Soulcalibur: Halycon Haze
Production Information
Created by LightningSakura
Directed by LightningSakura
Written by LightningSakura
Starring TBA
Corporate Information
Distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment
Seasonal Information
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes TBA
First Aired TBA
Premiere TBA
Finale TBA
Season Chronology
Next Season N/A
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Soulcalibur: Halycon Haze (ソウルキャリバー:ハルシオンヘイズ, Sourukyaribā: Harushionheizu) is a short, animated series chronicling the Origins of Soul Edge, and Life in Astral Chaos.


Plot BreakdownEdit

Episodic SummariesEdit


Character English voice actor Japanese voice actor
Halcyon Benedict Cumberbatch Kazuhiko Inoue
Seraphina TBA Chie Nakamura
Incendio TBA Akira Ishida
Arabella TBA Matasko Katsuki
Giles TBA Toshiyuki Morikawa
Inferno TBA N/A


  • The English dub is seemingly still in production, if voice actors are anything to go by