
"Well then, we will do all it takes to save him!".

Episode 3 - CrazyEdit

A few days pass before Kisandra and Klymene leave to seek out Cyril. Klymene's wounds needed time to heal, she was injured badly during her two months away.
"Klymene what exactly happened.. How did you get so injured, and that wound on your face.. Who did it?" Millicent asks. Klymene looks away from her
"I don't want to talk about it.. I just need to find Cyril and save Alex". Millicent looks angered.
"It's all about Alex isn't it?! What about my Mom? Your Aunt?! Does no one care that she's been gone for two months?! That she's possibly.. Possibly dead?". Klymene looks at Millicent in shock
"Millicent, of course I care! I want her back just as much as you! Right now though Alex's life is in danger, and Kilina is malfested.. She's the Queen of Darkness! We will save her! Just wait a little longer!" Millicent scoffs at Klymene.
"You know you would think you would care more, Kilina raised you! You may not have had a life with your Mom but you get one now, I got raised by darkness and it was horrible! I just want a life with my Mother too!" Millicent stomps out and pushes past Kisandra who is just entering the room. Klymene looks up at her Mother.
"I didn't..." Kisandra interrupts her.
"I know.. She's just having a hard time accepting that Kilina is gone. We will find my sister, I have told her that.. It will just be difficult. I'm finding this hard too." Kisandra sits next to her daughter.

The screen fades to black

Millicent runs out of her home into the forest. Tears dripping down her face.
"Why don't they care?" she says to herself. "I know you're alive Mother! I.. I didn't even get to know you! I will find you!" Millicent screams to the sky and slumps herself against a tree, she curls her legs up towards her face and hugs them crying. All she can think about are the nightmares she's been having about her Mother. Kilina, standing there screaming for help towards Millicent. Blaming her for what has happened.

"It's all my fault.. It's all my fault! I should be dead, I shouldn't even be here!" Millicent bawls. She stands up from the tree and grabs her ring blade with force, cutting her hands, she's so angry with herself.
"I... I'm so sorry" Millicent holds her ring blade to her throat.
"Wait! I'm being a fool, why not just kill them? Get revenge?" Millicent says in her head with a sinister voice.
"No! They're your family, go and save your Mother you can do!" she says in her head, with a softer voice. Millicent drops her ring blade in shock.
"What's happening to me?" she asks herself. She drops to the ground again. Ruffles are heard in the bushes near her.
"Who's there? Show yourself, now!" Millicent shouts. Millicent looks towards the bushes, and slowly a familiar person emerges. Millicent's face drops... It's Astra.
"You! Stay back!" Millicent attacks the creature.

  • Battle 2 (1 out of 2 Rounds - Easy)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: Astra
    • Weapon: Weakened Powers of Chaos

Episode 4 - Edit

Millicent hits Astra with her ring blade and she goes flying across the forest, hitting a tree.
"Now you die!"
"Millicent, stop!" a voice is heard shouting her. Millicent turns around and sees Klymene running towards her.
"What the hell are you doing?" Klymene says angrily. Millicent turns around back to Astra.
"I was..." Millicent stops "Oh my god.." she rubs her eyes "Kisandra?! I... I thought you were..." Millicent panics and looks disorientated. Kisandra leans against the tree injured, Klymene runs towards her Mothers side.
"What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you attack her?" Klymene screams. Millicent stumbles backwards.
"I... I thought she was Astra! I.. I'm sorry! I have to leave!" Millicent runs off deep into the forest.
"Millicent stop! Damn it!" Klymene shouts.
"Come on Mother, we have to get you home!" Klymene helps Kisandra up and she limps home, holding onto Klymene's shoulder.

Klymene sits her Mother down.
"What happened out there Mom? Why did she attack you?" Klymene asks worried. Kisandra looks towards her with sorrow on her face.
"She truly believed I was Astra. She wasn't at home, she left when you two argued. I found her out there, talking to herself.. Klymene, she's sick. She.. She was going to kill herself". Klymene looks at her Mother in shock.
"She what? I have to find her! I have to apologise!" Klymene jumps up and runs towards the door.
"Klymene no!" Kisandra jumps up but is too weak to catch Klymene, she had already left. Kisandra limps towards the front door and sees no sign of Klymene, she sighs and closes the door. Knowing she won't be able to catch her in her current condition. Suddenly a bang is heard coming from Alexanders room. Kisandra rushes through the hall towards the room, she opens the door and inside is Tira.

Tira looks towards Kisandra and smirks.
"He was such a perfect host... He's going to get Soul Edge again!" Tira giggles.
"No!" Kisandra shouts and launches towards the malfested girl.

The battle starts with Kisandra on 80% health

Tira blocks Kisandra's attack and kicks her in the stomach, Kisandra flies towards the wall and falls down, unconscious. Tira laughs and jumps towards Alex, she picks the young man up and flees out the window.

Episode 5 - The WatcherEdit

Many hours later Kisandra begins to wake up, as she opens her eyes she sees that she is no longer at home, and is instead tied up in a dark, damp cave. Kisandra struggles and tries to free herself, but to no avail.
"Ugh, how did this happen? Where am I?" Kisandra asks herself. Kisandra looks around to see if she can find anything to free herself, when suddenly she senses a great evil. She looks over to a small rock and sees a Raven holding a small shard of Soul Edge in it's beak.
"No.. Not Soul Edge! Wait.. A Raven? I know what you are.. You're no normal Raven are you? You're a Watcher!" Kisandra states. The Raven flies down and lands in front of Kisandra. A bright red light begins to engulf the Raven and a beautiful woman emerges. She's wearing mostly black, with pieces of armour scattered on her, some broken off completely. Her hair is green-blue, and she's as pale as Tira herself.

"So you know of us?" the woman says. Kisandra looks at her in shock.
"I knew about The Watchers, I didn't know they could shapeshift though." The Woman laughs.
"Oh.. They can't. I'm no ordinary Watcher though, they call me Lil Tira. I was raised alongside Tira, we became very close.. My Magical abilities proved very useful to her and I willingly became a Watcher, dedicating my life to her. I watch people, I've been watching you for a long time. I also collect fragments of Soul Edge. I know Tira cares for me deeply." Kisandra snarls the woman.
"I didn't ask for your story. Just let me go! And tell me what you have done with my friend!" Kisandra demands. Lil Tira laughs.

"Oh.. And why should I do that? I can't let you go.. Tira needs you here! Once Soul Edge is found and your friend wakes up he will be brought here, then you will be slaughtered in front of his eyes.. Just enough to make him go crazy and malfest, becoming the perfect host for Soul Edge! Good plan, huh?"
"You evil b-" Kisandra is interrupted by Lil Tira.
"Ah, ah, ah..." Lil Tira grabs the shard of Soul Edge and shines it towards Kisandra.
"We can't have you being naughty now can we?" Lil Tira says mockingly. The shard of Soul Edge shoots a beam into Kisandra, Lil Tira smiles. However, the beam bounces back and hits Lil Tira.
"What the? Why did that not work? What did you do?" Lil Tira shouts. Kisandra looks confused for a moment, but smirks as she thinks up a plan.
"Ah.. You're probably just too weak" Kisandra mocks.
"Me? Weak?!" Lil Tira says angrily.
"Yeah, weak! I'm just too powerful, I could beat you in a battle any time!" Kisandra smirks. Lil Tira looks enraged, she grabs her Ring Blade and walks towards Kisandra. She raises her Ring Blade in the air and smashes it into Kisandra's shackles.
"We'll see who is the strongest! Fight me!" Lil Tira demands. She makes a sword and shield materalize in the air and Kisandra grabs them.
"Okay then!" Kisandra says.

Episode 6 - Crazed CousinEdit

Kisandra strikes Lil Tira who flies across the floor. Kisandra smirks at the downed Watcher and walks towards her, sword extended.
"Now.. Please, tell me where Alex is?". Lil Tira looks at her and flicks her hand in the air, the sword Kisandra was holding disappears.
"You fool! I magically summoned that sword did you really think you could hurt me with it?" Lil Tira stands up as Kisandra stumbles backwards.
"I would really like to kill you right now.. But Tira would be very angry..." Lil Tira continues to slowly walk closer to Kisandra.
"But... She didn't say I can't hurt!" Kisandra staggers backwards and hits the wall. Lil Tira raises her ring blade and Kisandra looks at her in horror. Kisandra glances to her left and see a loose rock. Lil Tira attempts to strike Kisandra with her blade but Kisandra rolls out of the way and grabs the loose rock. She jumps up behind Lil Tira and whacks her over the head with the rock. Lil Tira collapses on the ground. Kisandra throws the rock down and runs out of the cave.

The screen fades to black

Klymene has been searching for Millicent for hours, with no sign of her anywhere.
"Millicent where are you?" Klymene says to herself. She continues searching for her cousin, she has to be near. As she continues down the road Klymene sees a familiar flower laying in the middle of the road. She runs over to it and recognises it immediately.
"Oh no... This is Millicent's! What has happened to you?" Klymene panics and begins to run down the road, she heads towards the docks.
"Millicent! Millicent, are you around here?!" Klymene shouts. Klymene looks around and sees no sign of Millicent anywhere, suddenly in the corner of her eye, she sees what looks like a dress flutter down a dark alleyway. Klymene goes down the alley and shouts Millicent's name again.
"Are you down here?". Klymene becomes wary and walks slowly through the dark alley, she sees a girl standing in the corner.
"Millicent is that y-" Klymene is cut off.
"I knew you'd come.. I'm sorry Klymene, I can't let you stop me!" Millicent turns around and is holding a shard of Soul Edge. She launches herself towards Klymene.

"Millicent please stop!" Klymene shouts! "This isn't you!". Millicent scoffs, with a crazed look in her eye.
"You don't know me.. You don't care! I just want my Mother back, and this shard can help me!" Millicent states. Klymene shakes her head.
"Millicent please, nothing good comes from Soul Edge! Where did you even get that?!" Klymene asks.
"A woman with blue hair gave it too me! She said it will get me into Astral Chaos and help me find my Mother! I'm going!". Klymene steps towards Millicent.
"I know it's hard.. I don't want it to be true.. But she's dead! We will find some way to bring her back, but this isn't the right way!" Klymene tries to talk sense into Millicent.
"Enough!" Millicent shouts and strikes Klymene. She turns around and holds Soul Edge in the air, causing a rift to open into Astral Choas. Millicent looks back at Klymene and jumps through the rift, it closes behind her.
"No!" Klymene screams, but it's too late.

Episode 7 - The Search Begins (Cutscene Only)Edit

Klymene sits in utter shock as she watches the rift close. She slowly stands up and grabs her sword and shield.
"I.. I have to get home.. I have to tell Mother!" Klymene says to herself, she runs off.
Klymene gets home and bursts through the door, she attempts to shout her Mother but stops.. She see's the broken bedroom door. Her expression drops
"Alex!" she shouts and runs towards the bedroom. Klymene frantically searches around the bedroom but Alex is nowhere to be found.
"No! What?! Mom?! Where's Alex?" she shouts with a panicked voice. Although no response is heard. The front door to the house is heard opening, Klymene runs out and see's her Mother standing there.
"Mom! Where have you been? Why did you leave Alex? He is gone!" Klymene shouts.
"Wait.. What happened to you?" Klymene notices that Kisandra is injured. Kisandra catches her breath a moment.

"I didn't leave him.. He was kidnapped by Tira. I tried to stop her but she rendered me unconscious, when I woke up I was in a cave. I was taken by a Watcher who could shapeshift. A blue haired woman named Lil Tira" Kisandra explains.
"Blu.. Blue haired?! No.. Millicent was manipulated! Mom, I lost her.. She.. She had a shard of Soul Edge from Lil Tira. She opened a rift to Astral Chaos, I couldn't stop her!" Kisandra looks at her daughter in shock.
"Klymene we can't lose her! We need to rescue her" Kisandra suggests.
"What about Alex? We need to save him, he doesn't have much time left! Please Mom! If we want to get into Astral Chaos we will need a lot of help whilst there. Let's find Cyril, save Alex and go find Millicent, please?!" Klymene begs. Kisandra sighs.
"Okay.. Let's go then!". The pair leave their home.

Episode 8 - The Search ContinuesEdit

Mother and Daughter travel the country in search of Cyril. They have been searching for a few days now, and have came across no sign of Cyril.
"Dear, we've been out here for days. Do you have any idea where Cyril could be?" Kisandra asks her daughter.
"Like I said, the last time I saw him he jumped through a rift into Astral Chaos. I know where the rift was, we're heading in the right direction!" Klymene reassures her Mother. Kisandra shakes her head.
"You said the rift closed. Klymene I want to find this Cyril and save Alex just as much as you, but I don't see how going to where the rift once was is going to help?". Klymene stops and looks at her Mother, tears forming in her eyes.

"Please! We need to find him! I.. I'm so angry with him! He left us, he left Alex! I.. I don't understand how he could do that?!" Klymene begins to cry. Kisandra hugs her.
"Calm down sweetie. Just, at least answer me this.. How do you know Cyril can even save Alex?" Klymene wipes her tears away and looks at Kisandra.
"When Alex was malfested we didn't know what to do.. Cyril said he had a plan, he went up to Alex.. And Mom he was crazy, Alex... Alex was the one who gave me this scar. Cyril grabbed Alex and pulled him towards him, he kissed him.. And in that moment Alex was himself again, and he dropped Soul Edge. With that kiss, Cyril managed to bring Alex back. I'm sure if he kisses him again he will come back to us! He has too! If Cyril never left then.. Then Alex would be fine! We need Cyril!" Kisandra hugs her daughter once again in reassurance.
"Okay, I'm sorry for questioning you. Let's go, we'll find him! I'll make sure of it!"

The screen fades to black

"Finally! We're here!" Klymene exclaims. They have made it to where the rift opened, the place where the battle against Alexander took place. Klymene looks around in horror as she sees the dead bodies of the people she knew. Images flash on screen of the deaths of Nirvana, Lucinde and Ryo. Klymene falls to the ground crying.
"Klymene are you okay?" Kisandra runs over to her daughter.
"The memories... I just, I didn't want to see this.. Their bodies.. Mom.. I knew these people.." Klymene cries more as Kisandra hugs her. Klymene wipes her tears and stands up, she takes a deep breath.
"I think Cyril is close.. I.. I can sense something evil though..." Just as Klymene says that a Raven flies past and drops a shard of Soul Edge. It lands between the corpses of Nirvana and Lucinde. The shard glows and lets out a blast surrounding the corpses. Suddenly, Niravan and Lucinde twitch. Their bodies raise reanimated.

Episode 9 - The Search ConcludesEdit

The un-dead Mother and Daughter, Lucinde and Nirvana fall to the ground. Once again becoming dead bodies. Klymene stands in shock, speechless at what just happened. She looks traumatised. The shard of Soul Edge remains on the ground, Klymene runs over to it and slams her sword into it. The shard shatters into tiny pieces and an explosion of red comes from the shard. Klymene and Kisandra fly backwards, and hit the ground. In the distance a scream is heard, it sounds like someone is in pain. Klymene lifts herself up
"Did you hear that?!" she asks her Mother. Kisandra nods and stands up.
"I think it came from over there, be on guard Klymene". Kisandra helps Klymene up and the pair start to run over to where the scream came from. More screams are heard, it sounds like a Man.

The pair arrive and a blonde haired man is on the ground screaming, covering their eyes.
"Cyril?! Is that you?!" Klymene asks. The man looks up, it is indeed Cyril. His eyes are glowing purple and he's in much pain. Cyril screams and jumps up, he launches himself towards Klymene and tackles her to the ground, attempting to stab her. Klymene screams.
"What are you doing? Get off me Cyril!" she struggles under the mans weight. Kisandra runs and Cyril and tackles him off Klymene onto the ground. Cyril grabs Kisandra's leg and stabs her, she winces in pain. Klymene jumps up and attacks Cyril.
"Get away from my Mother!"

Klymene hits Cyril and he flies across the battlefield. Klymene runs over to her Mother.
"Mom are you okay?! I don't know what's wrong with him?!" Kisandra nods. Klymene walks over to where Cyril landed, he opens his eyes which have now returned to normal and looks up towards Klymene who's sword is extended towards his neck.
"Explain yourself, now!"

Episode 10 - Edit

Klymene is enraged.
"What the hell was that? Why did you attack us?! And your eyes? You have a lot of explaining to do!" Cyril breathes heavily, with sadness in his eyes.
"I'm sorry..." he says. Klymene snarls the man.
"Sorry? SORRY?! No! I don't want a "sorry" I want an explanation! You left me, you left Alex! You bastard! You have no idea what you have done! How could you just leave like that? What were you trying to achieve? Don't you see, you saved Alex?! Why did you leave Cyril?!" Klymene's eyes fill with tears, she's so angry. She puts her sword closer to Cyril's neck, her blade now touching his skin.
"Answer me?!" she screams. Cyril goes to open his mouth but before anything can be said a chained sickle comes flying towards Klymene from behind.
"Klymene look out!" Kisandra screams, who is still on the floor due to her injured leg. The sickle catches Klymene's side and retracts, ripping her skin. She falls to the ground and Kisandra screams. Cyril jumps up and see's Rosie, he attacks the young girl.

Cyril impales Rosie and pushes the girl down, she grabs her wound and runs away in pain. Cyril goes to chase her but stops as Kisandra shouts him.
"Leave her! You have to help Klymene!" Kisandra says, who is leaning over her daughters body.
"Come on baby, you'll be okay I promise!" Kisandra cries hard, hugging her daughter. Klymene's eyes role and she is turning pale.
"Cyril do something! I can't lose my daughter!" Kisandra begs. Cyril get's closer to Klymene and examines her wound.
"It's okay, it's not fatal. We just need to stop the bleeding" Cyril says. He takes off his scarf and wraps it around Klymene's wound.
"We have to take her to rest, she needs some water!" Cyril states.
"No..." Klymene mutters.
"We need... To save Alex". Cyril stops and looks at her in shock.
"Wha- What's up with him?" he asks panicked. Kisandra grabs his shoulder.
"We don't have time for this, please! Help me get Klymene home! I'll explain everything then" Cyril nods and carefully picks up Klymene.
"Lead the way then."

Episode 11 - (Cutscene Only)Edit

Cyril makes it to Kisandra's home, she opens the door for him and they enter the home which still has broken doors and windows. Cyril raises an eyebrow but continues on through the hall anyway. Kisandra points to the bedroom and Cyril takes Klymene and lays her down.
"Her wound will need stitches" he says.
"I know.. I have some herbs which will help it heal faster, I'll stitch her up" Kisandra leaves and goes into the kitchen to get some herbs for Klymene. She enters the room again and goes towards Klymene's side.
"Could you give me a moment?" Kisandra asks Cyril. He nods and leaves the room. A few moments later Kisandra comes out.
"She's okay now.. The herbs were infused with magic. She should be alright in a few hours. Then we can go and save Alex".
"What exactly happened to Alex?! Where is he?" Cyril asks worried.
"Klymene will explain everything when she wakes up. I need to go and heal this leg, thanks to you" Cyril scratches his head.
"Yeah.. Sorry about that.. I don't know what was wrong with me!" he states. Kisandra raises her eyebrows and walks away.

A few hours past and Klymene finally comes out of the bedroom, her wound seems to be more-or-less healed now. She walks into the living area where Kisandra and Cyril are.
"Sweetie your up! Are you okay now? How do you feel?!" Kisandra asks.
"I'm fine, just a little painful. Now you!" Klymene points at Cyril.
"Tell me what the hell is going on with you! What happened to Soul Edge? And why did you leave?!" Klymene asks sternly. Cyril huffs.

"Look, I will explain everything once we find Alex! Now please, can we go?!" he asks.
"Cyril you're such an idiot! Don't you realise what has happened? Since you left Alex has been in a coma! He was overwhelmed, broken hearted! He doesn't have long.. He could die! He's like this because of you! You're the one that made him like this, and now he could die all because you left! I swear Cyril if he dies I WILL kill you!" Klymene threatens. Cyril looks at her in shock.
"I don't know why, but Alex seems to care for you. When you kissed him he came back to us, kiss him again and I know he will come back! If he doesn't though-" Klymene is interrupted by Cyril.
"I know.. I promise I will save him, and tell you everything!". The trio leave the house, they are finally going to find Alex.

Episode 12 - It's Time for TeoEdit

"Mom, where exactly are we going? We don't even know where Alex is!" Klymene states.
"Remember I was taken by one of The Watchers? Well, we're going to the cave where she took me! If she's there, I'll get her to tell us where Tira is!" Klymene smiles at her Mother.
"Okay, I hope she is there! I don't know how much longer Alex has!". The trio keep going, getting closer to the cave. Lil Tira has to be there.

The eventually arrive to the entrance of the cave, they stand for a moment before entering.
"Shhh, can you hear that?" Cyril states.
"It sounds like banging". The three of the run towards the noise, they see a young boy standing there bashing his head against the wall.
"Woah, kid. I wouldn't do that if I were you" Cyril says. The boy ignores him and keeps banging his head.
"The poor thing, I bet Lil Tira brought him here!" Kisandra says. As she does the boy stops banging his head.
"No, not Lil Tira.. Teo doesn't like her much" the boy says. Cyril walks closer to him and puts his hand on the boys shoulder.
"So your name is Teo huh? I'm Cyril." Teo turns around and looks at Cyril. Their eyes catch each other and Teo looks at him in awe.
"Teo.. Teo is me, yes!" The boy says nervously.

"What is blonde haired man doing here? Why did the long haired lady mention Lil Tira?" he asks.
"Lil Tira, do you know her? We're hoping she can tell us where Tira is" Cyril states. Teo steps back a bit.
"Sister.." he whispers.
"Why are you looking for Tira? You.. You're not going to hurt her, are you?" Teo asks, sounding worried.
"Tira took our friend for her own evil deeds! We need to find her to find our friend!" Cyril says.
"No, no, no! Teo can't let that happen!" Teo bangs his head against his Ring Blade.
"Kid stop!" Cyril shouts, but is ignored. Teo bangs his head harder and attacks Cyril.

Teo falls to the ground in pain.
"Ow, ow, ow!" he says, and bangs his head against the wall again.
"Please kid, tell us where Tira is!" Cyril asks. Teo begins to cry heavily.
"Sister is at Denver Castle. Please.. Please don't hurt sister! She- she's not bad!" Teo says, sobbing. Kisandra's face saddens.
"The poor thing!". Klymene shakes her head.
"He's probably been through a lot, being the sister to her.. He's crazy" she says sadly. Cyril looks at Teo with sad eyes.
"Thank you, kid." he says. The trio leave and Teo turns around, banging his head against the wall once again.

