This article focuses on Karissa Cassidy's modern-day Crystalline persona.
For her Evil Seed era counterpart, see Kisandra Cassaventes.
Karissa Cassidy
Karissa Astral Lineage
General Information
Real Name Karissa Cassidy
Counterpart Kisandra Casssaventes
Birth Date August 2nd, 1979
Age 39
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Marital Status TBA
Occupation(s) College Professor at Astrological Edge University
Status Alive
Family Mother: Kristen Cassidy (Deceased)
Father: Eric Cassidy (Deceased)
Older Brother: Kristopher Cassidy (Deceased)
Younger Sister: Kristina Cassidy
Daughter: Kleo Cassidy
Niece: Milah Cassidy
Nephew: Cyrus Cassimore
Romances TBA
Friends TBA
Series Information
Education Astrolgical Edge University (Graduated)
Appearances Soulcalibur: Astral Lineage
Other Information
English Voice Actor TBA

Karissa Cassidy is the modern-day counterpart of Kisandra Cassaventes; she was gifted this life by Soul Calibur, as a reward for helping destroy Soul Edge. Her modern persona has brand new memories and no recollection of her past life as a warrior during the Evil Seed era in the 16th and 17th century.

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