Kilina Cassaventes
Biographical Information
Real Name Kilina Cassaventes
Birth Date September 19th, 1566
Age 17 (1583)
24 (1590)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Alignment Good
Weapon Information
Weapon TBA
Weapon Name TBA
Fighting Style TBA
Family Mother: Kaarina (Deceased)
Father: Erríkos (Deceased)
Older Brother: Kristos
Older Sister: Kisandra
Daughter: Millicent
Niece: Klymene
Nephew: Cyril (Does not know)
Series Information
First Game Soulcalibur VI
Appears In Soulcalibur VI
Other Information
English Voice Actor TBA

Kilina Cassaventes (キリナ カッサベンテス, Kirina Kassabentesu) is a character in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. She is set to make her first appearance in Soulcalibur VI, which will mark her debut appearance in the new, rebooted Astral Lineage timeline.


Early LifeEdit

Soulcalibur VIEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit



Fighting StyleEdit


  • Is the second daughter to Kaarina and Erríkos Casaventes (Both deceased).
    • Was trained in combat by her father up until his death.
  • Is the younger sister to Kristos and Kisandra.
  • Is the mother to Millicent.
  • Is the aunt to Klymene and Cyril (Does not know the latter).
  • Is good friends with Abelia and was raised by her parents after her own died.
    • Got further training from Abelia's father.
  • Met Talon after joining the Grandall Empire, falling for him and conceiving a child, Millicent.
    • Received even more training from him and Abelia.
  • Went searching for Cervantes.
    • Fought against him and lost.
  • Was saved from being killed by Cervantes by Sophitia.
    • Was then saved by Taki after a shard of Soul Edge pierced her eye after Sophitia shattered the cursed blade.