Episode 13 - Tira's ControlEdit

The trio head for Denver Castle, hoping that Alex will be there. Cyril can't get Teo out of his head.
What's wrong with him? What was he doing there? What's with the head banging? Is he alright? all these question he had. Right now though, it was about saving Alex.
"There is is, Denver Castle. I remember being here 3 years ago.. With Kilina" Klymene says. Kisandra looks at her with a sad expression.
"We'll find Kilina soon sweetie. We'll bring her back!" Kisandra reassures her.
"Now though, let's go get Alex!" The three of them go to walk through the castle doors, but are stopped by a familiar Raven. The Raven transforms, it's Lil Tira.
"Oh Kisandra, how did I know I'd see you here?" Lil Tira laughs.

"Leave creature!" Klymene shouts. Lil Tira giggles.
"Oh? Is this your Daughter? Feisty isn't she?" Lil Tira taunts as she circles Klymene.
"Leave her alone!" Kisandra says.
"Hmm... I suggest you leave Tira alone then! I won't let you harm her!" Lil Tira snaps.
"Just tell us where Alex is!" Cyril says angrily.
"Oh, you mean the handsome comatose lad? He's inside, under protection by Tira. And, well.. You're not getting in!" Lil Tira runs towards the trio and attacks.

Kisandra strikes Lil Tira down and she flies across the field. Blood comes from her and she turns back into a Raven.
"Now.. Let's go get Alex!" Klymene says. They all enter the castle.

The screen fades to black

The trio make their way to the Main Hall, Tira must be there. They open the main doorway and enter the room. Tira is inside, with a comatose Alex behind her.
"Ah.. I was expecting you!" Tira says. Klymene shouts Alex.
"Stupid girl! He can't hear you! He's almost dead! Luckily.. I have almost woke him up!" Cyril stops for a moment.
"Ugh.. Soul Edge is here.. Or at least some shards.. I can feel it!" he says, pained.
"Wha-?" Kisandra asks as she looks over towards Alex who is surrounded by shards of Soul Edge.
"Yes.. These shards have the power to wake him.. Wake him up to evil.. Wake him up in order to become the host for Soul Edge!" Tira says, giggling.
"No! I won't let that happen!" Klymene says and attempts to attack Tira. She dodges the attack.
"Ah, ah, ah! Stupid girl!" Tira holds up a shard of Soul Edge and shatters it. She throws the pieces towards Cyril.
"No!" he screams. His eye's glow purple once again.
"Now Cyril. Attack!" Tira commands and Cyril abides.

Episode 14 - Saving His SoulEdit

Klymene hits Cyril away and he flies into the wall.
"Mother, restrain him!" Kisandra runs over to him and holds him down.
"Keep him there, calm him! He needs to change back to normal!" Klymene demands.
"Ugh, you stupid bitch!" Tira shouts.
"Must you continue to ruin my plans?! I have plenty of shards, I can continue to control him" Tira scoffs.
"I don't think so! This ends now!" Klymene launches herself at Tira and bashes her with her shield. Tira falls to the ground.
"Ugh! Lil Tira, get in here!" she screams! Klymene laughs.
"Ha! I don't think she will be coming anytime soon! She is dead!" Tira's face curls up in anger and pain.
"De.. Dead! No! You BASTARD!" Tira jumps up and attacks Klymene.

Tira flies back weakened.
"Ugh! I'm not wasting my energy and Soul Edge shards on him! I need to save Lil Tira! This isn't the end, I will have my revenge! You and your whole family will die, I swear it!" Tira takes the Soul Edge shards and jumps away. Klymene looks at her Mother and Cyril.
"How is he?" she asks. Cyril moves a little and opens his eyes, that are once again their usual colour.
"I... I'm fine!" he says as he catches his breath.
"Cyril, that's the second time you have lashed out when around shards of Soul Edge! Why does it keep happening! You better tell me, NOW! I'm sick of these outbursts! We're here for Alex and yet you get so easily controlled! What is the problem?!" Klymene is angry with Cyril. Kisandra stands up and goes to Alex's side, he's looking very pale. Almost like he is dead.
"I..-" Cyril is interrupted.
"Stop arguing and come save Alex now! He looks like he doesn't have long, Cyril get here and do it now!" Kisandra shouts.

Cyril get's up and goes to Alex's side, Klymene joins him. Cyril looks at the young man, he places his hand on his cheek and slowly leans down towards his face, closing his eyes. His lips touch Alex's.

The screen goes black

Episode 15 - Alex's Return (Cutscene Only)Edit

Cyril opens his eyes, and looking back at him is no one... Alex's eyes are still closed. Cyril stumbles back in shock.
"What the hell?! Why did it not work?! I.. I thought you loved him! It.. It worked last time?! Cyril?!" Klymene panics and shouts at Cyril. He looks shocked and heartbroken.
"I.. I don't know..." Cyril says.
"I do!" A Man's voice shouts from the shadows, he jumps down.
"Malik?! Is that you?!" Klymene asks. Malik walks out towards the alter where Alex is laying.
"It didn't work because Cyril isn't truly in love with Alex." Malik states.
"No.. NO! I do love Alex!" Cyril says, denying Malik's words.
"How did you even find Alex, Malik? How can we save him now?!" Klymene asks worried.

"The last time I saw you Klymene, I left Alex to you in order to protect him. I went looking for an answer on how to save him. Then I heard he had been kidnapped by Tira, so I sought her out and I have just only arrived... I saw everything... I know how to wake him." Malik explains.
"How?! Please tell me, I need to wake Alex up! He's my best friend and I love him! I can't lost my friend!" Klymene begs and cries.
"Don't worry. I'll do it!" Malik says.
"What?!" Cyril shouts.
"How could you do it? You don't love Alex, I do!" Cyril is in denial.
"You think you do." Malik replies calmly. "But, that simply isn't the case." Cyril raises his daggers.
"No Cyril! If you truly care for Alex let Malik do this!" Klymene shouts. Cyril lowers his daggers. Kisandra looks at Alex.
"Quickly! He doesn't look good!" she says. Malik goes over to Alex, he grabs his face and lowers himself down. Their lips meet.

Malik opens his eyes and lifts up, still leaning over Alex. Alex begins to stir slightly. His eyes twitch and slowly open. Alex looks up at Malik standing over him.
"M.. Malik? I... Where am I?" Alex asks confused. Malik smiles and pulls Alex towards him, kissing him again. Alex is taken back. Cyril looks over and cries at the scene. Klymene screams and jumps on Alex.
"You're back! You're back! I thought you were going to die! I've missed you so much, never leave again Alex!" Klymene cries tears of joy. Kisandra goes over and hugs Alex, kissing him on the forehead.
"It's good to have you back, son" she says. Alex sits there in complete shock.
"I.. I don't.. Huh, Klymene! What happened to your face? That scar?" Alex asks. Klymene smirks and brushes her hair with her hand.
"That's not important right now!" she smiles.
"However... Cyril! You need to explain yourself! Tell me, tell us! Why did that not work? What does Soul Edge have to do with all this?! Why did you leave?"

The screen fades to black

Episode 16 - The Truth (Cutscene Only)Edit

Cyril wipes his tears and sighs.
"I guess I owe you all an explanation.. Especially you, Alex I.. I do love you Alex, and I didn't leave to hurt you! I... I'm malfested, you could say.. I.. I don't know why, but whenever Soul Edge is around I find it very hard to resist the urge to kill.. That's why, I think it didn't work when I kissed Alex. Because of my Malfestation." Cyril explains. Everyone looks at him in shock, expect for Malik.
"That can't be right. I myself am malfested." Malik says. Cyril stumbles, he swears he loves Alex.
"What's going on Cyril?! I'm sick of this, tell me right now why you left then! Were you trying to harness Soul Edge? Tell me??!" Klymene screams!

Cyril starts crying more. Kisandra looks at her daughter.
"Klymene! Calm down! Give him a moment to explain himself" Kisandra scolds Klymene.
"He's had more than enough time Mom! Cyril! Now!". Cyril wipes his tears away.
"I wasn't abandoning you, Alex. I thought I was doing the right thing, I thought it was over and that you were fine. I left and went into Astral Chaos in order to destroy Soul Edge. If I destroyed it I thought you would never fall to it again.. And that I wouldn't be effected by it. However, when I got there I was attacked by a Woman. She was absolutely crazy, and really powerful.. I sensed something familiar about her.. I don't know what it was.. But she took Soul Edge away from me and almost killed me, I was lucky to escape" Cyril explains. Kisandra looks at him, mouth slightly widened.
"A Woman? What did she look like? Tell me, now!!" Kisandra shouts.
"She.. She was wearing red, he arm was pretty messed up.. And she had a scar over her eye." Kisandra screams.
"It's my sister! It's Kilina! Klymene she is alive! Millicent... Millicent was right! Why didn't we believe her? Why didn't we have more faith?! We have to get into Astral Chaos! We need to rescue her!" Kisandra shouts.

"I.. I can't believe it! Cyril.. I'm sorry for what I said to you! If you never went there, you would never have known that my Aunt was alive! I'm so sorry! Still, if you didn't leave none of this would have happened with Alex... At least he is here though.. So thank you!" Klymene apologises. Cyril lets out a smile.
"You're welcome.. I have to leave now though... I... I do love you Alex, I really do! But I need to find out the truth about what happened to me, why does Soul Edge have a hold over me? It has to have something to do with when I was a child. I promise, I will be back! Once I know the truth.. Goodbye for now, everyone" Cyril goes to Alex and hugs him, he then takes his leave.

"So, what now?" Alex asks.
"We go and find my Sister!" Kisandra states.

End of Act 1

Act 2Edit

One Month has passed since Alex had been rescued. Now, Kisandra and Klymene are determined to get into Astral Chaos and save Kilina. With help from Alex and other friends, will they be able to do it? Millicent is still missing, after jumping through a rift into Astral Chaos, she's also searching for her Mother. On her Astral journey however she comes across some new faces. As for Cyril, he's on a journey to find out the truth about his past, and why Soul Edge has a hold on him. On his journey he meets an interesting man, and finds out things about the Family he never knew. Will Kisandra find her Sister? Can Millicent make it through the Chaos to her Mother? And what will Cyril uncover about his past and present? Find out in Act 2 of A Dark Destiny

Episode 1 - Edit

Klymene and Alex are in the living area at the Cassaventes home. They have not yet left to go on their journey to find Kilina, as Alex needed time to rest, and Klymene refused to leave his side despite his demands that she goes without him. Now, he is fully recovered and they're ready to move.

The pair sit there in silence, Alex is looking towards the ground in concern.
"Alex?.. Are you okay?" Klymene asks
"I'm fine" he replies coldly. "I'm still confused about Cyril... And Malik. I can't dwell though, I promised I would help you find your Aunt and that's what I'll do. My problems can come later" he says as he stands up.
"Alex... You know you can talk to me. Are you sure you're feeling strong enough to do this?" Klymene asks out of concern.
"I'm sure. I've held you back, it's been a month you could have found her by now if it wasn't for me.. And Millicent, she's somewhere in Astral Chaos, she could be dead Klymene! All because of me holding you back!" Alex storms out, holding back tears. Klymene puts her arm out and attempts to call his name but he has already left, she recoils her arm and slumps back against her chair.

Kisandra looks at her daughter from the doorway.
"Don't blame yourself Klymene. He's been through a lot. We do have to move though, we've held out for too long. Alex looks like he will be able to handle it, I know you will have his back." Klymene stands up, walks towards her Mother and hugs her.
"I know Mom, I'm just worried about him" she states.
"I know, he will be okay though. Now, come on we must be going. If we want to get to Astral Chaos we're going to need some help" Kisandra smiles and walks out, Klymene follows behind.

They meet Alex outside. "Ready?" he asks. Klymene nods.
"Let's go then" he says and begins to walk. Suddenly a blade is seen flaying towards Alex. He turns around and blocks the blade coming from Klymene, he looks at her in shock.
"What th-". Klymene interrupts him and smiles
"Well, we need to test your strength first! Just like old times!". Alex smirks at her and the two engage in battle.

Episode 2 - Edit

"Wow!" Klymene pants. "You certainly have improved".
Alex smiles at her.
"Well, I did tell you I was strong enough to do this!" he says smirking. Klymene smiles back at him. Kisandra looks at them and chuckles.
"Come on now, we have to find a friend mine. Abelia. If we want to find a way into Astral Chaos, we're going to need all the help we can get when there!" Kisandra walks on ahead and Klymene playfully tackles Alex. The pair laugh and walk behind, Alex seems to be in a better mood.

The screen fades to black

Millicent is in Astral Chaos, still on the hunt for her Mother and has yet been unsuccessful.
"God damn it!" Millicent sighs to herself.
"How am I supposed to find you here? In Astral Chaos, alone?! Come on Millicent, you lived here all your life!" She says to herself and looks around.
"And yet... I don't recognise this part of Astral Chaos... Astra never did let me go far". Millicent is disappointed but is determined to find her Mother. She continues on, floating through Astral Chaos. Floating all around her are rocks and lost souls of the deceased. Millicent suddenly stops as she feels a pain in her head, a lost soul flew right through her. Memories flood to Millicent of a horrible life, the life of this lost soul. She screams in agony.
"No! Go away! You won't corrupt me!" she screams. The soul flies back towards Millicent attempting to fly threw her head again.

Is this what the souls do here? Am I hated for when I was alongside Astra for many years?

Millicent thinks to herself. She dodges the spirit and uses her ring blade to slice through it. The spirit reattaches itself and begins to swirl around attracting many other spirits. They all merge together, forming a human-like figure and attack Millicent.

  • Battle 2 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: Humanfied Lost Souls
    • Weapon: Itself

Episode 3 - Edit

Millicent strikes the souls and they split apart, scattering far away from the young woman. Millicent smiles
"Well, at least I haven't lost my strength" she says to herself.
"Impressive!" A Mans voice is heard in the distance. The Man floats towards Millicent, he has short black hair with purple tips at the front, he's topless and is wearing mostly purple and black. He looks like he has been in Astral Chaos for many, many years.
"Who are you?!" Millicent shouts, raising her ring blade. The Man smiles at her.

"Interesting choice of weapon. My name is Celestial, don't be afraid I'm not here to hurt you." Celestial says as he gets closer to Millicent.
"Stay back! I know this place, anyone here is just looking for trouble!" Millicent keeps her ring blade raised to the Man. He smirks at her again.
"You know, I've never seen anyone defeat those souls before.. They are called The Lost Souls of Chaos. They devour any living thing that gets trapped here, it's how they get their strength. You defeated them, with such a weapon too. How good are you with that blade?" he asks. Millicent glares at the man, but a smile passes her lips.
"I'll show you!" she says, and attacks him.

  • Battle 3 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: Celestial
    • Weapon: Sword and Stream of Power - ??????

Celestial blocks Millicent's attack and uses his Stream of Power, a mysterious wolf creature, to knock her back. She goes flying through the air, hitting a rock and falling unconscious.

Episode 4 - Edit

Millicent stirs a little and opens her eyes.
"What... Where am I? Was was that thing?" she asks, confused. Celestial smiles at her and holds out his hand to pick her up, she pushes it away and gets herself up.
"That's my special weapon. It contains powers of Astral Chaos inside it. I didn't think normal weapons like yours could defeat those souls" he states. Millicent shakes her head
"This is no normal weapon, it was forged here. It's infused with magic and was forged by metal from here". Celestial looks at her, shocked.
"How did you get such a weapon?!" he asks. Millicent shrugs

"Long story... Look, I have to go. I'm looking for my Mother!" Millicent attempts to leave.
"You know, you're going to have a hard time finding her.. Astral Chaos never ends, she could be anywhere.. I'll make you a deal, I'm looking for my Sister. She went missing... Well, a long time ago.. Recent events lead me to believe that she is on Earth though. If I help you find your Mother here, will you help me escape Astral Chaos?" Millicent turns around and looks at the man, his eyes look sad. She feels sympathy for him.

"How do you know I can even help you escape?" she asks him.
"You came from Earth, I sensed it when I met you.. Although, the connection was weak. There is something else about you..." Celestial wonders. Millicent smirks at him and agrees to his terms. Celestial smiles at her, with such a charming smile. Millicent blushes slightly before realising what she was doing, and frowns instead.
"Well, lets go then!" she says, and the pair head off.

The screen fades to black

Kisandra, Klymene and Alex are heading towards a house. A ruffle is heard in the bushes.
"Shhh.. Did you hear that?" Kisandra says.
"Hear what, Mo-" Klymene is cut off as a loud scream is heard. A hooded woman comes launching towards Kisandra and attacks her from behind.

  • Battle 4 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Hooded Woman
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield

Kisandra hits the woman who goes flying across the ground.
"Who are you?!" Kisandra asks. The woman sits up and her hood falls down, it's Abelia...

Episode 5 - (Cutscene Only)Edit

Kisandra stumbles backwards, shocked.
"Abelia? What th- Why did you attack me?" she asks. Abelia stands up, wipes herself down and smirks.
"Well, got to keep you on your toes now haven't I?" she says as she laughs. Kisandra breathes out in relief and smiles. She runs over and hugs her friend.
"You're lucky I never killed you" Kisandra says jokingly, Abelia lets out a laugh. She says her hello's to Alex and Klymene.

"So, what brings you out here?" Abelia asks. Kisandra's face saddens.
"It's time to find Kilina." Kisandra says.
"We need to get into Astral Chaos as soon as possible. About a month ago Millicent found a way in, she's been there since then. We need to get there, and fast. We need to save Millicent and hopefully find my sister.. No matter what!" Abelia nods, taking in the seriousness of the situation.
"You know I will help you, Kisandra. You're both important to me.. Your whole family is! Just... How are we going to make it into Astral Chaos?"
"I.. I don't exactly know right now. We have to find a way though!" Kisandra says. Klymene looks at her Mother for a moment, when an idea comes to her head.
"Wait! What about Ivy? Three months ago, when everything was going on with Alex I went to visit her with Cyril and a woman named Lucinde.. She gave us something that would help us get into Astral Chaos! We didn't use it though, we didn't have too!" Klymeme says excitedly. Kisandra smiles at her daughter and nods. Alex looks at Klymene for a moment with concern.

"If you had a means to travel, and didn't use it.. Where exactly did it go? Why don't we just seek that out instead?" Alex insists. Klymene's face saddens.
"It.. It was with Lucinde.. And well... You know..". Alex turns away.
"Of course.. As well as my little Sister.. I swear, I'll kill that bitch, Rosie!" Alex says, angrily.
"I know! We will get her Alex" Klymene reassures him. Kisandra looks at them both, with pain in her eyes.
"Well then, let's go and find Ivy!" she says.

"That may not be necessary..." a voice is heard in the distance...

Episode 6 - Edit

Cyril is seen in a Forest, he's walking through looking slightly nervous. His eyes shooting around the place.

I need to know the truth! Why does Soul Edge have this control over me? What the hell happened to me? I have to find The Cult, I have to find their base of operation! I need some damn answers!

He thinks to himself. Ruffles are heard in the bushes behind him, Cyril stops and the ruffles stop too.
"Who's there?" He shouts. "Whoever is there better come out, now! I don't have time to play games!". The bushes begin to move again and a familiar face slowly emerges.
"H.. Hi, Mr. It.. It's only Teo! Does blonde Man not remember Teo?". Teo asks nervously. Cyril scratches his head.

"Have you been following me, kid? Look, go home. To Tira or whoever! It's not safe to be around me right now, I don't want to hurt you" Cyril says, out of concern.
"Teo not scared! Teo wants to be by strong blonde man! Please!" Teo begs and begins to bang his head against a tree trunk. Cyril runs towards him and makes him stop.
"Don't do that! Look, it's dangerous to be with me I keep... I keep..." Cyril stutters and his eyes begin to close, he slowly loses consciousness and falls to the ground. Teo jumps up and goes to Cyril's side.
"No, no, no! Blonde man! Why does everything Teo likes die?" Teo cries and begins to bang his head harder against the tree trunk, blood begins to leak from his forehead, and he falls to the ground, out cold.

The screen fades to black

Cyril wakes up hours later, in the exact same spot he fell unconscious before. He notices blood that was left there by Teo.
"Huh? Teo?! Where are you? What the hell happened?" Cyril picks himself up, worrying about Teo.
"God damn it kid, what did I do to you?" he asks himself. Before Cyril has time to collect his thoughts he is attacked.

  • Battle 5 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Cyril
  • Opponent: Cult Member 1, Cult Member 2, Cult Member 3
    • Weapon: Mixed

Episode 7 - (Cutscene Only)Edit

Cyril is overwhelmed by the attackers and is launched backwards against a tree. One jumps up in the air and the other two walk towards Cyril.
"Is he the one?" asks one of the attackers. The other nods and they both laugh menacingly. Cyril looks at the two attackers and quickly swipes under their feet and knocks them down, he rolls over them, grabs their heads and whacks them together. Making the two attackers fall unconscious. Cyril smiles in victory and begins to walk away, however he had completely forgotten about the third attacker. As he is walking away the third attacker jumps down and attempts to ambush Cyril, unable to react fast enough he turns around in shock. Out of nowhere, a Zweihänder flies towards the attacker and he goes flying across the field. Cyril stumbles backwards and looks at the person who just saved his life.

A Man with blonde hair stands before Cyril. He recoils his sword and places it on his back, he looks towards Cyril.
"Why were they after you?" Cyril stops for a moment and thinks
"I.. I have no idea? I recognise them slightly, like a memory.. A hazy memory, but I don't know who they are? And who are you? Why did you save me?" Cyril asks, slightly panicked.
"My name is Kristos, and those people are from a group called "The Cult". They usually kidnap people to corrupt them and make them loyal to Soul Edge. I need to find them, I need to destroy them!" Kristos says. Cyril looks at Kristos in shock.
"Wait I... I think I know why they were after me.. They will know the truth about me, about Soul Edge! I just have this feeling they know something... Look, Kristos. We have a common enemy now, we both want to find The Cult.. We can help each other!" Kristos stops for a moment.
"I've been on this hunt for years. I'm close to finding them now, I know it. I could use the help, yes." Kristos nods towards Cyril.

