The Evil Seed era is the main setting and most prominent era in the Astral Lineage series timeline. It began in 1584 and ended in 1612. It was revived in 2018 after the shards of Soul Edge where brought back together, bringing life to the cursed blade once again.

Prominent Timeline of EventsEdit

The Evil Seed was released after Siegfried took the cursed blade, Soul Edge, and it accepted him as host. This released a bright beam into the sky, bringing death and destruction to the earth.
Siegfried battled Nightmare, destroying Soul Edge and defeating the Azure Knight. The cursed blade retreated into Astral Chaos and laid dormant for 17 years. However, Malfested brought by the Evil Seed, continued to roam the earth.
The cursed sword is destroyed once and for all by the main heroes, this brings an end to the Evil Seed and the heroes are rewarded by Soul Calibur, being sent far into the future to start a new life free of any threat from the Evil Seed.
Over 400 years later, the Evil Seed was released once again after all the shards of Soul Edge were brought back together. Once again death and destruction was brought to the earth as malfested roamed the streets.

Prominent CharactersEdit


  • Although The Evil Seed was revived in 2018, The Evil Seed era is used to refer to the characters from the 16th and 17th century, differentiating them from their modern-day, Crystalline counterparts.