Soulcalibur VEdit

How trifling...

And now you will feel Vengeance.

To Hell with you!-when facing an "evil" character

Trust me when I say, you shall be bested.- when facing the Rafael

Heaven smiles upon you, friend.

I do not understand the purpose of this- when facing Alexander

Good job...-when KO'd by Alexander

WHAT?!- when KO'd by Rafael




May the Father... forgive you!

Bow down!


It's over!

Exactly as planned

I am Superior- taunt

Hear My Name!- activating Critical Edge

The Avenging Angel.... Ascends!- during Critical Edge

I'm shaking?!- when hit by a tremor

This is Absurd- Guard break

But I can fly...!- when ringed out

You could not have prevailed.

The outcome was Destiny.

I Banish you, foul creature!

You were a worthy opponent.

I'm supposed to protect you!- win against Alexander

Are you alright, brother?- win against Rafael


Soulcalibur VEdit

Do not fear me.

You Will Obey Me.

Face Me then.- when facing Michael

You are irrelevant but I will fight you if you wish.

Begone from this world.- when facing an "evil" character

This goes against my nature.- when facing Alexander

I failed you!- KO'd by Alexander

You're kidding me!- KO'd by Michael





You... bore me.



Admit... defeat.

Face Judgement.

Unfortunate Soul.- taunt

Now you will face Judgement- activating Critical Edge

Behold the Pain of the End Days.... The End.- during Critical Edge

Foresight- breaking out a grapple

What's happening?!- when hit by a tremor

I have WINGS, you know....!- when ringed out

You got me...- when guard broken

I suggest you stay down.

If only you had obeyed.

There you are, where you belong: at my feet.

Repent and you shall be forgiven.

Come here and let me heal you!- win against Alexander

Michael, you look quite foolish on the ground. Please, get up.- win against Michael