"First though, let me see if these have anything useful on them" Kristos states as he walks towards one of the bodies of the attackers. He kneels down and searches their body for any items that could help them find the hideout. He picks up a strange, glowing jewel and a blank, torn piece of paper.
"Not very useful.. Still-" before Kristos can continue the jewel begins to spark and is drawn towards the paper. Kristos lets go of the jewel as it launches towards the paper. The two items float in the air and the jewel lights up the paper, revealing a map. The two men look at it in shock.
"That must be it! The location of the hideout!" Cyril says ecstatically.
"Well, let's go!" Kristos grabs the jewel and the map and the pair run off.

Episode 8 - Edit

"That may not be necessary..."
Abelia, Kisandra, Klymene and Alex stop as they hear a voice in the distance. They turn around and out of the shadows a pale woman steps out. She has long black hair, with bangs slightly covering one of her eyes. Kisandra steps in front of her daughter and Alex and raises her sword and shield, her protective instincts kicking in.
"Who are you?! What won't be necessary?!" The Woman steps closer to Kisandra.
"My name is Stellar, and I can help you get into Astral Chaos". Kisandra lowers her sword and shield and Klymene steps forward
"And how exactly can you help us do that?" Klymene asks. Stellar reveals her Crystal Ball
"With this... This contains powers of Astral Chaos inside of it. This, with shards of Soul Edge should be enough power to get there" Alex shakes his head
"No! I'm sorry Klymene, Kisandra but even you know this isn't right, getting shards of Soul Edge is wrong! I won't allow it! You're evil, I know it!" Alex shouts. Klymene grabs him by the arm
"Alex, calm down please! It may be the only way.." Klymene says to him with a saddened tone.
"No, she's evil Klymene!" he shouts.
"I agree with Alex" Abelia says, turning towards Klymene.
"There's something off about her.. I don't like it, I won't let you corrupt this family with Soul Edge!" Abelia and Alex attack.

Alex goes to strike Stellar but Klymene jumps in the way
"Alex stop! This isn't you..." Alex huffs and lowers his sword
"I just want you to be safe" he says. Kisandra looks at them, walks over to Stellar and helps her up
"I'm sorry Stellar.. But we won't use Soul Edge, that sword is the whole reason why we need to get into Astral Chaos" Stellar nods
"There is another way.... Have you heard of The Amulet?" Kisandra looks at her in shock and stumbles backwards.

Episode 9 - Edit

"The Amulet? What do you know about that?!" Kisandra asks
"I know it's a powerful device... A device that can open portals to different worlds, to different times. It can also open portals directly into Astral Chaos" Stellar explains.
"Do you know where is is?" she asks. Kisandra pulls out The Amulet
"Right here... But I won't use it, it's too dangerous! This thing causes too much trouble... Besides, it doesn't have much power now anyway" Stellar looks at The Amulet in awe
"I never thought I'd see it... We can get it to work, using my power we should be able to activate The Amulet and make a portal to Astral Chaos!" Kisandra shakes her head
"No! I won't risk it!" she says. Klymene looks at her Mother
"Mom, we have too! Kilina is alive, Millicent is trapped in there.. We have to do it this way, we have no other choice!" Klymene begs.
"Kisandra, Klymene is right.. I know The Amulet has caused great loss, but now is the chance to use it to get your Sister and Niece back!" Abelia states. Alexander looks at the group, then looks directly at Kisandra
"I don't trust this Woman.. But, at least we're not going for Soul Edge now. So I agree, we do it this way. I know you Kisandra, you're like a Mother to me.. You would do anything for your family, your friends. We must do this!" Kisandra looks around at everyone, then looks at Stellar and nods.
"Okay.. Let's do this!"

The screen goes black

Millicent and Celestial are still in Astral Chaos. They've been searching for hours on end, trying to find Kilina's location.
"Do you even know where we're going, Celestial?" Millicent asks. Celestial ignores her.
"Celestial?! Where are we going?!" she asks again and is greeted by silence
"Hey! Where-" Millicent is cut off
"Shhh!" Celestial goes towards Millicent and puts his finger on her lips, she blushes. "Can you feel that? I sense something..." he states. Millicent pushes his hand off her
"Don't shush me! You don't put your-"
"Look out!" Celestial shouts and flies towards Millicent pushing her out of the way. Flames fly past the duo. Celestial uses his powers of chaos to send the flames back and attacks the entity.

  • Battle 7 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Celestial
    • Weapon: Sword and Stream of Power - ??????
  • Opponent: Flame Revenant
    • Weapon: Dual Sickles

Episode 10 - HideoutEdit

"What the hell was that?!" Millicent asks as Celestial kills the last one.
"That was a Flame Revenant. They're all over Astral Chaos, causing havoc like everything else here." Celestial explains. "You're welcome by the way" he says, sarcastically. Millicent looks at him confused
"Oh.. Thanks, for saving me.." Millicent says as she blushes. "No problem, now... Let's find your Mother!"

The screen goes black

Kristos and Cyril are wondering through the forest, following the map closely.
"It has to be here somewhere" Kristos states. Cyril stops for a moment, he falls to the ground grabbing his head in pain.
"Huh? What's wrong?!" Kristos asks, worried. Cyrils lets out a painful cry.
"My head... Ugh... I-... I recognise this place" he says. Kristos looks at him, with curiosity across his face. He rushes over to Cyril and kneels besides him.
"You recognise this place? How? Cyril? Are you okay?". Cyril's hands fall from his head and he stops. "Tha-... That was painful. I don't know how, I just got a flash back but I-... I can't remember exactly" Cyril looks dazed. Kristos stands up and helps Cyril up too.
"It's okay, don't worry. We'll restore your memory, I promise." Cyril nods at Kristos and the pair continue forward.

"The map ends here" Kristos states, confused.
"What the hell? How?!" Cyril asks. "There's nothing here except that little house over there!" Cyril points at a small house in the near distance. Kristos stops, looking at it in shock.
"No... How is-... How is that possible?!" Kristos says, stumbling backwards. Cyril looks at him, confused.
"Wha- What is it?" he asks. "That house... I lived there, years ago... When it happened..." Kristos says, saddened. "When what happened?!" Cyril asks. Kristos does not respond and continues forward, towards his old home. Cyril follows him closely behind. Before the duo reach the front door however, the gem Kristos has begins to glow. Kristos lets go of the gem and it flies towards a huge rock, just behind the house. The gem reacts with the rock and a secret passageway is revealed.
"No.. This can't be it... All those years of searching and it was right outside my doorstep?!" Kristos says, in shock. "Is this really it? Is this The Cult's hideout?" Cyril asks, Kristos nods.

Suddenly Cyril falls to the ground, grabbing his head in pain once again.
"Ugh... I-... I remember this! I've been here before!" he says, painfully. Kristos looks at him with suspicion across his face.
"You've been here befo-" before Kristos can finish a voice in the distance screams "Intruders!". Kristos draws his blade and readies himself for battle, protecting Cyril.

  • Battle 8 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Kristos
    • Weapon: Zweihänder - ??????
  • Opponent: Cult Member 1, Cult Member 2, Cult Member 3
    • Weapon: Various

Episode 11 - The Son of Kristos Part I (Cutscene only)Edit

Kristos slices the last cult member and places his blade back on his back. He turns around and see's Cyril still laying on the floor. He walks over to him and tries to help him up.
"Come on now, Cyril. You can't falter. You need your strength here more than ever!" Cyril slowly stands up, still feeling a bit dizzy.
"I'm okay.. Thank you, Kristos." Kristos smiles at him and the pair head deeper into the cave.

"So... Kristos... What exactly are you looking for in here anyway? I mean, I know that these bastards are after me.. I just need my memory back, but you? What is it?!" Cyril asks. Kristos stops, closes his eyes and huffs.
"I guess I had to tell you at some point. You can't just wander around with a stranger without knowing exactly what I'm doing" Kristos takes a breath, and begins to explain.

The screen goes black, a flashback begins

It's a grey, stormy night. Kristos is in his home crafting some weapons whilst his baby son sleeps in a nearby room. Suddenly, Kristos hears a knock at the door. He gets up from his crafting table and heads for the front door, opening it no one is there. Kristos looks around confused, he slowly closes the door and heads back to his crafting room. Just as he enters the room he hears his son crying. Kristos runs to his sons room and sees a masked person holding his son. He launches himself towards the masked person but the intruder jumps out the way and throws a sickle towards Kristos. Kristos dodges the weapon and throws it back. The intruder spins around, the sickle misses the intruder but grazers past Kristos' son, cutting him. The intruder then jumps directly out the window, with Kristos' son in hand.

Kristos screams as his son disappears. He jumps out the window and follows in close pursuit. The masked intruder pulls out a red shard from his pocket and throws it into the air, the shard glows and many other masked people come out from the shadows. They surround Kristos. He punches his way through them but is overwhelmed. Suddenly, one of the masked men punch Kristos in the face and throws a mysterious potion at him. Kristos falls to the ground, out cold. He then wakes up hours later in a cave, bloody and bruised, chained up to a wall with his mouth binded.

The screen goes black, the flashback ends

"I was kept chained up there for years. The Cult done horrendous experiments on me, they taunted me. Each day showing me my son.. Showing me the things they were doing to him. I went insane, I couldn't even recognise my son anymore, I didn't even know who he was. However, I managed to break from my chains and kill many of those sick bastards. I found a potion that restored my sanity, but it also transported me out of the hideout. I spent years looking for the hideout, looking for my son. I don't even know if he's still here, but I don't care. I will find him, and I'm going to wipe these bastards out!"

Episode 12 - Gateway to ChaosEdit

Kisandra stands with the rest of the group, looking worried. She clenches The Amulet against her chest.
"Mom, come on! We have to do this!" Klymene says. Kisandra looks at her daughter, and lets out a slight smile, although worry was still across her face.
"Okay, what do I do?" Kisandra asks Stellar. "Just hold The Amulet out in front of you, I'll do the rest" she states. Kisandra extends The Amulet out, shaking slightly. Alex and Abelia step back, keeping a close eye on Stellar. Stellar walks towards The Amulet and summons her Crystal Ball. The magical ball floats in front of her and starts spinning around The Amulet. The group look at it in shock and awe. Stellar begins to chant a magical incantation of unknown language, and her crystal ball stops spinning. Suddenly, a spark of lighting bursts from the crystal ball and hits The Amulet. The pair react together and a bot of lighting flies from the current one causing a portal to open. The Amulet floats back down into Kisandra's hands and Stellar takes hold of her crystal ball once again. Stellar lets out a smile.
"Finished! Now, let's go!" she says.

"Wait a second!" Alex shouts. "Where the hell did you learn that?! And that language, what was it?!" he demands. Stellar looks at him and grins.
"Well, I can't reveal that now, can I? Let's just say I learnt of it a very long time ago. I've studied Astral Chaos a lot!" Stellar says. Alex looks at her with suspicion in his eyes.
"Come on Alex, don't worry! Let's just go and find Millicent and rescue Kilina!" Klymene says, Alex nods and the group attempt to go through the portal. However, before they make it through it begins to spark, sending lightning bolts out. Kisandra jumps back, covering Klymene and Alex. Suddenly, a figure emerges from the portal and immediately runs towards Kisandra. However, Stellar jumps in the way and blocks the attack. The person goes flying backwards and lands on the ground, a fight initiates.

  • Battle 9 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Stellar
  • Opponent: Astral Warrior
    • Weapon: Astral Blade

Stellar's crystal ball hits the creature in it's core, causing it to dissipate into thin air.
"What the hell was that?!" asks Abelia. "That is something called an Astral Warrior. They are souls that have been trapped in Astral Chaos and went insane. They cause havoc there, attempting to kill any living soul there to feast upon" Stellar explains.
"What else is there? I've been there before, but never came across that!" Alex states. "There's a lot in the Astral Realm, there's creatures called Astral Seekers. They are souls who are looking for the legendary Astral Sword. Apparently the sword is a most powerful weapon, harnessing power from the core of Astral Chaos. If found, the souls can gain the power to take over the realm, and take the core from it's owner." Stellar explains. Alex looks at her in shock, still looking suspicious of her however.
"Come on! Don't you think we should go now?! Before anything else comes through?!" Klymene states. "Klymene is right, let's go! Quickly!" Kisandra says as she heads towards the portal with her daughter. The rest follow suit

Episode 13 - Phantom NightmaresEdit

Kisandra and co walk through the portal and appear in Astral Chaos. They are on a huge, floating platform.
"Well... Here we are, again. I swear, this is the last time we come here! I won't let anything happen to our family again after this is over!!" Kisandra states, slightly angered. Klymene looks at her with sympathy in her eyes.
"Don't worry Mom, everything will be okay" Klymene reassures her.
"Yeah, we're here to help. We won't ever have to return after this!" Alex adds. Suddenly, Alex's sword and shield begins to glow. The voice of Rafael is heard
"Be safe, Alex. I sense danger approaching." the voice stops as the ground begins to shake. The group look around and the floor begins to crack. Suddenly, a creature explodes from the ground in front of Alex, attacking him.

  • Battle 10 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Alex
  • Opponent: Phantom Nightmare
    • Weapon: Soul Edge Phantom

The creature strikes Alex and he flies, hitting the ground hardly. Klymene panics and runs over to him.
"Alex! Are you okay?!" she asks, kneeling next to him. Alex looks up at her and smiles "I'm fine lov-... Klymene!" he picks himself up and runs towards the creature, who is being fended off by Kisandra and Abelia. Alex jumps up in the air and strikes the creature in the abdomen. The creature fades into nothingness.
"Wa-... Was he wielding Soul Edge?!" Kisandra asks, panicked. Stellar pushes her bangs over from her eyes and looks towards Kisandra.
"No, don't worry. That was just a phantom version of the sword, and it's previous wielder, Nightmare. Now, let's go find your sister and her daughter.." Stellar says, letting slip a slight smile.

The screen goes black

Millicent and Celestial stop as they hear noise coming from the distance.
"What the hell could that be?!" Millicent asks. "I don't kno-" Celestial stops mid sentence as he senses something. Millicent rushes over to him, worried.
"What's up Celestial?! What is it??!" she asks, panicked. "Ugh... I don't know, I just feel something... I think.. I think my-" Celestial is cut off as a magic bolt flies towards him, knocking him out.
"No!" Millicent screams and looks towards the direction the bolt came from, with anger across her face. "What did you do?! You bastard!" she shouts. The figure in the distance laughs, and then let's out a horrific scream. It disappears then reappears right in front of Millicent. The creature, stands there staring at Millicent, looking at every part of her body. It smiles eerily, showing gritty, sharp teeth. It then screams in Millicent's face and morphs away.

Millicent stands confused, almost forgetting about Celestial. Her eyes widen as she remembers and she rushes towards him!
"Come on, Celestial! Wake up!" she shouts, shaking his body. "Please... Don't leave me alone.." she begs.
"Why not? You deserve to be alone" a voice in the distance says.. Her own voice. Millicent turns around in shock, and standing before her is herself. Millicent jumps up and looks over at herself, sporting her appearance from when she herself lived in Astral Chaos.
"What the hell are you?!" Millicent asks.
"I'm you! Well, a better you! Remember me?!" the doppelganger says, smiling revealing the same gritty, sharp teeth Millicent saw just moments ago. Millicent jumps back shocked.
"Wha-... How?! Wait... A phantom?!" she states. "I'm not letting you pretend to be me! Get here you bastard!" Millicent screams as she attacks the phantom creature.

  • Battle 11 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: Phantom Millicent
    • Weapon: Steel on Steel Phantom

Episode 14 - The Hero KingEdit

Millicent strikes her phantom self who lets out a painful scream, and reverts back into it's original form. It screeches more and escapes deep into Astral Chaos before Millicent has a chance to finish it off. Millicent spins her ring blade around her wrist angrily, cutting around her forearm. She snaps out of it and realises Celestial is still unconscious. She turns around in order to aid him, but he is gone.
"Celes-... Celestial?! Where are you?! Please... No... Don't be gone!" Millicent begins to tear up before hearing laughter coming from behind her. She launches her head around and sees Celestial standing there laughing.
"So you do care about me, huh?!" he says, laughing harder. Millicent blushes then frowns.

"Pfft, no! Ugh... Anyway, don't do that to me you jerk!" she shouts. Celestial smiles at her and walks towards her. "Come on, let's go... Beautiful." Celestial teases as he walks past her.
"Be-Be-Beautiful?!" Millicent stutters, whispering to her self, letting a smile slip. "Hey! Don't be calling me beautiful! You have no right you idiot!" she shouts. Celestial smiles and continues on forward. Millicent following behind.

The screen goes black

Just as Kisandra and co are leaving, they hear a fearsome screech in the background. The group look up and see a phantom creature fly past them.
"What was that?!" Klymene asks. "More importantly, where did it come from? Why was it screaming?" Alex adds. Stellar looks around and senses the path it game from.
"It came from way over there" she says. "And how do you know?! You have some sort of other connection to this place... Don't you Stellar?" Alex asks. Stellar huffs at him.
"No, I have this crystal ball. It helps!" she says.
"Alex! Stellar! We don't have time, now please. Let's go!" Kisandra says, annoyance in her tone. Stellar and Alex glare at each other before Alex's glance is interrupted by Klymene.
"Hey, come on now. Stay focused, okay?!" Klymene innocently smiles and Alex blushes. "Ye-Yeah, come on!" he says.

Stellar leads the group in the direction the phantom creature came from, hoping to find some sign of other life in that direction.
"Do you think this could be Kilina who sent that creature flying?" Abelia asks Kisandra.
"The strength Kilina has right now... It's a strong possibility. I just want my sister back!" Kisandra says, hope filling her heart. "Don't worry Kisandra, we'll get her!" Abelia reassures her. Stellar stops, sensing something.
"It was here! The creature was here... And so was...." Stellar grabs her head and closes her eyes. Her crystal ball floats around her, as if it was helping her. Suddenly, Stellar's eyes widen. "No! How?!" she exclaims.
"What is it, Stellar?! Are you okay?" Kisandra asks. "My-My-My Brother! He's here! For years I've been searching for him, I just knew he'd be in Astral Chaos! I just needed away in! But he's here, I know it! I can sense it!" Stellar exclaims, excitedly. "This, my crystal ball can find him in close proximity! Go!" she shouts as her crystal ball flies forward. Stellar races after it, everyone else following behind.

However, before anyone can move much, Stellar's crystal ball is knocked down, a huge explosion is heard and and a throne appears. The great Algol sitting in it. "Prepare yourselves, Humans! I shall not let you roam my realm without proving your strength!" Algol attacks.

Episode 15 - The Son of Kristos Part IIEdit

Back on Earth, Cyril and Kristos are amidst a battle, fighting many cult members.
"Cyril, are you okay?!" Kristos shouts, shielding a sword attack. "Yeah! Don't worry, let's do this!" Cyril shouts back, stabbing a cult member. Cyril jumps and lands next to Kristos, the pair now back to back.
"Come on, we can do this! We didn't make it this far for nothing!" Cyril shouts. Kristos nods and the pair continue to fight off more cult members, few remaining.

The duo use most of their strength, dodging the swift attacks. Kristos lets out a scream as he launches towards the final cult member, striking him down with his sword.
"That's the last of those bastards!" he says. Cyril smiles "Yeah! Now, lets carry on forward!". The pair head forward, through more of the dark, damp cave. The jewel Kristos picked up begins to glow once more, brighter than before. It flies towards a wall, as if there is a way through. Kristos grabs the jewel and it reacts to his touch, the wall begins to shake and a secret passageway is revealed. The duo walk through into a huge room, filled with potions and books, scattered around the room, Cyril looks around before falling to the ground, grabbing his head in pain again.
"Ugh... This place.. I-I remember it!" Cyril screams in pain. "Soul Edge... Inside me.... I remember them-... They implanted it in me.." Cyril rubs his shoulder "here!" he says. He shakes his head and stands up, removing his upper armour.
"I have a scar right here, this is where the Soul Edge shard is!" Kristos looks at him in shock, his eyes widened.

Cyril looks at him, confused. "Wha-What?! It's just a scar!" he snaps. Kristos doesn't move, standing in complete shock.
"What?! Stop staring at me, Kristos!" Cyril slightly angered now. Tears begin to fill Kristos' eyes, and he begins to mutter.
"Yo-... You're my-" Kristos is cut off as a magical bolt flies towards Cyril, making him fly across the ground, hitting the wall. "No!" Kristos screams. A hooded figure comes out from the shadows.
"I am a grand leader of this cult! Nice to see you again, Kristos!" the grand leader announces. Kristos looks at him, anger fills his eyes.
"Who are you?! How the hell do you know me?!" he screams. The grand leader smirks "Do you not remember me?! I'm sure Cyril now does. I did order his capture of course... I did implant the shard inside him. Oh, and you.. Well, I'm the one who chained you up and made you sit through the torture of watching your precious son grow in horrific manners!" the grand leader laughs.
"You evil bastard! I will kill you!" Kristos screams, launching towards him.

The grand leader smirks, swiftly moving out the way.
"You fool! I'm a grand leader! You really think you can defeat me?" he taunts. "Just watch me!" Kristos says, attacking the man again.

  • Battle 13 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Kristos
    • Weapon: Zweihänder - ??????
  • Opponent: Cult Grand Leader
    • Weapon: Staff and Dark Arts

Episode 16 - The Son of Kristos Part IIIEdit

Kristos slams his Zweihänder against the cult grand leader, gripping his sword hard he pushes it further. The grand leader flies across the room, hitting the floor and knocking down a few potions. He snarls Kristos.
"You can't defeat me you fool! I still have one more trick up my sleeve!" the grand leader says, pulling out a shard of Soul Edge.

Cyril's body begins to twitch as his body reacts with the shard.
"What are you doing?! Stop it!" Kristos threatens. The grand leader laughs as Cyril's body flies upright, his eyes glowing red. Cyril attacks Kristos, causing him to fly across the floor. The grand leader laughs more.
"Fight him Kristos! The one you've been searching for for years! Fight him, fight your Son!" he says. Kristos screams with anger as Cyril flies towards him again.
"Ugh-- No!" Kristos blocks Cyrils attack and pushes him down. Cyril gets back up before being grabbed by the grand leader. "Fight him now! Or he dies!" the grand leader threatens. Kristos panics, he puts his head down.
"I.. My son... Fine! But, I'm coming for you! Watch your back you bastard!" the grand leader laughs. "Oh goodie! Well, I have to make this a little bit more challenging!" the grand leader grabs his shard of Soul Edge and sticks it to Cyril's chest. Cyril screams as red lighting covers his body. The grand leader disappears and Cyril launches at Kristos. Having no choice, Kristos fights.

