Biographical Information
Real Name Elias
Birthplace Ottoman Empire
Birth Date 1564
Age 26
Race Malfested
Gender Male
Status Alive
Height 6'5"
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Weapon Information
Weapon Long Sword
Weapon Name Precision
Fighting Style TBA
Family TBA
Series Information
First Game Soulcalibur VI
Appears In Soulcalibur VI
Other Information
English Voice Actor TBA
Japanese Voice Actor TBA
"Well, guess I gotta fight ya, huh?"
— Elias

Elias (イライアス Iraiasu) is a new character to make his playable debut in Soulcalibur VI. He was the 2nd in Command in an army led by Camillia in efforts to combat the malfested.

He is known as the Wanderer.


Elias was born on the streets with his homeless and socially disgraced mother. She knew she could not care for him, and left him wrapped in her shawl on a church's doorstep. However, the town fell under siege not even two days later and was burned to the ground. The perpetrators kidnapped and took many women and children, including Elias.

Fortunately, Elias fell into the hands of a nice family, whose mother had been grieving over a child lost to miscarriage. She and her husband raised him as their own. Elias's family were neighbors and friends of the O'Neil family. He often hung out with Camillia and her baby brother. He thought they were cute but Corrin's eyes were creepy. When he was old enough, Elias began to train with the head of the O'Neil family. He learned quick, and was also quick to question why he did not start training their very intelligent son. Corrin was young but Elias recognized the intelligence in him. He never got a direct answer, but when he later saw how Corrin treated other kids, it was answer enough.

Elias was not surprised years later when Corrin was sent away. He'd been training Camillia in secret for awhile, so had seen the evolution of Corrin's behavior. He was sure Monks would set him right. A few years later however, this would be proven to not be the case. However, with this Soul Edge rampage going on, Elias had bigger issues to deal with. As he and Camillia grew older, the need to do something about mafested attacks rose. They decided to rally the townspeople, training capable people to fight. They were a formidable force, although it was not long before they attracted the attention of Nightmate himself. Elias barely survived the encounter, though when he awoke, it was not to a pleasant sight.


Elias is a little rude, and a little crude. He likes to speak his mind and is open with verbal and physical affection. He doesn't waste his energy on those he deems unworthy and often voices his displeasure around "creepy" people. Elias is very open about his attraction to men which is shown when, despite thinking Vile is creepy, he calls the younger man pretty. On top of his, his entire interaction with Val during the redhead's story mode is almost all flirting. Not liking to wait, Elias finds ways to do things his way and quickly.



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