Original TimelineEdit

Soulcalibur VEdit

I can't run away!

Fine I'll fight!

It's just a test, alright...

I really did it!

That was tough.

That wasn't as hard as I thought.

Oh god, I'm alive!

Damn you!

It's over!

I can do this!

My it comes! - spoken during Critical Edge.

Now take that! - spoken during Critical Edge or guard impact.

I won't die!

Just die!

Back off!


I won't run!

It's all over!

You're finished!

How's that?

Not yet!

Go down!

I won't give up!

Grant me...the courage!

That's how it's done!

I can do it!

I won't lose!

Come on!


Fine...I'll do it!

Damn it, I'm so weak -spoken when time's up.

Are you weak? - taunt.

I'm too young to die! -spoken when ring out.

It can't be! - spoken when ring out again.

It's too much - spoken when guard crushed.

Too strong! - spoken during Ivy's Sweet Dominance throw.

The Spirit LineageEdit

Here I go. - One Player Selection.

Watch Me! - Two Player Selection.

Don't make me hurt you.

Ugh...I hate having to do this.

Michael... Rafael...Watch Over Me.

I'm sorry, but I can't lose to you.

I won't hold back.

I have to do better! - When confronting Rafael.

Please, I need to be better! - When confronting Michael.

Try this!


Go down!

Stay down!


Do it!

I'm sorry.


My heart!

Not like this!

Too much!- During a Guard Break


Fall! so tiring. - taunt

My heart... aches.

No more... I'm done.

Stay down, for your own sake.

Unstable AlexanderEdit

Die!- One Player Selection

Scream!- Two Player Selection

Shut Up and Die!

come I can kill you!

Time for you to sleep forever!

Wake up...wake....up

Not very husband material am I now, huh?- When Facing Klymene

Let's have some fun, then?- When Facing Cyril


I see red.

Damn You!



Make it...stop!

Too much!

WHY??!!- Gaurd Break

Wow then! -Taunt

I don't want this. But it sure is fun.

Now you can stay with me forever, huh?- Win against Klymene

Pathetic. -Win against Cyril

A Dark DestinyEdit

To Be Written

New TimelineEdit

Soucalibur VIEdit