  • Battle 14 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Kristos
    • Weapon: Zweihänder - ??????
  • Opponent: Malfested Cyril
    • Weapon: Possessed Haunting Knives

Kristos can't continue, he just can't seem to injure his son. Cyril whacks Kristos and he flies across the ground. Cyril slowly starts to walk towards Kristos, standing right over him. He raises his haunting knives in the air and attempts to launch them into Kristos. However, Kristos sees this as an opening and uses his Zweihänder to knock the Soul Edge shard off his chest. The shard flies across the cave, hitting the wall and smashing. Cyril screams, as he begins to turn back to normal. He stumbles backwards when all of a sudden silence fills the room. Blood leaks from Cyril's stomach as the grand leader stabs through his back before quickly disappearing. Kristos screams, jumping up and running towards his son, catching him in his arms.

Episode 17 - The Son of Kristos Part IV (Cutscene only)Edit

"No, no, no! Not now! Not after I finally found you! Cyril please!" Kristos cries, holding Cyril. Cyril's eyes flicker open ever so slightly and he looks up towards Kristos.
"That's it son, keep your eyes open.. Look at me!" Cyril continues to look up towards him and mumbles "So-... Son?". Kristos smiles through his tears.
"Yes! Yes! I'm your Father, Cyril! Your scar, it's not just from Soul Edge! Remember the story about my son? The baby is you! You're my son! My grown up son!" Kristos cries harder. Cyril lets out a slight smile. "I-... I remember... Being taken..."

Flashbacks appear on screen, Cyril remembering being taken

"Yes... You see! You're my son! I found you! I found you!" Kristos hugs his son tighter. Cyril lets out a cough, bleeding heavily.
"I-... I'm glad I met you. I-..." Cyril's eyes begin to close. "No, no, no! Stay with me son!" Kristos screams. "I-... I love you... Dad" Cyril says, taking his last breath. Kristos screams, tears streaming down his face. He jumps up, smashing potions off the side!
"This isn't fair! No! It's not fair!!" Kristos cries harder. "Ther-... There has to be a potion here to save him, there has to be!" Kristos frantically searches, but to no avail. Suddenly, a poof of smoke appears and out emerges the grand leader. "You fucking bastard!" Kristos screams, running towards the grand leader. The leader teleports and appears in a different location.
"Let's make a deal... Drink this" the leader shows a potion. "This will swap your life force for your sons, therefore you will die not him. Your soul.. Well, that will go somewhere.. Interesting. Your son is no use to us dead!" Kristos stops for a moment.
"Why don't I just kill you right now?!" Kristos threatens. "Well, do that and your son will remain dead.. Take this, and let him live in turn for your life!".

Kristos wipes his tears away and snatches the bottle from the grand leader. He looks at it for a moment, then over at his sons dead body. His eyes fill with tears once again.
"I love you son." he says, before drinking the full potion. The grand leader laughs as Kristos' life force begins to swap around with Cyril's. Cyril begins to wake up and sees his father fall to the ground. He steadies himself before realising what has happened. He jumps up and runs towards his Father, now dead on the ground. "What the fuck did you do?!" Cyril screams at the grand leader, crying. "Me? Nothing, your Father made that choice. As for you..." Cyril screams, interrupting the grand leader. "No!" He launches a hunting knife at him. The grand leader teleports away as the hunting knife hits the wall behind where the leader once was.
"I will find you, you bastard! I will kill you!" Cyril screams. He runs back over to his fathers body, picks him up and walks out.

Episode 18 - Reunited Part IEdit

Back in Astral Chaos, Stellar is just on the verge of defeating Algol.
"How?! How can a Human be stronger than me?!" Algol shouts! Stellar smiles, calling her orb back. It spins around Algol, absorbing the powers of chaos, growing in size. Stellar says an incantation and sends the crystal ball directly at Algol, the ball hits him, exploding on impact. Algol flies through the air, screaming. He lifts himself up and flies towards Stellar. However, on his way towards her he feels something, he feels a surge of power coming from somewhere deep in Astral Chaos.
"I must leave.." he thinks to himself. So flies towards Stellar, accepting defeat. "I.. I will be back! I shall not remain defeated!" Algol shouts. Just as he is about to teleport away he looks at Stellar, directly in the eyes. His eyes widen for a moment before he disappears.

"What was that?!" Alex asks Stellar. Stellar looks at him, confused. "What was-?" she is interrupted.
"That look! The look he gave you.. Why? Have you met? He seemed... Scared" Alex looks her up and down. Stellar huffs and ignores him, walking away. "I saw it too.. He did look at you strange, Stellar" Klymene adds. Stellar rolls her eyes. "Not you too Klymene! I didn't know him, I swear. Now please! Can we go, my brother is close by!" Stellar lets go off her crystal ball and begins to follow it again. Alex glances over to Klymene who gives him a look of suspicion back. The group then follow Stellar.

The screen goes black

Millicent and Celestial carry on floating through Astral Chaos, hoping to make it to the core. The most likely place where Kilina will be. Celestial stops again, sensing something else.
"Again, Celestial? What is with you and randomly stop-" Celestial shushes Millicent, she snarls him. "What have I told you about-" she is interrupted once again as a crystal ball flies past the duo and begins to circle Celestial. Millicent looks at the ball confused.
"What in the world is that?!" she asks. Celestial looks at her in shock. "It-It's my sisters! She's here?! She's here!" he shouts. Millicent's eyes dart around, confused. "How is that possible?! I though-" Millicent is interrupted once again as Stellar shouts Celestial's name. Celestial swings his head around and sees his sister floating towards him. He flies towards her at high speed. "Stellar! I found you!" he shouts.

Just before the pair meet up, a huge crack appears through Astral Chaos, right between the brother and sister. Astral Chaos begins to shake as the siblings are forced away from each other.
"No! Stellar! What's happening?!" Celestial shouts. Stellar shakes her head in shock as Kisandra and co come up behind her. Millicent sees them, eyes widened. "Kisandra? Klymene?! What are you doing- How did you get here?!" she asks, shocked. Kisandra looks over at her niece as a sigh of release comes from her mouth. "Oh God, Millicent you're safe! I'll explain everything, we just need to-" Kisandra is interrupted as Astral Chaos shakes more. Suddenly, out from the crack a flame like creature emerges. The creature flies into the air and splits itself into two.

Episode 19 - Reunited Part II (Cutscene only)Edit

Stellar and Celestial both use their powers of Astral Chaos to strike at their respective Inferno's. At the exact same time, both Inferno's fly at one another, merging once again before ultimately falling down into the crack in Astral Chaos and exploding. The siblings celebrate as if they have won, however, Astral Chaos begins to tremble even more. The siblings still parted.
"Don't worry sis, I'll get to you somehow!" Celestial says.

Alex looks over at Stellar, who doesn't look as worried as she should be. Almost as if she is enjoying the situation. "This isn't right..." he mumbles to himself. He notices Klymene in the distance, who seems to be having a hard time staying a float. Alex hurries over to her and grabs her tight. "Don't worry, I'll protect you" he whispers to her. Klymene blushes.
"Stellar! What the hell do we do?!" Abelia shouts, Stellar completely ignoring her. "Come on Stellar! We need to stop this!" Kisandra adds. Stellar looks at her. "No! I need to get to my brother!" she shouts, angrily.

On the other side of the rift, Celestial is still trying to find away around to his sister.
"Celestial please, it's no use. Come on! We need to find a way to stop this!" Millicent begs. Celestial stops and looks at her. "You're right... The core! Yes! How did I not notice! We're near the core! Just over there!" Celestial points out in the distance to blank space. Millicent looks over, confused. "I-... I don't see anything?!" she says. Celestial smirks.
"That's because the core stays hidden until you get close enough, this big rift must be because of so much energy near the core. Me and Stellar, we're both from here! Our powers by the core is causing the rift. If I go there though, I can stop it!" Celestial attempts to fly off. Millicent follows him closely behind. "I'm not leaving you alone!" she shouts.

Celestial looks at her shocked. "What? No! It's too dangerous I can't let you come with me!" Celestial says. Millicent smirks. "For once would you shush and just let me protect you?!" Celestial looks at her, completely shocked. The pair smile at each other as they head off. Stellar screams her brothers names as he leaves. "No! Not the core, no!" she says.
"Millicent!" Kisandra shouts, but she is too far away to hear her. "I'm sure she will be fine Mom, she has made it this far. They will fix this!" Klymene reassures her Mother. Suddenly, Stellar screams and begins to fall down, being caught by Kisandra. She's completely unconscious.

Episode 20 - Reunited Part IIIEdit

Millicent and Celestial arrive at the core of Astral Chaos, landing on the huge circle platform.
"This is it! The core! Now... What exactly do I do?" Celestial asks. Millicent puts her hand on her head. "You don't have a plan?!" she asks. Celestial nervously looks away. Astral Chaos begins to shake more, rocks from the platform start cracking, floating upwards. Millicent rolls her eyes. "Well, I guess now is a good enough time to tell you..." Celestial looks at her, confused.

"Celestial... I'm not exactly... Human. Well, I'm half human. The other half is, well... I come directly from the seed of Astral Chaos. Look, it's a long story.. I think though, me being that connected, maybe I can calm the core down? Hopefully stopping the rift?" Millicent looks at Celestial, worried. Celestial smiles at her.
"Millicent, I'm from here too! Don't worry. You're still important to me! Millicent blushes. "We-... Well then, let's do this! Together!" she shouts, eagerly. Celestial walks over to Millicent as they both stare into the core of Astral Chaos. "Ready?" Millicent asks. Celestial nods and the pair hold out their hands towards the core. Beams of pure light emit from their hands and hit the core, lightning fills Astral Chaos and the core begins to rumble.

"Is it working?!" Millicent shouts. "I think so! Just keep going!" Celestial replies. The pair continue until Astral Chaos falls silent. More silent than usual. The pair lower their hands and looks at the core, everything seems fine. They hug each other in success. Suddenly, Astral Chaos begins to shake as lightning emits from the core. A dark figure is seen emerging from the core, Millicent stumbles back in shock as she recognises the figure. Now fully emerged, the figure is Astra.

"You're not taking me back, Astra!" Millicent shouts, striking Astra into the core. Astra begins to dissipate, and fades into nothingness.
"Wait! What?! That... That was a Phantom? But how?!" Millicent looks towards Celestial confused. Celestial grabs his head in pain, screaming loudly. "No! No! No! No!" he shouts, over and over. Celestial's head flies up, eyes wide open. "No! I remember! Shit, Millicent we need to go to your family, now!" Celestial shouts.

Episode 21 - Reunited Part IV (Cutscene only)Edit

Kisandra is holding Stellar's lifeless body. "What the hell happened?! Why did she just faint like that?!" Klymene asks. Kisandra shrugs. Alex looks at her, still with suspicion.
"Something isn't right... She has been fine, but when she saw he brother she changed... And now this? I just don't understand?" Alex mentions. Kisandra looks over at him, as if she agrees. "Wait! Have you noticed? Astral Chaos is no longer shaking" Klymene says. The group look around "Yeah, but that huge rift is still there" points out Abelia.

All of a sudden Stellar screams, waking up. Making the others jump. "Oh my.. You're okay!" Kisandra says, Stellar nods. "Th-The Amulet. I can use it to close the rift!" Stellar says. Kisandra pulls out The Amulet and attempts to hand it to Stellar. She recoils for a moment "Are you sure using The Amulet will work?" she asks. Stellar nods. Kisandra stretches out her hand and gives it to Stellar. In that very moment, Celestial comes rushes back screaming in the distance. "No! Don't do it!" he shouts at Kisandra. Stellar smiles. "Too late, brother!" she says as she lets out an evil laugh.

She calls her crystal ball and points The Amulet directly towards the direction of the core. A huge purple beam flies from The Amulet as Stellar's crystal ball merges within the jewel. The core emits a light that engulfs Stellar as she laughs. Her body begins to transform into a creature we have seen before. Stellar's laugh begins to get deeper and from the light she emerges, it's Stellar no more. She's Astra.

"No! How?! Celestial, did you know?!" Millicent asks, panicked. Celestial shakes his head "No! I-I've just only remembered. I weren't looking to reunite with Stellar, I was looking to kill her! I knew she was Astra I just, she done something to my mind! I-I...!" Kisandra interrupts him "Celestial, it's fine! But we need to do something, right now!" Kisandra demands. Alex stands next to Klymene, looking at Stellar who just turned in Astra.
"I knew Stellar was evil!" he shouts. Klymene rolls her eyes and hits him on the arm "Not exactly the time, Alex!" Alex nervously smiles and scratches his head.

"Enough!" Astra shouts. "I am finally fully powered! I played you all for fools!" Astra laughs. "Now, it's time to find your dear, sweet sister, Kilina and harness her power! With that, I can take over the entire universe. Becoming Queen of it all!" Astra laughs.
"Oh, shut up!" Alex snarls "I've had enough of you already!" he says. Astra grins. "Fool! You will learn respect!" Astra gathers her powers and sends a beam towards Alex and Klymene. "No!" Abelia screams as she sees the beam heading towards them. She jumps in front, only protecting Alex though. The beam hits Klymene and Abelia and they are reduced to a pile of ash.

End of Act 2

Act 3Edit

Kisandra has finally found her niece, Millicent, but her sister Kilina isn't anywhere to be found. The true colours of Stellar have been revealed as she becomes more than a threat to the heroes. Celestial joins up with everyone to help defeat his sister, but can he go through with killing her? As for Alex, he's distraught that he has lost Klymene, but where exactly have her and Abelia went? Are they dead? See a new side of the heroes as they cope with many loses during the final act. How will Kisandra react now, losing her very own daughter? Will Kilina be found and restored back to her original self? Will Stellar be defeated once and for all? Find out in the Final Act of A Dark Destiny.

Episode 1 - The rise of Evil (Cutscene only)Edit

Astra laughs as her beam incinerates Klymene and Abelia. "Ah well, at least those two are gone" she says, smiling at Alex.
"You bitch! What have you done!" Alex shouts, angrily. He runs towards Astra, sword pointing forward. Astra smiles as she simply sends Alex flying across the ground, letting out a laugh. Kisandra runs over to where her friend and daughter once stood, tears streaming down her face. She kneels besides the pile of ash, touching it, begging for her daughters return.
"Kly-Klymene... You monster!" Kisandra screams at Astra, crying harder. "What have you done to my daughter?! Bring her back, bring her back now!" Kisandra demands. Astra laughs. "Don't be so foolish, Kisandra! Your daughter is dead!". Kisandra screams, launching herself towards Astra. She jumps in the air, sword first and penetrates down onto Astra. She lands on the ground, Astra gone. Kisandra looks around confused, wiping her tears.

Astra appears on the other side on the arena. "Over here, Kisandra" she taunts. Kisandra looks at her in shock. "I'm much more powerful now, you can't defeat me!" she says. Kisandra screams, running towards her again. Astra simply teleports away, Kisandra falling forward. Millicent runs over to her aunt, helping her up, also crying.
"How-... How are you even alive? I saw you getting sucked into The Amulet" Kisandra cries, demanding answers. Astra smirks. "You only have your pathetic sister, Kilina to blame. She enacted my plan, this is what I wanted all along" Astra explains.

The screen goes black, a flashback begins

Kilina runs over to The Amulet and activates it's power, a vortex opens within The Amulet and Kilina points it towards Astra. Astra laughs loudly "You ignorant fool! This is just what I wanted! You'll see, you have enacted my plan!" Astra laughs as she is sucked into The Amulet. The vortex closes and Kilina holds Soul Edge and The Amulet tightly. Kilina throws The Amulet to the ground and pierces Soul Edge right through it. The Amulet shatters into pieces and bright lights and sparks fly from Soul Edge and The Amulet. Amidst the transfer of power from Soul Egde and The Amulet into Kilina's body, Astra's soul manages to escape, unnoticed.

Still having a small amount of power left, Astra morphs herself into the form of a young woman, Stellar. Happy that she is alive Stellar smiles. However, in this body, her powers were unstable. So, Stellar transfers her powers from her body and into a magical crystal ball. The crystal ball becoming the source of Stellar's power. With this though, Stellar couldn't stay in the Astral realm for long as her source of power could implode, destroying Stellar herself. She teleports out of Astral Chaos, waiting for the perfect moment to enter it again when she has enough power.

The screen goes black, the flashback ends

The group look up at her, shocked. "And now, here we are!" Astra laughs.
"Thanks to you, Kisandra. You brought me here. Now, I'm going to find your sister. Take her power, and kill her!" Astra lets out an evil laugh as she disappears.
"No!" Kisandra screams, jumping up towards her. She is too late however, Astra is gone.

Episode 2 - Fighting FamilyEdit

"No! We need to find her! Sh-She has to bring Klymene and Abelia back! She has too!" Kisandra cries. Millicent hugs her. Celestial walks over to Kisandra, looking her in the eyes.
"I'm sorry.. It's impossible, they're gone." He says. Kisandra looks at him, angered. "You! She is your sister! Yo-You-" Kisandra runs at Celestial, whacking her fist against his chest in a fit of rage and sadness. Millicent pulls her aunt back, away from him. "Calm down, Kisandra. It's okay!" Millicent says. Kisandra looks at her, angered.
"Okay? You think it's okay?!" she shouts "It's not okay! They're dead! Dead!" Kisandra cries. "I'm going to kill that bitch, just watch me!" Kisandra begins to storm off, tears of anger down her face.

"Kisandra, please stop!" Alex shouts, chasing after her. "No, Alex! No! I'm going to kill her! She killed my daughter! Do you not care about that?! Do you not care about Klymene?" Kisandra cries more. Alex looks slightly angered. "Of course I do! I-I love Klymene, more than you think! I want to kill Astra as much as you do, but she's looking for Kilina. If she finds her-" Alex is interrupted by Celestial.
"She will kill her and take her power. Then it will all be over, for all of us." he states. Kisandra angrily looks at him. "Don't you speak to me! Your sister done this! I-" Kisandra attacks Celestial in a fit of rage. "No, don't!" Millicent blocks Kisandra's attack, protecting Celestial.

"Millicent, move!" Kisandra shouts. "No! He's done nothing wrong, it's not his fault! I won't let you hurt him!" Millicent states.
"If he's related to her, who knows what he is capable off! I won't let him danger anyone else!" Kisandra screams. "Well then, you're going to have to go through me!" Millicent steadies her weapon. Kisandra looks at her, raising her sword.

Episode 3 - Fighting the PastEdit

Millicent hits her aunt of the side with her ring blade, causing her to go flying across the ground. Kisandra picks herself up, wiping the dirt off her outfit. Millicent looks at her with sorrow in her eyes.
"I'm sorry for that, I just can't let you hurt him... Please.." Millicent begs. Kisandra shakes her head and apologises to her niece, giving her a hug. "I'm sorry too. I'm just... You've just saw what happened to.. I.. I just don't know how to cope right now!" Kisandra cries and Millicent hugs her tighter. Alex walks over to the pair and puts his hand on Kisandra's shoulder.
"I know it's hard right now.. But we will find a way to get them back! We always do, then I can tell Kly-... Well.. We-We just need to find your sister!" Alex stutters, blushing slightly. Kisandra wipes her eyes and nods in agreement. The pair head off whilst Millicent runs over to Celestial.

"Are you okay?" she asks. Celestial stays silent for a moment, Millicent looks at him with sad eyes.
"I'll be fine.. Just.. My sister, I can't believe my memory was just gone. I had no idea and now your cousin is dead! I'm so sorry!" Celestial's voice cracks. Millicent jumps at him, hugging him tight.
"Don't worry about it. We just need to find Kilina, okay. Then... We need to kill As-" Celestial interrupts Millicent. "I know, but please... Let me do that" he says. Millicent nods, grabs his hand and the pair walk off. Catching up to Kisandra and Alex.

The screen goes black

Klymene and Abelia wake up on the ground, back on Earth. Klymene sits up, coughing.
"Whe-Where are we?" she asks. Abelia sits up, grabbing her head and looking around "Ugh... I- I think we're back on Earth." Klymene's eyes widen. "What?! N-no! We can't be, we need to get back to Astral Chaos. Now!" Klymene shouts, jumping up and panicking. Abelia slowly stands up and looks around, still unaware of exactly where they are.
"I feel like I shouldn't be here..." she says quietly to herself. Klymene looks at her "Well of course you shouldn't! We're supposed to be in Astral Chaos and we're here! Here! On Earth!" Klymene shouts again. Abelia stops rubbing her head and her eyes widen. "Earth?!" she shouts "What?! But how?!".

Klymene rolls her eyes. "That's what I've been saying! How did we get here?! The last thing I remember was... Well actually, I don't remember anything? All I remember is being in Astral Chaos and that's it... I just know we need to be there for some reason... But why?" Abelia looks up at her and shakes her head.
"Wait... You're right! I don't remember ether.. But we definitely need to be there for some reason.." the pair stand confused, trying to remember. Suddenly, a chained sickle comes flying towards the pair as a women who seems to be of high nobility stands there.

"You there! Grandallian soldier! You must die!" the woman says. Abelia looks at her, instantly recognising her "Bu-... But how?!" she says. Klymene glances, looking confused. The woman attacks with her sickle once again, the pair dodging.
"Face me, and prepare to die!"

Episode 4 - Caught in a TrapEdit

Abelia hits the woman in her side and kicks her in the abdomen, causing her to fly across the ground, hitting her back against a tree in the process.
"You dare hit me?! I am Queen Aurelia, from the Kingdom of Dalkia. I shall have your head!" Queen Aurelia lifts herself off the ground, wiping the dirt away and runs off in the distance, shouting her guards.
"Come on, quickly! Let's go!" Abelia shouts to Klymene and the pair run off unnoticed.

"Who was that, Abelia?" Klymene asks. "What's Dalkia? Where are we?!". Abelia stops running, as does Klymene. Abelia looks worried "Klymene... Don't panic but... I think we're in the past" Abelia says. Klymene's eyes widen.
"I-In the past?! How far exactly?!" Klymene asks, sounding very worried. Abelia scratches her head "About... Twenty years, in the past. I would think, anyway".

Klymene stumbles backwards in shock. "Twe-Twe-Twenty years?!" she shouts. "Am I even born yet?!" she asks. Abelia nods her head "At this point, you're a few months old.." Klymene looks at her in utter shock. "How the hell do you know this?!" she asks.
"That woman.. I killed her 20 years ago during the war between Grandall, Dalkia and the Halteese Republic. She was the Queen of Dalkia. Your mom helped get us to that point, before leaving." Abelia explains "Actually, something really important happens really soon... Let's go!" Abelia says. Klymene looks at her confused.
"Go? Go where?! We need to get back to our own time!" Klymene protest. Abelia smiles "We will, okay! Please, I just need to see something." Abelia runs off and Klymene follows her.

