Soulcalibur: Cosmic Catalyst
Developer(s) LightningSakura
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai Entertainment
Platform(s) Playstation 4

Xbox One


Released TBA
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer, online
Ratings ESRB T


Soulcalibur VI (Chronologically)
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Soulcalibur: Cosmic Catalyst is a prequel game to Soulcalibur VI in the New Timeline of the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. It is the sixth overall game in the franchise.


In the galaxy realm of stars and cosmos, the dark counterpart to the normal human realm was ruled by an Empress. This dark Empress was loyal to no one but her family, and her power was unspeakable. Her life was eternal, and with her in power, her sons rule over the realm was unbreakable. This Empress was unquestioned... until now. Watch as war cascades over the astral plain. Pray that your side does not fall, for the consequences will be catastrophic.


New CharactersEdit

Arielle- Arielle is the Cosmic Empress of Astral Chaos. She draws her power from all of the realm and feasts on the souls of many. She is mother to twin sons. She spreads the power of Astral Chaos through her and her sons.

Ariel- Son of Arielle and twin of Gwenael, Ariel is a sadistic and demonic person. He enjoys watching people suffer, and draws his strength from his mother's power. Despite appearing calm, he will burst into fits of violence over any "offense."

Gwenael- He is the twin brother to Ariel. Unlike his brother, he is not openly sadistic and instead tries to appeal to people's emotions. He is manipulative fake. Often, he will trick the enemy into trusting him. Like his brother, he shares his power from his mother.

BabetteShe is the Daughter of Arielle, and generally beloved by wanderers in Astral Chaos. Her intentions are not pure, no matter how she may act. Though she may love her brothers and mother, Babette seeks power, glory and unadulterated attention and love.

Cassius- he is an Astral Dragon just like, Halcyon. Astral Dragons are picked by the realm at birth. It is their job to watch over the realm.

Polaris- A warrior in Astral Chaos. He is loyal to Seraphina's cause.

Reaver- He is not on Seraphina or Arielle's side, and seeks to rule Astral Chaos by himself.

Returning CharactersEdit

SeraphinaShe is mysterious being in Astral Chaos, seemingly made of silver liquid.

HalcyonHe is an Astral Dragon and guardian of the Astral Realm.


Giles Tadeas

Game ModesEdit


  • Story Mode- play through the main story of the game
  • Arcade- play through 8 rounds with multiple non-canon endings
  • VS Battle- play against a friend or CPU, or have two CPUs fight
  • Mission Quest- Play through a series of missions and stories with different stipulations in each match
  • Character Creation- create your own original character, or edit a canon one
  • Museum- go through character profiles and use the theatre


  • Community Creations- share and download created characters
  • VS Battle- find an opponent online to face based on your own ranking
  • Tournament- set up or join an online tournament

Game MechanicsEdit

The game features the classic Soul series 8-way-run movement and attack style. Impacting has made a return as well. The game utilizes stringing combos together in order to perfect the gameplay. SoulGauges measure the amount of damage your Critical Edge does, and whether or not your shield is about to be shattered.

Story Mode EpisodesEdit

Prologue- CatalystEdit

Arielle takes in the soul of yet another. As others cower in fear, a woman stands out amongst the darkness. She shines like silver and Arielle notices her immediately. This woman's soul is powerful. "Empress Arielle, they call you! Soon they will be praising the name Seraphina!" the woman yells. Her eyes, green, glare intensely at Arielle. The Empress is unbothered however, though her expression cannot be seen.

"You cannot hope to face me," Arielle laughed. Seraphina grinned at the words. A loud growl was heard in the distance, but it soon grew louder as a large, purple dragon came into view. The ground shook with its landing, and Seraphina pointed at Arielle.

"Halcyon! Take the bitch down!" screamed Seraphina. The dragon, Halcyon, swooped at Arielle, purple fire spewing from his mouth. Arielle yelled in rage and summoned a field, blocking the flames. Seraphina ran at Arielle and summoned her twin blades. She lunged at the Empress who blocked the attack just as quickly. Face to face, blade to blade, the two women glared at each other.

"I will consume your soul like every other pathetic being in this realm!" Arielle snarled. Seraphina laughed and jumped away from her.

"We'll see about that, you fake Queen. Your power will run dry, and the true Empress will be praised like daylight." Seraphina climbed onto Halcyon's back, and the dragon flew away. Arielle watched them go. Although her face could not be seen, the rage was evident. No one had ever dared fight back against her, and she dreaded what this would mean for the rest of Astral Chaos.

Chapter One- AftermathEdit

"So she was powerful; well, so are we," Ariel was not bothered at all by the words his mother spoke. He was even smiling. He, his twin and his mother all appeared in the throne room. Arielle sat upon her throne, legs crossed. Ariel and Gwenael stood next to each other to the left of her. "This Seraphina is silly enough to challenge us. Even if she were to win, the power of Astral Chaos has to be separated equally among three." Beside Ariel, Gwenael nodded in agreement.

"What about this dragon of hers? Aren't they meant to be the total protectors of this entire realm? How did she manage to get one on her side?" questioned Gwen. "Maybe she intends to recruit someone else to her cause in order to split the power."

"It doesn't matter," Arielle spoke quietly. "She needs to die. I refuse to see her alive in my realm."

"Then it will be done."


Ariel walked a semi-broken path. Over time, his mother had been building the realm into a real kingdom. This area she hadn't touched yet, which meant it'd be easier for people to hide in.

"It's not the smartest idea to wander about here alone," a voice from behind him spoke. Ariel turned around slowly, uncaring. A lazy grin was on his face. A man stood in front of Ariel, blade raised.

"It's okay, none of you cretins frighten me. I much enjoy stumbling upon a fool who thinks I'm helpless." Ariel lunged at the man; he was done with words.

Playable Character(s): Ariel, Sword and Shield (Holy Grail)

Opponent: Polaris, lai blade

Ariel jumped into the air, sword raised. Before he could implae Polaris, the man rolled out of the way, panting for breath. Ariel smiled, disappointed. Tilting his head, he said in a mocking tone, "It sure does seem unsafe to wander alone; those words should have been for yourself, huh?" He shook his head and tsked while Polaris rose to his feet. "How about another bout, and this time, I'll take your damn head." Polaris huffed out of breath before jumping off the side of the crumbling path. Ariel's eyebrows rose in surprise and he walked over to the ledge and peered over. The man was nowhere to be seen.

"How cowardly. Next time, face your death like a man."

Chapter Two- Build-upEdit