The pair run through the forest, trying to stay out of sight. "Abelia, what if we get caught by anyone else? Couldn't that mess up the future? Where exactly are we going?!" Klymene asks. Abelia smiles and rolls her eyes.
"You're just like your mother you know? Worrying so much!" Abelia laughs "Don't worry, we'll be out of sight! Just keep goi-" Abelia is interrupted as she runs across a rope trap, caging her in a net and lifting her up into the air. "Shit! This is a Dalkian trap! Klymene, prepare yourself. Soldiers will be here any minute!" Klymene raises her sword and shield and soldiers being emerging from the forest.

  • Battle 3 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Klymene
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Aeneas
  • Opponent: Dalkian Soldiers
    • Weapon: Various

Episode 5 - One Step Forward... (Cutscene only)Edit

Klymene stabs the last soldier in his leg as he scurries away with the other soldiers. She wipes the sweat off her forehead and kneels down for a moment. Abelia shouts down to her "Klymene! Still in a net here!" Klymene jumps up and swings her sword at the rope, the net falls down with Abelia inside. "Ugh! Thanks. Although, that fall really isn't good for my backside" Abelia says, rubbing her backside. Klymene smirks, almost giggling. Abelia looks at her with an angered, pouty face, looking rather juvenile. Klymene covers up her laughter and Abelia begins to walk off. Klymene runs up to her, jumping on her back, smiling in the process.

The screen goes black

Back in the present, Millicent and Celestial have caught up to Kisandra and Alex. The four of them walk through Astral Chaos, still searching for Kilina. Celestial walks up to Kisandra walking besides her.
"Kisandra, right?" Kisandra nods. "That amulet you have... Do you still have it?" Celestial asks. Kisandra nods again "Why do you ask?" Celestial clears his throat. "I heard about that amulet, I understand it's really powerful. Originating from here... Well, after what Stel-Astra said. Doesn't that mean that The Amulet is connected to your sister somehow? Your sister is from the prophecy, she has powers from The Amulet inside her..." Kisandra interrupts Celestial "What are you getting at, Celestial?" she says, sounded slightly annoyed.

"Well, I was just thinking. If The Amulet came from here, if The Amulet is connected to your sister.. Couldn't it help us find her?" Celestial says. Kisandra suddenly stops, turns around and looks at Alex and Millicent. Alex looks at Kisandra and hurries over to her "Are you okay?! What's he said to you!" Alex's tone sounding angry. Kisandra stays silent and looks over at Celestial. Suddenly, she screams "You're a genius!" and jumps at Celestial, hugging him. Celestial stands startled, not hugging back.
"Okay? What the hell has went on here?!" Millicent asks. "The Amulet!" Kisandra shouts. "Celestial pointed out how it is connected to Kilina! We can find her with it!" Alex and Millicent looks at Kisandra in utter shock. "We've had this all along and no one though about that! Millicent, I'm sorry for doubting your faith in Celestial, and Celestial, I truly and sorry for how I was!" Celestial nods, accepting her apology. "Now... What exactly do I do?" Kisandra says, holding The Amulet in the palm of her hand.

Episode 6 - ...Two Steps Back (Cutscene only)Edit

Kisandra holds The Amulet in her hand. "Do you know exactly what I need to do? To try and find Kilina?" she asks. Celestial shakes his head "I'm not too sure, sorry.." he says. Kisandra looks disheartened. "Don't worry aunt, we will find my mother. We'll get this to work, okay?" Millicent reassures her. Kisandra nods. Suddenly, the gem on The Amulet begins to glow. The Amulet launches itself in the air as white clouds begin to emerge from it, engulfing everyone. They begin to cough as the clouds get thicker. A blue flash then comes from The Amulet, the clouds clear up and suddenly everyone is gone.

Kisandra lays on pearl white stone, clouds all around her, almost looking like shes in heaven. She opens her eyes and looks straight up. "Uhh... Where am I?" she sits up and looks around "Alex? Millicent? Celestial?!" Kisandra shouts, her voice echoing. "Wait... I know where this is.. How.. How am I here? This is... Utopia of the Blessed" she says to herself.

Millicent wakes up, laying on hard purple stone. She's surrounded by brick, inside a castle. She looks to her left and sees a throne there. "Where the hell am I?! Where is everybody?!" she says to herself. She lifts herself up and looks around more, walking towards the throne. "I-.. I recognise this.." Millicent's face drops. "No! But how?! This... This is... Astra's castle!"

Alex wakes up, laying on dirty ground, appearing to be on Earth. "Ugh, what the hell?!" Alex rubs his eyes and ruffles his hair, confused. "Wh-What?! Where am I? How did I end up here?!" Alex stands up, walking around what appears to be a battlefield. "Shit.. Am I on Earth?! Kisandra?!" he shouts "Are you here?!" his voice echos in the distance. Alex walks around more, then he stops as he notices something very familiar about where he is. He falls to his knees, his eyes widened. "No.. No.. How?! This.. This is where Nirvana was killed!" he says as he begins to cry.

Celestial lays on the ground, laying on the flatform that contains the core of Astral Chaos. He immediately jumps up. "What the fuck? Did The Amulet do this?" he asks himself. He turns around, looking for the others "Millicent? Are you near?!" he shouts, silence meets his ears. He summons the wolf-like creature from his weapon, who doesn't appear to be responding to him. "God damn it!" he mutters to himself. He looks over to the core, gazing upon it. He then sees a figure standing there, looking up at it also "Stel-Stellar?" he mutters.

Episode 7 - Broken Amulet Part IEdit

Kisandra beings to panic, looking around at the place she was one trapped in for 17 years.
"No, no! Not again, I can't be here! How did this happen?!" she asks herself. She begins walking through Utopia of the Blessed, hoping to find someone else. Kisandra suddenly stops "Wait!" she says, as she begins tapping around her body. "No, The Amulet! Where is it?!" she frantically taps her body more, but still can't find The Amulet. "No, no, no! This cannot be! Where has it gone?!" she says. She wipes her forehead and slumps to the ground.
"Ugh.. No, come on Kisandra you can do this... I've got to get out of here!" Kisandra stands up and heads forward. As she's walking through Utopia of the Blessed, she begins to sense a strong presence.

Kisandra stops in her tracks, slowly peering her eyes to the side. "Who's there?!" she shouts.
"What's there, maybe?" she whispers to herself. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and Kisandra hear's a laugh she hasn't heard in years... Elysium rises from the ground, up into the air.
"You! Again! You shall not leave this place! I am pure, you are nothing!" Elysium says as she launches towards Kisandra. Kisandra jumps out of the way and Elysium scrapes the ground. She quickly turns around towards Kisandra, anger across her face.
"That's it! Prepare yourself!" Elysium shouts. Kisandra raises her sword and shield.

Kisandra uses her sword and strikes Elysium right through the chest. Elysium lets out a screams as Kisandra recoils her sword and kick Elysium to the ground.
"You have... Beaten me... Congrat-ulations..." Elysium mutters as her body begins to fade away, surrounded by a blue light. Elysium completely disappears, and left in her place in a piece of The Amulet. Kisandra notices it, she runs over and picks it up.
"One piece of The Amulet? Are there more pieces around here? I wonder if-" before Kisandra could finish, she disappears.

Episode 8 - Broken Amulet Part IIEdit

Millicent stares at Astra's throne. "I.. I don't understand?! How is this even possible? This whole place was destroyed!" Milicent says to herself. "Where the hell is everybody else?! The-they need to see this!" Millicent walks around Astra's throne room, remembering things from the past.
"I have to find a way out of here!" Millicent looks around, hoping to find a way out. She looks over to a window "Maybe I could fit through there!" she says to herself. She runs over, hoping to escape through it. As she reaches it, she looks out. Suddenly falling backwards in shock.
"Ho-How?! I've looked out of here a million times.. Thi-This isn't right!" she says to herself, still looking through the window, eyes widened.

She looks out, out into complete nothingness. Outside is nothing at all, this definitely doesn't look like Astral Chaos. Suddenly, a loud crash is heard. Millicent swings her body around and standing there is Astra.
"You! I bet you caused this! Didn't you?!" Millicent shouts. Astra ignores her. "Hello Daughter, I've missed you so... Trying to escape from me though? Oh.. Millicent what have I said?" Astra says in a low tone. Suddenly, her face changes to one of anger. "You will be punished for trying to escape!" Astra shouts, attacking Millicent.

  • Battle 5 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: Astra
    • Weapon: Power of Chaos

Millicent slices her ring blade across Astra's chest. Astra flies backwards, hitting the ground. "You have... Beaten me... Congrat-ulations..." Astra says as her body begins fading away, surrounded by a blue light. Millicent smiles "Don't come back, bitch!" she says. Millicent goes to turn around before she notices something laying were Astra's body once was. "A piece of The Amulet?" she says to herself. She walks over and picks it up. "Wha-What is goin-" Millicent is cut off as she disappears.

Episode 9 - Broken Amulet Part III (Cutscene only)Edit

Alex sits on the ground, crying. "Oh... Nirvana, I should have saved you... I.. I'm so sorry. My little sister!" Alex says to himself, crying harder. He sits there longer, thinking about all the good times him and his sister once had. He lets out a smile, tears still rolling down his cheeks.
"No. I can't do this right now.. I have to focus!" Alex tells himself, wiping his tears away. He stands up and wanders the battlefield, in search for someone.

"How am I even here? Did The Amulet bring me here? Is this... Time travel?" Alex asks himself, feeling very confused. He walks around more, flashes of the gruesome battle that took place here cross his mind. "I.. I still can't believe she's gone... Nirvana" he says. "I need to know where I am... Michael! Rafael!" Alex calls upon his weapons, holding them in his hands, but nothing happens.
"What the hell? They never ignore me... Michael! Rafael! I'm calling to you!" he shouts again, still no response. "This makes no sense.. Where the hell-" Alex is interrupted by the sound of the ground cracking. Alex jumps back in shock. A hand reaches out from below the ground, tearing through the dirt more a more before a person emerges.

Alex falls down, in utter shock at the person. "Ni-Ni-Nivarna?!" Alex begins to cry. "Ho-How are you.. How are you alive?!" he asks, completely shaken. Nirvana looks at her brother and smiles. "Brother... I'm not dead. Look! I'm alive.. Do.. Do you want me dead?! Is that what you're saying?" Nirvana asks, her lip beginning to shake. Alex shakes his head "No! No, of course not! I-... I can't believe you're-" Nirvana interrupts him "You were going to say it again?!" Nirvana begins to look angry "I thought you loved me! Now you want me dead?! I guess I have to kill you first, brother!" Nirvana shouts as she attacks Alex with her magic.

Alex goes flying across the battlefield, Nirvana laughing at him.
"Come on brother! Fight me! You know you want too!" Nirvana teases. Alex cries more "No.. I can't do that! Not to you!" he says, stuttering. "Aw.. Brother, how unfortunate. I'll just have to kill you then?" Nirvana says, sending a bolt of magic towards Alex making him fly further. He hits the ground, and welps in pain.
"Nirvana.. Please..." Alex says, weakened. Nirvana simply laughs "I thought you were stronger than this! Don't you want to play?!" Nirvana asks, he lip trembling again.

"You're no fun anymore! We used to play so much... You're not Alex! Too scared to fight!" Nirvana taunts more. "Guess this is goodbye to you then!" Nirvana shouts at Alex sending another beam of magic towards him. Alex goes flying, completely out cold. Nirvana smiles as she walks towards his body.

Episode 10 - Broken Amulet Part IVEdit

Celestial looks at his sister who is staring into the core of Astral Chaos. "Stellar no! Get away from there!" Celestial shouts, running towards his sister, tackling her to the floor. "Don't you touch the seed! Don't so it!!" he shouts. Stellar looks at him and pushes him off her.
"Isn't is beautiful, Celestial" Stellar says, staring into the core once again. "No, stop!" Celestial says, Stellar completely ignores him. "Wait.. This.. This was caused by The Amulet! I know what this is, I know what I must do!"

Celestial summons his stream of power and shouts over to his sister. "I.. I sense..." Stellar says to herself as she turns around. Suddenly, a huge fist comes from Celestial's stream of power. Sending Stellar flying across the ground. She rubs her face, that now has a cut on it "Why would you do that to m-" another fist hits Stellar before she can continue. "You can't fool me phantom! Fight me!" Celestial demands. Stellar looks at him and smiles "Ugh, you bastard! There's always one! Let's go, brother!" she says as the pair battle.

  • Battle 6 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Celestial
    • Weapon: Sword and Stream of Power
  • Opponent: Stellar

Celestial uses his stream of power and flattens Stellar against the ground. "You have... Beaten me... Congrat-ulations..." Stellar says, as she begins disappearing in a blue light.
"I knew it!" Celestial says as a piece of The Amulet appears were Stellar once was. He picks the piece up "Now, it should telep-" Celestial is interrupted as he disappears.

Celestial appears were he was before, truly back in Astral Chaos. Kisandra and Millicent are there too. "Celestial!" Millicent screams as she seems him standing there. She runs over to him and hugs him. Celestial lets out a quick smile and hugs her back. Millicent then realises what she is doing and pushes him away, blushing. Kisandra walks over to him "It's good to see you back!" she says, Celestial nods at her.
"Do you know what's going on? What happened to us?!" Millicent asks. "It's The Amulet. It was testing our skill to see if we were worthy to find and face Kilina. It separates itself, and the only way to restore it is if we all make it back. It will then show us a path to your sister. I have the fourth piece, where is Alex?" Celestial asks.

The others look around and see his body on the floor, unconscious. "No!" Kisandra runs over to him. "Why hasn't he woken up?!" she asks, panicked. "He hasn't completed his task yet.. He will only return once he has done so. If he fails.. If he is defeated in there.. He will die, and The Amulet will never be restored" Celestial says.

Episode 11 - Broken Amulet, Broken HeartEdit

Kisandra shakes Alex's body "Come on Alex! Wake up! You can do this!!" Kisandra shouts. Celestial shakes his head "I'm sorry, it's no use. He cant hear us". Kisandra looks at Celestial and begins to cry, resting her head on Alex's stomach. "Please Alex.. I can't lose you as well" she whispers. A tear rolls down Millicent's cheek "Celestial is there nothing we can do to help?!" she asks. Celestial thinks for a moment.
"Kisandra!" he shouts, Kisandra looks up at him as he gestures for her to come here. She stands up and walks towards him, wiping her tears.

"Hold up your piece of The Amulet, Millicent you too!" they both hold up their pieces "Now, connect them together" he says. They both stick their pieces together and Celestial adds his.
"Okay, this gives it enough power to contact Alex. Kisandra just talk, talk as if he is here!" Kisandra looks up at Celestial tears still in her eyes, and begins to speak.

The screen goes black

Alex is laying on the battlefield, completely unconscious. He begins to hear a voice in his head, a voice he recognises. It's Kisandra.
"Alex, it's me.. Kisandra. If you can hear me please, please come back to us. Whatever your challenge is you can do it.. You.. You have too! If you don't you will die, along with The Amulet. I don't care about that Amulet though, I just care about you! Please, please don't die on me! What is happening isn't real, the people, the person, they're not real! But your death will be... Please, defeat whoever you have too, and come back! Please! I love you, I love you so much.." Kisandra says as her voice begins fading.

Alex begins to stir, his eyes slowly begin opening as Nirvana is standing right over him. "Oh, you're awake?! Killing you will be so much more fun now!" she says as she goes to stab Alex. Suddenly, Alex pulls up his shield and blocks her attack. Nirvana stumbles backwards, shocked. "What the-?" she says. Alex kicks her in her stomach and she flies backward. Alex stands up, tears rolling down his face.
"You're not real.. You're not real!!" he shouts at her. Nirvana's lip begins to tremble.

"Don't do that! You don't mean it! You're not her! She... She... She is.. Dead!" Alex says, crying. His hair covers his face, wet from his tears. "I have to do this! I have to get back to Kisandra! You can't do this to me Nirvana! You can't!" Alex screams. Nirvana smiles, rolling her eyes "I hate it when they figure it out.." she stands up and attacks Alex.

Alex blocks Nirvana's attack, her magic deflecting off of his shield. "I.. I'm sorry for this.. I love you, Nirvana" Alex says as he runs towards his sister, stabbing her in the stomach. He hugs her, sword plunched into her abdomen. Crying, Alex pulls out his sword as his sister falls to the ground.
"You have... Beaten me... Congrat-ulations..." Nirvana says as she begins to disappear, surrounded by a blue light. Alex falls to the ground, tears streaming. He looks at his sword, glaring at it as if what he had done was wrong. He looks over to where Nirvana's body was and notices a piece of The Amulet. He stand up, walks over to it and picks it up. He then disappears.

Episode 12 - Blue Arrow (Cutscene only)Edit

Alex appears where he was previously, he opens his eyes and sees Kisandra leaning over him. Kisandra screams "Alex! You made it back! I'm so glad, I thought you were..." Alex cuts Kisandra off.
"It's fine. Please, I don't want to talk about it" he says codly as he stands up. Celestial walks up to him "A piece of The Amulet, do you have it?" he asks. Alex gets out his piece and gives it to him. Now, all four pieces of The Amulet are restored. The Amulet floats up into the air, spinning around, attaching itself back together. It begins to float down slowly, as it does so, Celestial notices Astra flying towards The Amulet at high speed.
"No!" he screams as he jumps in front of The Amulet. Astra crashes into him and the impact causes The Amulet to fly far out into Astral Chaos, falling down.

The screen goes black

"Come on Klymene get off my back now!" Abelia says as Klymene giggles.
"Fine, fine" Klymene rolls her eyes jokingly, jumping down from Abelia's back. The pair continue walking, before Klymene stops. "Can you hear that? I hear talking!" Klymene says, pointing to her left. Abelia listens too "Yeah. Wait.. That voice.. It sounds like..." Abelia walks closer to the sound, Klymene follows as they both listen.

"Abelia please... We must leave! I can't stand the war anymore" the voice says. "Wait?! Did they just say-" Klymene is cut off as she walks towards the edge of the bush were Abelia is watching, she looks over and sees her mother, Kilina and Abelia herself. She stands there in utter shock.
"Tha... That's you, and my mom and.. And Kilina?!" Klymene says, Abelia nods. "Wait.. I know this story, you and mom told me a few years ago. Isn't this when-" Abelia cuts Klymene off. "When we have a fight, I almost kill them and then I'm shot in the shoulder with an arrow? Yes!"

"I've always wondered who shot me.. Guess I'll finally find out!" Abelia says, as her past self is fighting with the Cassaventes sisters. Klymene watches the scene in awe "I feel like I should jump in and help! This is brutal to watch" she states. The battle comes to an end. "Oh! This is it! I get shot in a minute. I remember the arrow, it has blue feather at the end" Abelia says. She turns towards Klymene who is watching the scene take place, suddenly, Klymene's arrows catch her eye. "Wait..." A flashback is shown of the direction the arrow came from. Abelia realises the arrow came from the very direction she is in right now. "It makes sense!" she says as she grabs an arrow from Klymene back, as well as her bow. "It was me all along!" Abelia says, aiming the arrow at her past self. "I have to wait for just the right moment..."

"I'm sorry..." her past self says as she raises her swords to strike the sisters. "Now!" Abelia says as she releases the arrow. The arrow flies towards past Abelia, hitting her in the shoulder. She winces, and past Kisandra kicks Abelia down, before getting up and running with her sister.

Klymene and Abelia hide behind a tree as they watch past Kisandra and Kilina run past. Abelia peers around the tree and sees her past self crying, hand on her shoulder were the arrow is. Abelia turns back towards Klymene. "Come on quick! We have to go, she comes this way!" she says. They both run off as past Abelia turns around, hearing rustling in the bushes.

Episode 13 - Abelia's Jewel (Cutscene only)Edit

Hours pass by and it is now nightfall. Klymene and Abelia are still in the forest and have set up camp. They're both sitting around a bonfire. Abelia is looking towards the ground, looking sad. "What's up?" Klymene asks her. Abelia huffs.
"It's just... This exact night I lost something very important to me. It was a jewel my mother gave me when I was a baby. I cherished the jewel so much, but on this night it was stolen.. Being here now, I know I could go get it before it is stolen.. But we can't mess with the timeline like that" Abelia says, as a tear rolls down her face.

Klymene walks over and sits next to her, putting her arm around her.
"Abelia... If it's that important to you.. We can go and get it. If I had something like that off my mom, and anything happened to it, I'd do all I can to get it back. So come on, be that strong warrior I know you are and lets go do this!" Klymene says, Abelia looks up at her smiling. She wipes away her tears and stands up "You're right! Let's do this!" she says. They both head off.

"So where are we heading exactly?" Klymene asks, Abelia points to a castle in the distance. "Grandall Castle. The place that me, your mom and aunt used to call home" she says. "How exactly are we getting in?!" Klymene asks. "Well, the jewel is on my bedside table. I'll climb the walls, I used to sneak in and out so much when I was a teenager. It will be like old times!" Abelia says, laughing. The pair continue forward, eventually reaching the castle. The sneak onto the castle grounds, sneaking past a few guards and stop outside of Abelia's bedroom window.
"Not too high, aye? Can I borrow your sword?" she asks Klymene. Klymene nods and hands her sword over. Abelia walks towards the wall and jumps, digging the two swords into the wall. She climbs, making it to the top.

Abelia climbs through her old window, landing on the floor. She looks at her old room in awe, standing there for a few moments. She then stops and spots her mothers jewel exactly where she thought it would be. She runs over, picks it up and hurries out the room before she is caught. She gets back out to Klymene, smiling now that she has her jewel back. "Can I see?" Klymene asks. Abelia shows her the jewel, overjoyed. "It's beautiful!" Klymene says. Abelia smiles at her "Come on, before the guards catch us!" Abelia says as the pair run off.

Episode 14 - Goodbye, Old FriendEdit

Abelia and Klymene just make it out of the castle grounds. They keep run, just in case anyone is chasing them. Suddenly, Abelia stops as she sees her past self standing there. "Shit.." she says to herself as Klymene stops running too, standing besides her.
"You two!" past Abelia says "Where are you going? Show your faces!" she shouts. Klymene and Abelia stand there, not moving. "Do it now! Or I shall kill you were you stand!" she says. Abelia walks out from under the shadow of the tree, her face revealed under the moonlight.

Past Abelia looks at her in utter shock. "Wh-Who are you?! What are you?! How do you look like me?" past Abelia says, pointing her sword at her future self. "I.. I'm you. From the future! I know it sounds insane, but it's true.. Please, look. You have to believe me!" past Abelia looks at her, unconvinced.
"From the future? No! I don't believe you! This... This is witchcraft! Are you trying to take my post by looking like me? I'm not afraid to battle you right now!" past Abelia launches towards her future self. Klymene screams, coming out of the shadows and blocking the attack.

Past Abelia hits Klymene on the side of her head, knocking her out. She falls to the ground.
"No! Don't do this! I am future you! You have to believe me!" future Abelia says. Her past self shakes her head "No, no you're not! Now, you die!" she screams and attacks.

Abelia strikes her past self, just scraping her side with her sword. However, her past self quickly moves away from the blade and strikes hers right through Abelias chest. She recoils her sword and pushes her future self down. "I won't stand for witchcraft!" she says as she walks away. Klymene wakes up a few moments later, rubbing her head in pain. She looks over and sees Abelia laying in a pool of her own blood. Klymene screams, running towards her.

"No, no! What did she do to you?!" Klymene says, crying. Abelias eyes slowly open.
"Guess I... Was much.. Stronger... Back then.." Abelia says, struggling to breathe. "No, Abelia don't talk! Stay with me, I need you! Okay? I need you!" Klymene cries harder.
"How-.." Abelia coughs up blood. "How ironic... I kill myself... I.. I stole my own... jewel... Klymene, give it to your mother" Abelia says. Placing the jewel necklace in Klymene's hand. She winces, her eyes begin closing.
"I.. I remember this... I remember fighting a mystery woman now... Yes... I truly did believe it was witchcraft... The memory faded after all these years but now... It all makes sense" Abelia says, coughing up more blood.

"Abelia, please. You're not dying okay! You're not!" Klymene says. Abelia lets out a smile.
"I am.. But don't worry.. You will be okay.. You will get back to your mother, you always do... Tell her.. Tell her I love her. Tell her to find your aunt, save her, and kick ass while she does it, okay?!" Abelia says, life fading from her more. Klymene cries harder.
"I... I got my jewel back... I can finally die in peace... Goodbye, Klymene" Abelia takes her last breath, and dies.

Episode 15 - Bye, Bye AmuletEdit

Kisandra screams as she watches The Amulet fly through Astral Chaos
"Everything we did, for nothing!" she shouts. Celestial flies backwards due to the impact with Astra, hitting the ground. Astra smirks. "No bother. I can easily find that!" she says. Celestial huffs
"You and I both know you won't. Astral Chaos is infinite. Stretching through all of time, it could end up anywhere!" Astra snarls Celestial.

"Is it true?! Will we be able to get it back?!" Millicent asks. Celestial shrugs "It's highly unlikely" he says. Suddenly, Alex begins to scream, charging towards Astra. "You bitch! All that I had to go through to restore that and you.. Fuck you!" he shouts. He jumps up and attempts to impale Astra, she smirks, turning around quickly she hits Alex with her wing.
"Foolish boy! You won't get far with that. I'm finding that amulet. Then, I'll find Kilina, kill her... Then I'll be back to kill all you too!" Astra laughs as she disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Alex picks himself up off the floor, with tears of anger in his eyes. "What are we going to do now?!" he shouts, aggressively. Kisandra storms towards him "We go looking for The Amulet!" she says. Celestial turns around
"There is truly no point. I wasn't lying, it's almost impossible to find! Truthfully, Astra does know this place.. Very well. If anything, we go after her. She will find The Amulet, otherwise." Kisandra huffs, sadness falls across her face.
"Don't worry, Kisandra. We will find my mother. Celestial is right though... We should find Astra before she gets to it, we can get information from her.. Maybe.. Maybe even get Klymene and Abelia back!" Kisandra nods. "Okay.. Just.. Where do we even start now?!" she asks.
"Don't worry, Astra.. Well, Stellar is my sister. We're connected. Now that she has her power inside her again, I should be able to find her.. When she was in human form, her connection was closed, which is why I couldn't find her. But no-" Alex interrupts Celestial. "Enough! Let's just go!" he shouts.

Everyone looks at Alex, in shock. "Alex, where did that come from? I know what happened three months ago was more than heartbreaking for you... But, that anger. You're not the same person I knew.. I know, you're young but.. Alex, you have to stop speaking like tha-!" Alex interrupts her
"Shut up! You of all people should know what it's been like for me! Your own sister has been taken by Soul Edge, just like I was! An.. And my sister.. She's dead! Now Klymene is too! I'm losing everyone I ever loved, I.. I.." Alex breaks down in tears, falling to the ground. Kisandra runs over to him "Alex.. Please stop! I'm sorry, I didn't mean it... I.. I'm struggling too. You're right, this has been a lot for you. We have to stick together. I'm sorry for what I said!" Kisandra says. Alex looks up at her, then right behind her.
"Look out!" he screams, pushing Kisandra out of the way. He blocks sharp, razor like blades flying towards him.

  • Battle 10 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Alex
  • Opponent: Unknown Man
    • Weapon: Unknown

Episode 16 - The Search is OnEdit

Alex hits the odd looking man with his sword. The man lets out a scream, he reveals a pair of huge wings, almost dragon-like, and takes off into Astral Chaos. As he is flying away, he shoots a huge beam of fire towards Alex and everyone else, destroying the platform they were standing on. All that is left is huge rocks. Alex grabs onto one of the rocks and looks at his shield. His shield has four razor sharp, dragon like scales impaled in it. Suddenly, Alex's shield begins talking as Rafael emerges. He pulls the scales out of himself and summon's Michael.

Rafael shows the scales to Michael who looks at him in shock. "Alex, do not peruse that thing. Ever!" Michael says. "We need to be sure" Rafael adds. They look at each other, whilst Alex looks at them confused.
"What's going on?! What even was that.. The.. The claws.. I.." Rafael interrupts him. "Enough, Alex. We will protect you, don't worry!" Michael and Rafael both morph back into Alex's sword and shield. Alex looks around, shocked. He looks over to Kisandra who is on a rock not so far away and goes over towards her.

Millicent is on another rock with Celestial, who is looking out into the distance of Astral Chaos. "That thing... What was it.." he whispers to himself. Millicent looks at him "That huge Dragon-like thing?" she asks. Celestial nods "Yes.. I recognise it.. I just can't remember where from? I know of a huge Dragon that protects the Astral Sword.. But that... I can't-" Millicent interrupts him. "Celestial, don't worry about it. Whatever this Astral Sword is.. This Dragon.. It's not important. Let's just go, okay?!" she says. Celestial nods and they both make their way over to Alex and Kisandra.

The screen goes black

Klymene picks herself up off the ground, still in tears over the death of Abelia. "I love you, Abelia. I promise, we will have a proper burial for you, okay? I just.. I need to get back to my mother. I need to search for a way out" Klymene walks away from Abelia's body, and off into the distance. Holding Abelia's jewel closely. She continues out of Grandall, walking across a huge field, hoping to find someone who can help her get into Astral Chaos. Knowing that her options are limited, with no amulet there isn't much Klymene can do.

"I need to find Soul Calibur!" she says to herself. "Soul Calibur?! That pitiful sword!" a voice in the distance says. "You make me sick! Why would you want such a sword! Guess I'll have to destroy you!" the voice continues. Klymene turns around and standing before her is Tira. Tira runs towards Klymene, swinging her ring blade at her.

Episode 17 - Silent GirlEdit

Tira falls against the ground, her ring blade cutting her. "Ugh, you little brat! I'll be back for you!" she says as she jumps up and runs away. Klymene goes to run after her but stops, realising it's not worth it. She huffs, putting her head down.
"I can't deal with that right now.. I need to find Soul Calibur" she says, turning around and carrying onwards.

Klymene travels around, town to town, asking around about Soul Calibur. She finds a small home, seemingly empty she goes inside. Inside is a young, red headed girl sitting on a table.
"Oh.. Hi.. Are you okay? I was just wondering.. Do you have any idea where I could find a sword called Soul Calibur?" Klymene asks, the girl ignores her. Klymene looks at her with suspicion.. "Don't talk much?.. Could I ask your name?" the girl looks up at Klymene and mumbles "Amy". Klymene walks towards her, when suddenly a mans voice shouts in the background.

"Amy! Are you here?" the man shouts. Klymene turns around and sees a blond man standing there, holding a rapier. "Who are you?!" he says, looking at Klymene. Klymene, jumps back, startled. "I'm.. I'm looking for Soul Calibur. Could you tell m-" the man interrupts her.
"Soul Calibur? No, that won't do. I won't let you get it, you getting that could interrupt my plans to make a world for Amy and me! I can't let you continue!" the man attacks Klymene.

  • Battle 12 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Klymene
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Aeneas
  • Opponent: Raphael

Klymene hits the man with her shield knocking him out. She looks towards Amy who is now on her feet, rapier in hand.

  • Battle 13 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Klymene
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Aeneas
  • Opponent: Amy

Klymene knocks Amy out, she falls next to the blond-haired man who begins to wake up. Klymene jumps over to him, standing over his body with her sword pressed against his neck.
"Soul Calibur?" Klymene says. The man looks up at her "Okay! Just.. Where is Amy?!" he asks. Klymene points to her left "She's unconscious, don't worry. Just tell me who you are and where to get Soul Calibur?!" she says.
"My name is Raphael, and getting Soul Calibur right now.. I don't think yo-" Klymene interrupts him. "I don't care how difficult it is! Please, Soul Calibur is the only way I can reach my family! Where is it?!" Raphael huffs. "Looks for a man named Siegfried, he has it". Klymene looks at Raphael for a moment, then releases her sword from his neck. "Thank you" she says, as she turns around and walks out.

Episode 18 - Astral GolemEdit

Kisandra and co are walking through Astral Chaos in search of Astra.
"Celestial... I'm sorry to bring it up but.. When we find Astra.. You do know we have to-" Celestial interrupts Millicent. "I know what must be done. I want to be the one to-" Celestial is interrupted by a menacing laugh.
"Be the one to what? Brother! Kill me? Ha! I'd love to see you try!" everyone turns around in shock as they see Astra flying in the air. "Do you really think you and your stupid friends will be able to defeat me with mere weapons?! How amusing!" Astra says, laughing.

"We've defeated you before, Astra! We'll do it again!" Kisandra shouts, Astra snarls. "That was with The Amulet. The thing you no longer have! Oh.. Kisandra, I forgot to say... I have a surprise for you" Astra lets out an evil smile.
"Wha-What?! What is it?! If it's my daughter-" Astra interrupts her "Your daughter is dead, fool! However... It is another family member... You better hurry, otherwise.. I may just have to kill them!" Astra taunts. Kisandra grips her sword tightly in anger. "Don't let her get to you!" Alex says, placing his hand on Kisandra's shoulder.

"Aww.. Lil Alex. So protective of his mother-like figure. What a shame I will have to kill her. I've already taken your precious Klymene away!" Astra taunts again. Angered, Alex grips his sword and throws it in the air towards Astra. She teleports away as the sword goes through the cloud of smoke she left behind, hitting a rock. Alex huffs.
"You'll have to do better than that, little boy!" Astra says. "Enough!" Celestial shouts. "You will be killed Astra! Why don't you stop running away and come and fight! I can't wait to kill you!" he says, a dark tone in his voice. Astra snarls him.

"You want a powerful fight, Celestial? Fight this!" Astra says as she screams an incantation of an unknown language. Suddenly, many of the rocks floating in Astral Chaos merge together, creating a huge golem like creature. The creature jumps down, sending a shockwave across the platform causing everyone to fall. Celestial growls, lifting himself off the floor he grips his sword and summons his powers of Astral Chaos.

  • Battle 14 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Celestial
    • Weapon: Sword and Stream of Power
  • Opponent: Astral Golem
    • Weapon: Giant Astral Axe

The Astral Golem hits Celestial, sending him flying towards a rock. Millicent screams and runs over to him.
"Celestial! Celestial!" she says, slapping him on the face in an attempt to wake him up. "Oh leave it, Millicent!" Astra says. Millicent turns her head round slowly, glaring at Astra. "I will not let anything hurt him!" she says, becoming angry. A purple glow begins to surround her body.
"Millicent, you're-"Alex interrupts Kisandra "Just wait" he says. Millicent storms towards Astra's Golem, throwing her ring blade towards it.

  • Battle 15 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: Astral Golem
    • Weapon: Giant Astral Axe

Episode 19 - Astral PowerEdit

Millicent swings her ring blade right through the golems arm, effectively cutting it off. She does the same on the other arm, then throws her ring blade right at the golems head. Her ring blade circles around the golem at a fast speed, cutting through the rocks every 360 degrees. Suddenly, the golem lets out a huge scream as it's rocky body shakes, crumbling into dust. Millicent catches her ring blade, eyes glowing completely purple. Everyone looks at her in total shock, including Astra.

"No! This can't be happening!" Astra screams as she flies away quickly. Millicent stands there completely enraged still. Kisandra slowly approaches her "Millicent, come on. Snap out of it now! Celestial will be okay!" she says. Millicent growls, and begins to blink rapidly. Suddenly, her eyes change back to normal and she collapses on the ground. She then opens her eyes, rubbing her head in pain "Wha-What happened?" she asks.
"I don't know.. You went.. Aggressive" Kisandra says. "Very, aggressive" adds Alex. She turns around and sees Celestial stirring on the ground. She jumps up and runs over to him, kneeling besides him.

Celestial opens his eyes and see's Millicent watching over him. He sits up slowly and is tackled by Millicent. Initially shocked, he then hugs her back. Millicent's eyes then widen, realising what she is doing, she jumps off of him, apologising in the process. "I kinda liked it, thanks" Celestial says, causing Millicent to blush. Kisandra and Alex walk over.
"Enough flirting you two. We need to know what the hell just happened to you, Millicent" Alex says. Celestial looks at him confused, then looks over at Millicent.

"I.. I have no idea. I just felt this rage come over me.. I got so angry.. Then I just blacked out. I knew who my enemy was but I-I just can't remember everything" she says. "Your eyes were glowing fully purple!" Alex says.
"Fully purple?" asks Celestial. Kisandra and Alex nod. "Was she surrounded by a purple glow, too?" they both nod once again, Alex raising an eyebrow. "It's Astral Chaos... Your coming into astral powers. How-How is that possible?" Celestial asks. "I told you, it's a long story" Millicent says, coldly. Kisandra looks at her with a saddened expression.

"Kilina!" Celestial says. Millicent looks at him confused "What?" she asks.
"Your mom, Kilina. How do you know we can even find her? How do you know she wants to be found?" Celestial asks. Millicent begins to look angered. "Celestial, what the-" Kisandra shouts, before being interrupted by Alex "Wait! Look what he is doing.." Alex says.
"Maybe your mom doesn't even want to see you!" Celestial says. "Shut up!" Millicent shouts, becoming really angry. "I bet she never wants to see you again!" he says. Millicent screams as a purple glow ignites around her once again. She attacks Celestial.

  • Battle 15 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: Celestial
    • Weapon: Sword and Power of Chaos

Episode 20 - Your Demise (Cutscene only)Edit

Millicent swings her ring blade right towards Celestial's face, before her attack being blocked by Celestial's power of chaos. "Kisandra, Alexander! Grab her, now!" he shouts as they run over to Millicent grabbing onto her shoulders.
"Come on, Millicent! Look, look at what you're doing! Control, what you are doing!" Celestial says, staring straight into Millicent's glowing, purple eyes. "I'm losing grip!" Kisandra shouts. Celestial growls "Ugh, you have to be so stubborn don't you! There's only one thing I can do!" he says.

Celestial grabs Millicent by the hips, vigorously pulling her towards him. His lips meet hers as he kisses her passionately. Millicent mellows, and begins to kiss Celestial back as Alex and Kisandra walk backwards, shocked. Suddenly, Millicent's eyes open, back to there normal color. She pulls away from Celestial, pushing him in the process "What the hell?! Don't do that to me again! Yo-You-You kissed me?!" she shouts, blushing. Celestial smirks at her "I just needed you back" he says.
"Now please tell me.. Who are you, exactly? Not just anyone can have that amount of power. When I first met you, your connection to Earth was weak. Where are you from?"

Millicent huffs. "I'm... I'm from here. Astral Chaos." she says. "I..- I come directly from the seed. I grew up here... Astra.. Astra raised me. This power though.. I have no idea what it-" Celestial interrupts her. "You're the daughter?!" he says shocked "For many, many years there were always rumours of Astra kidnapping a power being who was made from the essence of Astral Chaos. It is said that this person holds ultimate power.. Millicent! If you learn to control this power you coul-" suddenly Celestial stops talking, he inhales heavily. A rocky sword then burst through his stomach, blood pours from his mouth.

Millicent stumbles backwards in utter shock. The sword recoils back through Celestial as his body slowly falls to the ground. Standing behind him is Astra.
"Couldn't have him telling all the secrets now, could we?" she says, smirking. Millicent screams as tears stream down her face, she falls to her knees besides Celestial's body. "Oh.. And he is dead, by the way. I imbued this sword with magical powers, enough magic to take loverboy down, for good!" Astra says. Millicent doesn't say a word, she just stares at Celestial, unable to control her tears. "Don't worry.. You'll all be next!" Astra says as she disappears in a cloud of purple smoke.

Alex and Kisandra run over to Millicent grabbing her on her shoulders. "Leave me alone!" she screams. The pair let go off her. Millicent stares at Celestial still, tears dripping off her face onto his body.
"Why?! Why?!" Millicent screams "I finally find someone and-and... Celestial no! I.. I didn't even get to-.. Celestial, I love you!" Millicent trembles, placing her head against his. "I love you... I should of told you when I had the chance... I.. I should have told you everything.. I..." Millicent cries more, unable to talk.
"I'm going to kill her for this! I'm going to fucking kill that bitch!" Millicent says. Still hunched over Celestial.

Kisandra and Alex walk back over to Millicent and kneel next to her. "We'll get her. I assure you, we will!" Alex says as both he and Kisandra hug her tightly.

Episode 21 - Glistening, Green EyesEdit

Back in the past, 1591. A few months had past and Klymene has been searching for Siegfried. Hearing rumours that a man wielding a giant crystal sword has been spotted around a place named Ostrheinsburg, Klymene decides to head that way, in hopes of finding him. She travels for a few more days before eventually reaching Ostrheinsburg. As she is walking around town she notices that it seems empty. No living soul seems to be around.

Klymene carefully makes her way through the town, quietly. Suddenly, she hears the clink of amour behind her. She turns around and sees a giant sword launch towards her. She jumps out of the way, rolling on the ground. She looks up and sees Nightmare standing there, Soul Edge in hand.
"I'm going to skewer you!" Nightmare screams. Swinging his sword back at Klymene. Klymene rolls out of the way once again, swinging her blade towards Nightmare's legs.

Klymene bashes Nightmare with her shield, causing the Azure Knight to stumble. She quickly turns around and runs, knowing that she is too weak to fight the creature. She runs further through the town, finally reaching a huge castle, Ostrheinsburg Castle. She sneaks into the castle gardens, fighting off hordes of malfested on they way. Suddenly, behind her she hears clashing of other swords. She turns around and sees the powerful blade and the man in crystal armour. It was Siegfried.

Siegfried makes eye contact with Klymene and the pair fend off the rest of the malfested. Klymene wipes the sweat off her forehead.
"You're good!" Siegfried compliments her "I must leave now, however! Farewell." Siegfried says as he attempts to leave. "Wait!" Klymene shouts. Siegfried stops in his tracks and turns around.
"I'm sorry, but if you want to join me.. You can't. I don't want to endanger anymore people." he says. "No.. I- Are you Siegfried?!" Klymene asks. Siegfried looks at Klymene directly in the eyes "Ye- Wait!" suddenly Siegfried rushes over to Klymene.

"Your eyes.. They're so.. Beautiful.. Wait. Is.. Is that you, Kisandra?!" Siegfried asks. Klymene stumbles backwards, confusion across her face. "Kisandra? No.. Kisandra is-" before Klymene can finish her sentence the sky rumbles. She and Siegfried both look up as the clouds open, something is falling out of Astral Chaos.

Episode 22 - Meeting Family (Cutscene only)Edit

Klymene quickly runs towards the item falling out of the sky. "Kisandra! Wait!" Siegfried shouts, chasing after her. Klymene makes it to the spot of the falling item. The item begins to slow down and float towards Klymene. She looks at it, and her eyes widen... It's The Amulet. She stretches out her arm and grabs it, a huge smile stretches across her face.

Siegfried suddenly shows up behind her, breathing heavily. "Kisandra could you not run that fast.. What even is that thing?" Klymene turns around, facing Siegfried. "I'm not Kisandra. This, this is just what I needed! Look, Siegfried. I know this may sound crazy but I really need to get into Astral Chaos. This and that sword... It's the perfect way in!" Klymene says, excitedly.
"Wha.. Are you crazy?! You can't go into Astral Chaos! It's too dangerous! And, if you're not Kisandra, who are you? Why do you look like her?!" Siegfried asks. "Please, I.. I really can't explain why, I just need to get in there. Please, I promise I'll be safe!" Klymene looks at Siegfried, her eyes glistening.

Siegfried huffs, looking into Klymene's eyes. "Those eyes.. How are you not her? She could always use those eyes on me... Fine. I'll help you!" Klymene jumps up and hugs him. She grabs The Amulet and points it towards the air, a blue beam emits from it. Siegfried then grabs Soul Calibur and places it in front of the beam. The two react with each other and a portal opens. Klymene quickly grabs The Amulet and runs through the portal, thanking Siegfried in the process. Siegfried stands there confused as the portal closes.

The screen goes black

Alex and Kisandra peel Millicent away from Celestial's body. Still in tears, Millicent struggles before leaping in her aunts arms. "I can't believe I've lost him!" she cries. Kisandra hugs her tight. "I know.. I know.. Don't worry, we're going to kill Astra for this!" Kisandra says. Suddenly, a purple light begins to emit from Celestial's body. Millicent runs over to him as the light flies from his body into hers. She stumbles backwards and feels her power increase. A flash on screen shows a place in Astral Chaos.
"What just happened?!" Alex asks. Millicent opens her eyes "I know where Astra's hideout is!" she says. "I know what that glow means.. Thank you, Celestial" she says as she begins to walk away. Kisandra and Alex follow her, running.

Finally, after walking for what can only be a few hours they reach it. A huge cascade of purple water rush down rocks. "There!" Millicent points to the waterfall "It's hidden under there!" she says. The trio walk towards the waterfall and go right through it. They're finally in Astra's base. They run through the cave, when suddenly the rocks being to shake. A huge cage falls down from the top of the rocks, trapping the trio. "Didn't think it would be so easy, did you?!" Astra says, appearing outside the cage.

"I'm going to kill-" Astra interrupts Millicent "Shush girl. I have a surprise for dear old Kisandra. Are you ready to meet... Your brother?!" Astra says. She uses her power to reveal a secret hole in the rocks, there is a man chained up against the wall. It is Kristos.

Episode 23 - Long, Lost BrotherEdit

"What do you mean brother?! I don't-That's impossible! You're lying!" Kisandra shouts. "Oh really now Kisandra? Look at him, look at his eyes!" Astra says. Kisandra looks over at Kristos' eyes, they're strikingly similar. "How?! I.." Kisandra says confused. Astra laughs.
"Born in 1569.. Meet Kristos Bellacheron!" Astra shouts. "No! My parents.. They had me and Kilina. They wouldn't abandon anoth-" Kisandra stops as she comes to a realisation. Astra smirks, waving her hand in the air causing images to flash on screen.
"No.. No they wouldn't abandon him. However, I couldn't have a male in the way! The prophecy called for a female to take Astral Chaos. I took Kristos, erased the minds of your parents and sent him to a nice little place where he could become a knight. I think I gave him a good life, don't you?" Astra says, sarcastically. The images disappear.

"You're a monster!" Kisandra hisses. "That I am." Astra says. "Now.. What to do with him.." Astra says as she slowly paces around Kristos. "You're a bitch!" he shouts, spitting at her. Astra snarls him and slaps him across the face, she grabs him by the hair and whispers in his ear "You're already dead, remember. You better shut up before I give your soul to Soul Edge!" she pulls away from Kristos and walks back towards Kisandra.
"I wanna challenge you.. I've been waiting for this-" Millicent interrupts her. "Oh shut up! Thanks to your brother, I know what I can do now.." Millicent says, closing her eyes.

Suddenly, a purple glow emits from Millicent as her eyes shoot open, fully purple. She floats in the air and slices her weapon right through the bars, cutting through them like butter. "No! You're such a brat! I should have killed you years ago!!" Astra screams as Millicent flies towards her.

  • Battle 16 (3 out of 5 Rounds - Hard/Medium - Battle abruptly ends after winning two rounds)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: Astra
    • Weapon: Power of Chaos

Millicent goes to slice Astra across the neck with her ring blade when suddenly her power stops. She falls to the ground and returns to normal. "What the? How?!" Millicent says. Astra stands up and laughs at her "Can't fully control it yet?!" she taunts. "Just for that, say goodbye to your uncle!" Astra prepares a huge beam of magic and shoots it towards Kristos. In that moment, the cave begins to shake and a portal opens. Suddenly, a person comes jumping out of it. She turns around, it's Klymene.

Klymene grips The Amulet tightly, absorbing Astra's beam, which just about missed Kristos. However, The Amulet senses Kristos' soul and frantically absorbs it, keeping it safe.
"No!" Astra screams. "You ruined everything!" Astra says as she disappears.

Alex runs towards Klymene, grabbing her by the waist. "I thought I had lost you forever!" he says, crying. "No, of course not! Alex, I need to-" Alex interrupts her "I love you too" he says. Klymene blushes, not knowing what to say. Alex then grabs Klymene's face, pulls her closer to him, and kisses her.

Episode 24 - Oh Father of Klymene (Cutscene only)Edit

Millicent then taps Klymene on the shoulder, she pulls away from Alex's lips and looks at her. Millicent points towards Kisandra. Who is standing there in tears. Klymene's eyes widen, she runs towards her mother, hugging her tightly. "I missed you so much! We thought you were dead! You and Abelia!" Kisandra says, squeezing her daughter. Klymene pulls away for a second, looking at Kisandra. Kisandra looks back at her, and worry strikes her face.
"Whe-Where is Abelia?" Kisandra asks. Klymene lowers her head. "I'm sorry, mom. She.. She didn't make it" Klymene says, sadly.

"Wha-What do you mean she didn't?" Kisandra asks, lip trembling. Klymene lifts her head up and looks into her mothers eyes "She.. She's dead. She wanted me to give you this" Klymene reaches in her pocket and pulls out Abelia's jewel. Kisandra's mouth widens as tears roll down her face. "This.. This is her mothers jewel. I thought she lost this?! How did you-?!" Kisandra asks. "We were zapped back in time. To the time when you and Kilina left Grandall. Mom.. I've been gone for months." Klymene explains.
"Months? Oh Klymene... You were alone for all that time? I.. I can't believe it. Abelia was my best friend" Kisandra cries more.

"Wait.. Klymene. How did you get The Amulet? It went flying through Astral Chaos.." Millicent asks. "Astral Chaos is infinite, remember? It fell from the sky, apparently back in 1591. I just about got it." Klymene explains.
"Mom... There is something else too. I only got here because of the help of someone. I met a man who had Soul Calibur. His name was Siegfried, he kept calling me your name. Mom, who is he?" Klymene asks. Kisandra stumbles for a moment, and sighs. "I guess it's time I told you the truth..." she says.

"Klymene... Siegfried... Well... I met him a very long time ago. He was a troubled man, well... He was at one point Nightmare. I met him not long after he returned to his normal form, I fell in love. We.. We conceived, but he had to leave. I told him I was pregnant and.. He left. He said he couldn't raise a baby, he thought he shouldn't be a father because of all the pain he caused in the world. He wanted to atone for his sins. I was heartbroken. Months past and you were born.. I reached out to him afterwards and he told me the same thing, except this time he was already deep within his hunt to destroy Soul Edge. Klymene, Siegfried is you father.."

Klymene stumbles backwards as Alex and Millicent can be heard gasping. "My.. My father.. I met my.. Did Kilina know?!" Klymene asks, Kisandra nods. "She did.. I can't answer whether she saught him out after I was... Gone. Klymene.. Are you okay?" Kisandra asks, worried.
"I.. I don't know?!" Klymene begins to cry "I met my father.. I spent years of my life with a man I thought was my father. I realised he wasn't when I was older, but he always treated me like a daughter.. Talon... And now.. I met my father" Klymene is utterly shocked, lost for words. "Talon? Who's that? You and Kilina never mentioned?!" Kisandra says. Klymene shakes her head.

"He.. It doesn't matter mom! I.. I need to find my dad! I need to find Siegfried!" Klymene says. Millicent huffs. "Klymene, we can always do that! But right now, you're back with The Amulet and you know what that means? We can finally find my mother, and this nightmare can end!"

Episode 25 - The Return of TerrorEdit

"What? What has The Amulet got to do with finding Kilina?" Klymene asks. "We all went through a horrible test just before we lost The Amulet. We passed, and it was about to reveal a path to my mother.. Now that you're back, the path should appear again!" Millicent states. "Your cousin is right, we have to leave this cave, now!" Alex shouts. Klymene nods and the group leave.

When they get outside The Amulet begins to shake. It suddenly launches into the air and spreads itself into a huge pathway, sprawling through Astral Chaos. Everyone looks at it with amazement and take a step onto it.

The screen goes black

Kilina is sitting on her throne, she is gripping Soul Edge with her malfest hand.
"They're on their way" she says "How perfect... Don't worry Soul Edge. You're getting some flesh tonight" Kilina smirks and she strokes the hilt of her sword. "Servant! Release the new Night Terror" Kilina says smirking as a huge roar is heard in the background.

The screen goes black

The group are heading across the giant path, made from The Amulet. Suddenly, they feel a huge draft.
"Is that a... A draft? In Astral Chaos? How is that possible?!" Millicent asks. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake as a huge purple wing swoops at the group, causing them to fly across the pathway. They all look up and see a huge creature standing there. It's skin looks like it is made from flesh and rock, it's huge purple wings and yellow bolts running through them, a huge horn seems to be coming from it's face. The creature roars, echoing through all of Astral Chaos.

"Mom.. Is that?-" Klymene says. "That's impossible.. We.." Kisandra continues. The creature shoots a beam from it's mouth towards the group, causing half the path to collapse. Klymene rolls off the path, as does Alex. Alex grabs onto the side of the path, while Klymene hangs on to his boot.
"Alex!" Klymene shouts. "Klymene, I.. I can't hold onto the ledge much longer. My hand is-" before Alex can continue he lets go off the path. Him and Klymene fall down, and are consumed by the power of The Amulet.

Kisandra watches this happen from the other side of the pathway and screams. Night Terror flies over towards where she and Millicent is and lets out a roar. "You bastard!" Kisandra shouts as she attacks Night Terror.

Episode 26 - The End of TerrorEdit

Astral Night Terror hits Kisandra with his huge wing, knocking her out instantly. Millicent watches her aunt fly against the ground. Her face curls up in anger. "I am sick of you fuckers getting in my way! I won't let anything else come between me and rescuing my mother!!" Millicent screams. Once again manipulating her body into her astral form.

Millicent flies towards Night Terror, powered by Astral Chaos itself she launches her ring blade at him. Night Terror blocks the ring but Millicent carries on, pushing her power to the limit. Her ring blade leaves a mark in Night Terror and flies back to Millicent. "It's time you're destroyed for good you bastard!" Millicent shouts. Attacking the creature once again.

Millicent's ring blade strikes through Night Terror. The creature lets out a scream and pulls the ring blade from it's abdomen. Launching it back at Millicent. The blade hits her, cutting her arms in the process and knocking her to the ground. She gets up and flies towards Night Terror again.
"I don't think so!" she screams. Suddenly, clapping can be heard in the background. Millicent turns around, eyes glowing purple, and sees Astra.

"You!" Millicent hisses. "I'm going to kill you! You kille...-" Millicent screams and flies towards Astra at a rapid pace. Astra clicks her fingers and suddenly Night Terror moves, hitting Millicent away with his wing. "You see, daughter? Even in that form you can't win!" Astra taunts her, laughing menacingly. Millicent clenches her fist.
"I am not your daughter!" she screeches, launching towards Astra again. Astra smiles at Millicent as she flies towards her at full speed. Suddenly, from behind a sword flies towards Astra, piercing her wing.

Astra turns around angered, and sees Kisandra standing there. Due to this distraction however, Millicent manages to hit Astra full force. Sending her flying towards the ground. Astra whacks the ground, causing it to crack. She looks up at Millicent and snarls. "Night Terror! Destroy these two, quickly!". Astra begins to fly away with the last of her strength, struggling due to her punctured wing. Night Terror roars loudly, attacking the pair.

Episode 27 - End of the Line (Cutscene only)Edit

Kisandra stands weakened as she watches her niece fight Astral Night Terror. Night Terror hits Millicent with it's giant claw, slightly grazing her side, ripping her dress. Millicent looks down at her torn dress.
"I've just about had enough of you!" she screams. She stretches out her arms and legs as the purple glow around her gets bigger. Astral Chaos begins to shakes as essence of power flies towards Millicent.

"You're not surviving this time!" she screams. Her eyes glow brighter, as does the purple energy surrounding her. She speeds towards Night Terror, eyes locked on to his core. She pulls her weapon out in front of her and hits Night Terror. The being screams, echoing through Astral Chaos. Suddenly, Millicent appears through the other side of Night Terror, leaving a gaping hole through the creature. Electric sparks fly all around the creature, it screams before ultimately exploding. The blast of the explosion causes Millicent to fall down, being caught by her aunt.

Suddenly, the ground they are standing on begins to crumble. Millicent drops out of her aunts arm, now back in her normal form. "I.. Maxed out my power.. I feel so.. Weak" she says. Kisandra begins tapping her on the face "No, no, no! Not now Millicent! We need to run! Quickly!" Kisandra begs, pulling her niece by the arm. The floor begins to crack more and break away. Kisandra desperately runs, pulling Millicent still. The floor shakes more, causing Kisandra to stumble.

The screen goes black

Astra reaches a castle, she's watching as she sees the road made by The Amulet crumble away. She enters the castle doors, slamming them behind her. A voice in the distance shouts her into the main throne room. Astra walks through the darkened hallway and enters the throne room, she then bows.
"Yes, Mistress?" she says, her head down. Kilina Ω is sitting on the throne. "Where are they?" she screams. Astra stands up. "They.. They defeated Night Terror. They're on their way, but the stone path broke they shouldn't be-" Kilina Ω interrupts her. "Excellent. Just what I wanted.. Time to reunite with my sister and darling daughter!" she growls, smiling.

The screen goes black

Kisandra manages to make it to the end of the path, with Millicent in hand. The path completely crumbles away and The Amulet restores itself back to it's original form. Landing back in Kisandra's hands. The Amulet shoots energy at Millicent, she then jumps up, reverting back to herself. All of a sudden, The Amulet begins to shake. The blue diamond planted in the middle of it glows and a blue glow emits from it. In the light, a sword can be seen. The light dissipates, and in it's place is Soul Calibur.

Kisandra grabs the holy sword and looks out towards the open chaos where the path once was. She falls to her knees, tears in her eyes "Klymene... Alex..." she says. Millicent walks over and taps her on her shoulder "It's time" she says. Kisandra wipes her eyes and stands up. The pair then enter the huge castle.

Episode 28 - Dear, Ol' Sister (Cutscene only)Edit

Kisandra and Millicent walk through the dark hallway. Looking around, the walls are huge, filled with dirt, rocks, and many other nasty things. They rush through and enter the throne room.
"Impossible.." Millicent says "This.. This is the same castle I grew up in... This place-" Millicent is cut off "Was destroyed" says Kisandra. The pair walk to the centre of the throne room and look towards the throne, which is completely empty.
"My mother.. She isn't here... Is she-..." Millicent is cut off.

"Of course she's not!" Astra shouts from the distance. Millicent and Kisandra stumble backwards, they turn around and see Astra sitting upon a ledge. Her wing still injured. She flies down with a struggle.
"Sore wing?" Kisandra taunts. Astra snarls. Millicent walks between them "You said of course she's not about my mother.. Where is she?!" Millicent demands. Astra smirks at her and walks over to the throne, she places her hand on the side of it. "Mistress! They're here!" she shouts.

Kisandra and Millicent stumble backwards, and they both shout "Mistress?" in confusion. Astra smiles. Suddenly, a huge whirlwind of red light surrounds the throne, red lightening can be seen crashing through the whirlwind. The light dissipates and sitting on the throne is Kilina Ω...
"Mo-Mom... You..-You're alive!" Millicent screams, and goes to run towards her. "Stop!" Kisandra says, putting her hand in front of Millicent. "It's too late.. I never thought I'd see you like this again, Kilina." Kilina smiles at her sister, her glowing eyes staring at her. Her hair is gritty and brown, upon her head is a huge red crown. Kilina's skin is a sickly pale color, she looks dead.

"Haven't you missed me, sister?" Kilina pouts, taunting Kisandra. Kisandra's eyes begin to well-up with tears. "I never wanted to see you like this... I'm sorry!" Kisandra cries. "So you should be!" Kilina snaps. Millicent falls backwards "I... I.. No! Mom please! This isn't-" Millicent is interrupted by Astra "Oh, would you please shut up! You've done nothing but be a pain!" she says. Kilina glares at Astra.
"How dare you speak without permission! I'm finished with you!" she growls. Astra stumbles backwards, shaking her hands in front of her. Suddenly, Kilina raises Soul Edge in the air and crashes it down against the ground. A shockwave emits from it, hitting Astra. Then a huge beam shoots from the eye of Soul Edge, completely incinerating Astra, she is heard screaming.

Millicent and Kisandra look at Kilina in disbelief. "She's too powerful..." Kisandra mumbles. Kilina then shoots a nasty stare at the pair, then grins. "Ever since I've been here I've been building up my power. Every single second, I've travelled to many points in time, the past, present, future.. Everywhere! Waiting for this day.. I am the seed, I am the most powerful being in history. My powers are at a max! Do you really think you can defeat me with Soul Calibur sis? I don't think so!".

Kisandra grips Soul Calibur tight. "I'm sorry, Millicent.. I have too.." Kisandra says, crying. "No!" Millicent shouts "Please! She's my-" before Millicent could continue, Kisandra hits her with her shield across the head, knocking her out. Kilina smiles "Dark Kisandra.. Dark.." Millicent's body hits the ground. "I'm sorry, I have to do this!" Kisandra cries and grips Soul Calibur tightly. The sword glows and a blue light consumes Kisandra's body, her outfit changes into crystalize blue colors. The castle begins to shake and collapse. The light dissipates, Kisandra opens her eyes as they shine a crystal blue color.

Episode 29 - A Daughters Love, A Sisters PerilEdit

The castle crumbles around the pair. The floor shoots high up and statues emerge from the ground. Soul Calibur glows in Kisandra's hand, as does Soul Edge in Kilina's. The power from the two swords spread onto the ground, merging inside of it, leaving a huge shard of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge embedded into it. Kilina smiles.

"You ready to die, sis? I can finally rid the world of that filthy sword and consume your soul!" Kilina laughs. Kisandra stands there in shock for a moment. Images flash on screen of the fight she and her sister had 20 years ago, in a place very similar. Kisandra cries and mumbles "I'm sorry, Kilina. I love you". Kilina lets out an evil smile and launches towards her sister, the exact same way it happened 20 years ago.

Kilina hits Kisandra in the stomach with the hilt of her sword, kicks her to the ground, then whacks her shield against her face. Kisandra's body falls down, she whacks her head on the floor. She looks around, her vision is blurred, and she sees Kilina standing over her, holding the hilt of Soul Edge above her head, about to strike down on Kisandra. Kisandra slowly moves her hands and rubs her eyes, her vision becoming clear once again. She sees Kilina standing there, who then swings her arms downward, Soul Edge heading towards Kisandra's chest.

Kisandra quickly rolls out the way, causing Soul Edge to slam into the ground. Kilina looks over at her, angered. "Scared, sister?!" she snarls. Kisandra wipes the blood of her face, shaking her head.
"I wish it didn't have to be this way. Kilina, please come back to me!" Kisandra begs. Kilina laughs "You're pathetic!" she says, launching herself towards Kisandra once again. Kisandra blocks Kilina's attack with Soul Calibur. The two swords clash, causing sparks of red and blue to emit from it.

Kisandra falls to the ground, weakened. Kilina slowly walks towards her, grinning. "It's useless, Kisandra! This is who I am. Queen of Astral Chaos! Ruler of all! The most powerful being in existence! This is my destiny.. I rule here, I collect the souls for Soul Edge. I keep Astral Chaos stable, and you want to take all that away from me?" Kilina snarls.
"No.. Kilina, this isn-" Kisandra spits blood, coughing. "This isn't you.. I want to.. Save you.." Kisandra cries, her face covered in blood. "That's not your decision to make!" Kilina hisses. "I can't wait to consume your soul!" Kilina says, finally reaching the foot of Kisandra.

"Goodbye, sister!" Kilina screams. Kisandra closes her eyes, cowering away. Kilina swings Soul Edge at her.
"Stop!" a voice shouts. Kilina stops mid swing, turns around and sees Millicent standing there. "I won't let you hurt her! All I wanted was to find you, mom. To save you and go home! Now...-" Millicent breaks into tears. "Now I can't do that! You..-You have to.." Millicent cries more. "Die?" Kilina asks, menacingly. Millicent cries harder. "You would really kill your own mother?!" Kilina says, trying to manipulate Millicent.

Millicent covers her ears "Shut up! Shut up!" she screams. "I can't let you harm anyone or anything else!"
Kilina smiles "So be it" she whispers. She grips Soul Edge tightly, raising it in the air. The statues around her crumble as Astral Chaos begins to rumble. Suddenly, the core of Astral Chaos can be seen. Surrounded by darkness, a huge light shines, the core can be seen from the inside. Kilina had transported them to the centre or Chaos.

Millicent feels an overwhelming power come over her, as does Kilina. "I'm sorry, mom.." Millicent says. She closes her eyes and activates her chaos form. The blast from her transformation sends out a giant shockwave, knocking Kisandra unconscious. Kilina then lets out a huge scream, as she activates the power inside her. Millicent cries, as she confronts her mother.

Episode 30 - Destined to End (Cutscene only)Edit

Millicent hits Kilina with her ring blade, three times. She then jumps through her blade and punches her mother, who then goes flying across the ground. Almost falling from the platform. Kilina is severely weakened now, as is Millicent who has returned to her regular form. Kilina's eyes flicker between malfestatiaion and their normal color.
"I'm sorry I have to do this now... I want to hel-" Millicent is interrupted as Kilina screams, shooting up from the ground.

"You! You did this to me! You left me!" Kilina screams at her! "I need help! I'm in so much pain" Kilina screams, grabbing her head. Millicent stumbles backwards and falls to the ground "N.. No.. I want to help you please" Millicent begs. Kilina shoots a nasty stare at her "Too late!" she shouts. Kilina jumps up from the ground and launches towards Millicent, attempting to stab her. Suddenly she stops as a shocked expression crosses her face.

Soul Edge drops from Kilina's hand, hitting the ground and cracking slightly. Kilina lowers her hands towards her stomachs and feels warmth. She lifts them up and sees that they are covered in blood. She then looks down towards her stomach and sees Soul Calibur, it had been stabbed right through her back. Kilina turns her head in disbelief and sees her sister standing behind her. Kisandra plunges the sword deeper into Kilina as tears stream down her face.
"I'm sorry.." she whispers to herself, sobbing.

Kisandra pulls the sword out and stumbles backwards, falling to the ground.
"No!" Millicent screams, running towards her mothers body and catching it midfall. "Why?! Why did you do that?" Millicent shouts, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I..-I'm sorry.." Kisandra shakes. "It was the only way. She was my sister, I..-I love her! I had too.. I... There was no other way Millicent, I'm sorry!" Kisandra says as she drops her head, crying harder. Kisandra crawls over to Millicent and Kilina, kneeling besides them.

A tear is seen dropping from Kilina's left eye, the eye where Soul Edge very first entered her body. Kilina gazes into the air, and with the last of her strength she whispers "Thank you, sis". Kisandra lets out a loud cry, screaming. She hugs her sisters lifeless body.
"No, no, no!" Millicent shouts "We have to get her back! I can't lose her, she's my mother! Th.. The Amulet, we can...-We can use that to go back and save her!" she cries. "No!" Kisandra shouts "That damn Amulet has caused me nothing but pain! The time-travel it doesn't help, you can't resolve anything! I have lost everyone I care for because of that fucking thing and that bastard creature, Astra! Klymene, Abelia, Alex, Kristos and now Kilina! I won't lose no one else to that thing! You're all I have left!" Kisandra screams at Millicent, sobbing. She jumps up in a fit of rage and throws The Amulet to the ground.

Episode 31 - Dawn of Darkness - Part IEdit

Kisandra then runs towards Soul Edge, picks it up with both her hands and screams. She raises the evil sword above The Amulet and stabs the sword down, right through it. The Amulet shatters into pieces, lights and sparks flicker from The Amulet and within the light, Alex and Klymene's unconscious bodies appear. Millicent looks at Kisandra in utter shock.
"What have you done?" she screams. "I destroyed the thing that destroyed our family, Millicent!" Kisandra shouts.

Suddenly, Astral Chaos begins to shake. The shattered Amulet glows, and the jewel from the centre of it emits a light that points towards the core of Astral Chaos. A huge figure begins to emerge from it, revealing itself to be Astra. "Miss me?!" Astra says, laughing. Millicent and Kisandra stare at her in complete shock. Alex and Klymene begin to wake. Kisandra notices them and runs over towards them, as does Millicent.
"How are you here?! I thought Kilina-" Kisandra is interrupted. "You idiot! Do you really think I'd let Kilina take over my chaos? The truth is, the prophecy did call for her.. But, it was always supposed to end this way! All I had to do was get her here and make her accept her fate. When she did, with each day her power grew stronger and stronger. That power though, was all being transferred to me! I knew she was going to dispose of me. So beforehand I cast a powerful spell, I was teleported to the core of Astral Chaos. And now that she is dead.. Well.. Here comes the last of her power!"

Kilina's body begins to glow and the light makes it's way over to Astra. Astra laughs, as her body begins to transform and grow in size. She absorbs the power of The Amulet, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur also. Everyone watches in shock, as Astra towers over them.
"It's time we finish this bitch off!" Alex shouts, grabbing hold of Klymene's hand.
"This is for you, sis!" Kisandra says.
"We'll get through this, together!" adds Klymene.
"My mom had a dark destiny.. Your destiny though Astra... Well.. Let's find out. It's time to kill this bitch!" Millicent says, transforming into her astral form. Everyone readies their weapons and prepares to fight.

Everyone strikes at Astra all at once. Millicent then screams as her purple glow grows 10x bigger. She flies directly into Astra, hitting her core. The crown on Astra's head flies off, hitting the ground. The impact from Millicent and the powers of Astral Chaos knocks Astra's soul directly out of her body. Her body flies down, crumbling into pieces. Revealing The Amulet, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Astra's soul lands on the platform below, causing a crater in the ground. Millicent flies down towards her, picking up Soul Edge. "It's finally time to end this!" she screams, gripping Soul Edge's hilt. She raises the evil sword and screams "Feast on this, bitch!" as the sword penetrates into Astra's back.

Echoing cries are heard as a huge vortex swallows up Millicent and Astra. Millicent screams, pushing the sword deeper into Astra's soul. Astra screams in agony as she is consumed by Soul Edge. With the last of her power however, she sends a beam towards The Amulet. The Amulet glows, flying in the air. From it's core it shoots a beam of light that flies towards Kisandra and Klymene. The pair disappear, as does The Amulet, and the vortex dissipates.

Alex runs over to Millicent who has fallen to the ground. He grabs her and looks around, for Kisandra and Klymene are nowhere to be found.

Episode 32 - Dawn of Darkness - Part II - EndingEdit

A portal opens as Kisandra and Klymene fly out. They look around and appear to be in the exact same place they were previously. However, no one is around.
"Mom! What the hell happened?!" Klymene says, running to Kisandra. Kisandra grabs her and hugs her tightly "Oh Klymene, I'm so glad you're safe! When I saw you and Alex fall I thought you were dead!" Kisandra says. "No mom, we're safe. I just remember darkness.. Then the next minute I woke up and saw Astra growing in size.. Where are we? I don't understand what happened?" Klymene says, confused.
"I have no idea.. It looks like we haven't moved but-.." Kisandra is interrupted as she hears talking in the distance.

"Can you hear that?" asks Klymene, Kisandra nods and the pair hide behind a rock, peeking at the person talking. "No.. Is that?- How is that possible?" Kisandra says. Klymene takes a look and her eyes widen. Standing at the core of Astral Chaos is: Celestial and Stellar.
"I don't understand.. Is that just Astra in disguise?" Klymene asks. "No.. No, I don't think it is. Celestial lost his memory about his sister.. When myself, Alex and Millicent had to do our Amulet challenge, Millicent said Celestial's was about his sister. Those challenges were true events.. Celestial told Millicent how Stellar was just a girl from Astral Chaos. However, she was corrupted by the core that was looking for someone to fulfil the prophecy. She was turned into Astra, but was originally good! Klymene, I think we're at that very moment it happened!" explains Kisandra.

"What does that even mean, mom? Are you saying we can stop Stellar from becoming Astra? We can stop everything that happened?" Kisandra smiles. "Ye-.. Yes, I think so!" she says, excitedly. Klymene turns away for a moment, saddened. "Mom.. Did.. Did you meet my father in Grandall?! Kisandra nods. "You were taken there as a baby, right?" Klymene asks. Kisandra looks at her, confused.
"Klymene, what are you getting at?" she asks. Klymene bites her lip "Mom.. If we stop Stellar.. That means.. That means I'd never have been born."

Kisandra looks at her daughter in shock, shaking her head. "No.. No! Tha-That can't be..." she cries.
"It is mom. Yo-You should do it.. Stop Stellar!" suggests Klymene as she begins to cry. Kisandra looks at her, shocked. "What?! No! I wouldn't even consid-" Klymene interrupts her "Mom, please! If you stop this.. If you stop her now. Your parents would be alive, you would get a childhood, a simple life. All the death we have faced would never have happened. Kilina, Abelia, they'd both be alive! Kilina was craving Soul Edge because of the seed. If the seed never get implanted then she'll never want Soul Edge! Mom, please! You have too!" Klymene cries.

"No, Klymene! I'm not losing you.. I won't! It-It doesn't matter anyway! Kilina wanted Soul Edge because she was naive, she though it could help. Even if I were to stop Stellar now, the seed needs a place to stabilise, and Kilina was the perfect host for that. If it was never stabilised then.. Then Astral Chaos would implode, destroying everything, everywhere, in every dimension!" Kisandra says.
"How do you know that, mom?! Just 'cause Astra said? How do you know that she just didn't make that whole thing up and just needed Kilina as a host so she could take that power?!" Klymene explains. "It's not worth the risk! I won't do it!" Kisandra says, crying more.

Klymene grabs her head, shaking it. Kisandra grabs onto her chest, breathing heavily. She then feels an object on her breastplate, she looks down and it's The Amulet. "Klymene, look! How did.. Did this travel with us?!" Kisandra asks, Klymene shrugs "Maybe? I.. I don't know, mom. We need to do-" Klymene is interrupted as she hears shouting.
"Stellar don't!" Celestial shouts. "Stay away from it, don't touch it! You have no idea what it could do! You know the core is dangerous!" he shouts. Stellar moves closer to the core, staring at it.
"It's just so beautiful.. I.. Can hear it, calling to me.." Stellar says in a trace like state.

"Mom, come on please! We have to stop this! There has to be something we can do!" Klymene shouts. Kisandra shakes her head, crying, before touching The Amulet again.


Stellar reaches towards the heart of the core. "Stellar, no!" Celestial shouts. He runs towards her but is too late. Stellar touches the core as Astral Chaos begins rumbling. Suddenly, Kisandra and Klymene run from behind the rock and out towards Celestial and Stellar.
"Who the hell-?" Celestial is interrupted as a huge shockwave emits from the core, causing everyone to fly backwards except for Stellar. "Mom! We can't let this happen! We have to do something!" Klymene screams as lightning is flying past everyone, coming from the core.

Kisandra struggles to stand up against the huge gusts of wind coming from the heart of the core. She makes her way over to Stellar who is now engulfed in a cloudy, purple swirl filled with lightening. Kisandra looks back at her daughter, her eyes filled with tears. She then runs directly at Stellar pushing her out of the way. Stellar flies and is caught by Celestial. Kisandra enters the whirlwind that previously engulfed Stellar, letting it take over her.
"Mom, no! Stop!" Klymene screams. "Please work.." Kisandra whispers. Her body the floats up into the air and the whirlwind sucks up into The Amulet. The Amulet then detaches itself from Kisandra's chest and flies into the cores heart.

Kisandra's body falls to the ground and Klymene immediately runs over to her, hugging her tightly. The cores heart merges with The Amulet as the seed emerges from the core. The seed then blasts into The Amulet, causing more huge sparks to fly from the heart. The Amulet absorbs the seed then begins to morph. The Amulet grows bigger and bigger and transforms into a familiar figure.
"No! That's impossible! How?!" screams Kisandra as she watches what seems to be Astra step out from the cores heart. The Amulet flies out of the heart, now completely de-powered. Astra then lets out a demonic scream and flies away.

"No! No! How?!" Kisandra screams again. "Mom, it's okay! At least we saved Stellar!" Klymene says. Kisandra looks saddened but agreed. "What's going to happen now?" Kisandra asks.
"I don't know mom, but we have to leave!" Klymene suggests. Suddenly, the portal that brought the pair here re-opens. Klymene runs for it as Kisandra picks up The Amulet. They reach the portal and Klymene walks through.
"Come on! You two! Come with me, quickly!" Kisandra shouts. She grabs Stellar by the wrist and pulls her along, running through the portal with her. Stellar screams for her brother. Celestial runs towards the portal and jumps, however he lands on the ground as the portal closes.

The screen goes black

Kisandra arrives back where she was before, Stellar in hand. Stellar tears her hand away from Kisandra "What the hell? Who are you? Why did you take me away from my brother?!" Stellar screams.
"It's a long story. Please, you have to trust me! It was to protect you, to keep the timeline right!" Kisandra explains. Stellar looks at her confused. "Timeline? What are you-" Stellar is interrupted by a screaming Alexander. "Kisandra, Klymene! You're safe!" he screams running towards them. Grabbing Klymene and kissing her. "I thought I lost you again!" he says, holding Klymene's face and looking into her eyes.
"You'll never lose me again, Alex." she says.

Kisandra smiles then looks over at her sisters body, she then begins to cry. "I don't understand?! I thought doing that would have stopped all this.. Why is she still dead?!" Kisandra asks. She looks over towards Millicent. "Wait.. Is.. Is that Astra's remains?" Kisandra asks. Millicent nods.
"Yes.. Nothing has changed.. Everything is the same. Whatever you thought you done, didn't work!" she says. Kisandra wipes the tears from her eyes "Wait.. Millicent, please try and activate you chaos form!" she suggests. Millicent looks at her, confused. "Why?!" she asks. "Please, just try!" Kisandra shouts. Millicent stands there and begins to activate her chaos form.

"No-.. Nothing is happening. I don't understand?!" Millicent says. Excitement then comes across Kisandra's face. She pulls out The Amulet "This! This should be able to bring Kilina back! It absorbed the entire seed and all power! Now that Astra is dead, this.. This is lighting up again. It's got it's power back, the seed stabilised and entered it again!" Kisandra explains. A huge grin crosses Millicent's face.
"Do it! Bring her back!!" Millicent shouts. Kisandra runs over to her deceased sister and places The Amulet in her hand. She wraps Kilina's fingers around it and squeezes tightly "Please work.." she whispers to herself as a tear falls from her eye, directly into the jewel of The Amulet. The Amulet then begins to glow, Kisandra moves away as a bright light absorbs Kilina's body. The Amulet repairs her body, ridding Kilina of her wounded stomach and malfested arm. Kilina's outfit then transforms, and her hair changes to the beautiful bright blond she has always had. Her body floats towards the ground again, gently being laid down.

Everyone surrounds Kilina, including Stellar who looks in awe. Kilina then begins to stir, her eyes flicker and she opens them. She looks up at everyone surrounding her. The Cassaventes girls scream and launch themselves on top of Kilina, all crying. "Mom! Your back! I.. I can't believe it!" Millicent cries heavily. Kisandra hugs her sister tightly, sobbing. "I.. I can't believe it! You-...You're.. I love you!" she screams.
"Kilina, we've all missed you so much! I never thought-" Klymene chokes up, crying more. They all stand up, helping Kilina up too, who looks disoriented.

Suddenly, Kilina lets out a scream, grabbing her stomach in pain. She falls to her knees screaming.
"Wha-What have you done?!" she asks, screaming more. "The seed.. It's-It's..." Kilina screams. "It's in The Amulet! Yo-You're free!" Kisandra says, looking confused.
"No! Not free.." Kilina can barley speak due to the pain. "I'm still.. Connected to it! It's.. It's not stable..!" she screams, grabbing her stomach tighter. Millicent stumbles backwards, her eyes widened. "It's me.." she says.

Everyone looks at her, confused. "It's you? Millicent, what do you mean?!" Klymene asks.
"I'm causing her pain.. I.. I was born from a part of the seed.. The missing piece, the piece that will complete it.. Is me!" she says. Everyone looks at her shocked. "No, Millicent.. Wha-What are you thinking?!" Kisandra asks. Millicent begins to cry. "If... If I absorb myself into The Amulet.. I'll complete the-" Millicent is interrupted by Kilina.
"No.. I won't let you..." Kilina screams "I won't lose.. You! The pain... It's killing me... Please, just let it! The seed may have left me... But I'm still connected to it! I... I can't handle the pain.. Not when it's incomplete!" she screams. "That's why I'm going to complete it, mom!" Millicent shouts, running and grabbing The Amulet.

"Millicent, no!" Kisandra shouts. Millicent cries "I have too! I didn't go through all this shit to rescue her, just for her to die! I.. I have to do this!" Millicent cries harder. Kilina lays on the ground in agony, unable to do to anything at all. "Do-.. Don't! You have so... So.. Much too live for!" Kilina says. Millicent looks over at her mother, seeing that she is dying again.
Tears stream down Millicent's face. "No I don't! Everything I wanted.. The person I wanted is dead! I'm not letting you die too!" she screams. She holds The Amulet high above her head as it begins to react with her. A light emits from The Amulet similar to the whirlwind from before, and engulfs Millicent. "Goodbye, everyone. I love you!" Millicent screams as she absorbs into The Amulet, completing the missing piece of the seed.

The Amulet falls to the ground, Millicent now gone. Kilina stands up, no longer in pain and bursts into tears. She runs over to The Amulet and picks it up. "Release her! Release her now!" She screams at it. Kisandra walks over to her and tries to hug her. "No! Go away! I want my daughter back, please! Millicent!" Kilina cries harder.
"Sis.. I.. I don't think..-" Kisandra is interrupted by a screaming Kilina. "No! There has to be a way!" she cries. Suddenly, Stellar walks over to her. "Could I?" Stellar asks, gesturing for The Amulet. Kilina screams and recoils. "Please! I.. I can do something that may help. I was confused when you brought me here, Kisandra. However, I see why you did. You needed to keep the timeline in check.. I received the memories of the person who was once here.. The me that was Astra. However, that didn't happen because you saved me, and I realise why you took me away from my brother. If you didn't, he would never have tried to search for me because I wouldn't be missing.. If he didn't search for me you would never have met him, found your sister, and defeated Astra... Thank you. Kilina, please.. I can help you feel at peace.."

Kilina cries more and slowly hands The Amulet over to Stellar. Stellar reveals her crystal ball and places The Amulet inside it. Suddenly, her crystal ball glows as pieces of The Amulet fall to the ground. She moves her crystal ball away and all that is left of The Amulet is the gem from the centre of The Amulet. Stellar grabs the gem and hands it over to Kilina.
"This gem is now the seed. I manipulated all the power to be completely in the core, which is the gem. The Amulet, the seed, your daughter.. Is now that gem. I done that so you could place the gem in this.." Stellar pulls out a choker "Place the gem in here, the wear it forever. Your daughter will always be close to you, you'll never be in pain, and you will be the protector of the seed. Keeping Astral Chaos stable forever." Stellar hands the choker over to Kilina who cries even more. She places the gem inside the slot in the choker and wears it. She sniffs, and wipes her eyes.
"Thank you, Stellar."

Kilina manipulates the powers from with the gem and opens a portal back to Earth. "Let's go home. All of us, including Millicent." Kilina says. Kisandra runs towards her in tears, giving her a hug. The sisters hold hands an walk through the portal, followed by a crying Alex.
"You coming, Klymene?!" Alex asks. Klymene wipes her tears "Of course!" she says. Alex walks through the portal as Klymene walks towards it. She looks at Stellar. "Are you goin-" Klymene is interrupted.
"I'm going to stay here, someone has to keep this place stable from the inside. I'll see you again." Stellar says, Klymene smiles and walks through the portal. "Klymene wai-!" Stellar shouts, but it is too late.

Stellar huffs.. "They'll discover what they can do one day.." she says. She turns around and sees Soul Calibur and Soul Edge laying there. Suddenly, Soul Calibur disintegrates "A fake?.. I didn't even know that was possible?" she says. She the walks over to Soul Edge and picks it up. "Well.. I guess I should keep you safe."

The screen goes black

Back on Earth, everyone is standing outside The Cassaventes household. Kilina shakes her head in disbelief.
"I never thought I'd see this place again.. It's been so long.." she says. Kisandra hugs her. "I never thought I'd see you again.. I'm glad you're back. Finally, all our troubles are over!" Kisandra states. Kilina nods as her eyes fill up "Yeah.. It just cost us a lot of people..." she says. Kisandra puts her arm around her sister and walks through the door.

Alex and Klymene stand by each other "Where's Stellar?" Alex asks.
"She wanted to stay.. She said someone has to keep the place stable from the inside." Klymene smiles. "Although, when I walked through the portal I'm sure she shouted me.. Why would she do that? I wonder what she wanted?" Klymene asks, confused. Alex shrugs "I have no idea?"
"Say if it was something important? I mean, the way she done that with The Amulet... She said she was doing it to help Kilina, to make her feel at peace.. Do you-Do you think there's a way to get Mil-" Alex interrupts her. "Klymene.. You can't be sure about that. Listen, we can look into it but don't let anyone know. It's not fair to get your families hopes up like that!" Klymene nods in agreement.

Alex grabs Klymene and kisses her. "I guess I should leave now." he states. Klymene looks at him, confused. "Leave? Alex, you.. You don't have anywhere to go.. And I don't want you to be alone. I love you, Alex. I don't want you to go anywhere or get hurt by anyone! I'm always going to be with you!" Alex smiles at Klymene.
"I appreciate that, Klymene. But where will I stay?" he asks. Klymene thinks for a moment. "Here! Stay here, with us! Mom already thinks of you as a son, and Kilina needs all the support she can get! Until you have somewhere safe to go... Please stay?" Klymene looks at him with puppy dog eyes. Alex chuckles and hugs her "Of course I'll stay!" he says. The pair walk off and enter the house.

The screen goes black and text appears. It reads:

The family are finally reunited. Things are looking up for them. Could Klymene be onto something, though? And are the families troubles finally over? Let's hope they live the rest of their lives in peace.

The End!

The credits then roll.

A post credits scene is then played

"Is it over? Did you do it?!" a mysterious voice asks.
"Yes, they've went home and she's gone. I don't think they'll figure out that she can come back." another voice says.
"Excellent... Well then, keep a close eye on them.. I need to know their every move, Stellar!" the mysterious voice says, Stellar is then revealed in the light. Stellar huffs, looking sad.
"Yes, Mistress." she then walks away and begins to cry, whispering "I'm sorry".

The screen goes black and text appears. It reads:

Or is it really the Dawn of Darkness?

The End!!

Original SoundtrackEdit

The official OST for Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny.


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  • The original name of this game was going to be Soulcalibur: A Dark Destiny completely excluding Astral Swords from the title.
    • You can see this from previous logos for the game.
    • The original logo for this game used the same "Soulcalibur" text as the one used in the previous two games in the Astral Swords Trilogy.
  • The events of this game chronologically follow the events of Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage, a game created by LightningSakura.
  • It has been confirmed that this game will have two different endings. A canon ending and a non-canon ending.
    • This could mean a sequel is possible.
    • At the moment it is unknown how you will reach each ending.
  • There is going to be a scene that is reminiscent of Kisandra's and Kilina's Soulcalibur IV ending.
  • There is a total of 3 Acts, with Act 1 containing 16 episodes, Act 2 containing 21 episodes and Act 3 containing 32 episodes plus the epilogue. That totals 70 episodes altogether including the epilogue.
    • That equals 14 episodes more than the previous two games in the trilogy put together, which contain 25 and 31 episodes (including the epilogue within the latter) respectively.
  • All characters that appear in Act 1 will appear in their main costume from their last appearance (Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light and Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage) unless they are new to this game.
    • Characters in Act 2 and Act 3 will appear in brand new costumes made for this game. These costumes are the characters default costumes for other modes of the game.
  • There will be an event that is reminiscent of a scene from Soulcalibur Astral Swords.
  • This is the first game in the Astral Swords Trilogy that will not be on the Wii U.
    • It is also the first game in the trilogy that will be released on the same date in all regions.
  • The disc version of the game, that comes bundled with Soulcalibur: Crystal Embrace, called Soulcalibur: Astral Embrace, was released October 12th, 2016. Whereas the individual, downloadable version of the game was released one week later on October 19th, 2016 at a reduced price.


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User Review Score
LightningSakura 9/10

Critical reception of Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny has been extremely positive. The game has been rated and reviewed by members of Wikia.

User, and co-founder of the Wiki, LightningSakura, left a very positive review of the game. Praising the story line and plot twists throughout the game, saying: Just when you think you know what's going on, turns out you didn't know what was going on in the first place! Plot Twist? More like, Plot fucking Tornado! You WILL scream at your screen while playing this and you WILL become unbearably frustrated with each chapter, but the frustration will be quickly replaced with a loud yell of "NOOOOOOO".

A Dark Destiny skillfully mixes tragedy with hints of humour to weave together a plotline that will leave you speechless. With each chapters and Act, there are more questions with less and less Answers....and when all is revealed, you're gonna wish you never asked! 9/10 for SURE, and quite possibly the best installment yet in the Astral Swords series!